Parish of wadhurst

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Incumbent: other records


Incumbents' personal papers


PAR 498/7/1/1

Rev Samuel Bush's account and memoranda book

with details of household expenses, building work, payment of curate, collection of tithes

at rear, in reverse: wages of servants and curates; memoranda concerning the vicarage buildings, the tithe feast, rents of farms and houses in the parish, cost of brewing

Dec 1768 - Mar 1794

PAR 498/7/1/2

Manuscript volume of sermons and notes

a deleted title on the first page reads 'Dean Stillingfleet's sermons ... copy of ...abridged by...'; the first part of the volume also contains sermons by [?Isaac] Barrow and Dr [John] Tillotson,

For Edward Stillingfleet (1635-1699), dean of Paul's 1678-1689, Isaac Barrow (1613-1680), bishop of St Asaph and John Tillotson (1630-1694), archbishop of Canterbury, see DNB.

The second half of the book contains notes, probably for sermons, on subjects such as 'against drunkenness' and 'false and true happiness'; many are extracted from the Gentleman's Magazine and a few are dated 1733

The volume can probably be associated with John Willett, vicar 1714-1743, who had been a fellow of Wadham 1699-1715.


History of the church, parish and incumbents


PAR 498/7/2/1

'The Red Book Wadhurst, being a collection of the best information the author could obtain on the subject 1823'

small volume containing details of the history of the parish from the granting of its market charter in 1253, the advowson, topography of the parish, its vicars and population in 1800, 1811 and 1821; dedicated to the Rev Robert Barlow Gardiner MA by Henry Talbot, Maplehurst

24 Oct 1823

PAR 498/7/2/2

Transcript of PAR 498/7/2/1


PAR 498/7/2/3

List of notable dates in the history of Wadhurst 1603-1845

includes the number of inhabitants in 1801, 1811, 1821, 1831 and 1841; watermark 1836


PAR 498/7/2/4

Manuscript history of the parish by William Courthope

William Courthope (1808-1866) was the son of Thomas Courthope, citizen and shipwright of London. He entered the College of Arms as a clerk in 1833 and was appointed Rouge Croix in 1839, Somerset Herald in 1854 and registrar in 1859. The Courthopes lived at Whiligh in Ticehurst, and William had a keen antiquarian interest both in his family and the history of the area. His collection of antiquarian notes, some 124 volumes, were sold by his nephew and executor, the Rev R B Gardiner of Wadhurst, to the College of Arms. For a list of these volumes and microfilm copies of volumes 18-19, 22-27 see XA 38.

containing a history of the benefice, endowment, tithes, advowson and vicarage, history of the church, transcript of the charter granting a market and fair in 1252, terms of wills founding charities, table of vicars, biographies of vicars 1603-1818, list of parochial charities; notable events in the parish; 1848, continued to 1858; includes tracings of the elevation and room-plan of the vicarage, plan of the vicarage lands with dates of acquisition, views of the church in 1778, elevation of the font.


PAR 498/7/2/5

Plan of the vicarage house and garden, showing line of proposed new wall enlarging the garden

Formerly loose in PAR 498/7/2/4


PAR 498/7/2/6

Transcript of a charter granting the right to hold a market at Wadhurst in 1253

the crown to Boniface [of Savoy], archbishop of Canterbury; [?by William Courthope]; watermark 1858


PAR 498/7/2/7

Transcript of a charter granting the right to hold a market at Wadhurst in 1253

of a transcript made by William Courthope, 24 June 1840


PAR 498/7/2/8

Translation of a charter granting the right to hold a market at Wadhurst in 1253


PAR 498/7/2/9

Notes on the history of Wadhurst, the church and incumbents

by Mrs Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys Davids (1857-1942, daughter of the Rev John Foley, vicar of Wadhurst 1846-1886) or taken from her lectures; used by Alfred Augustus Wace in the compilation of his history; includes an abridged transcript of PAR 498/6/1/2/8


PAR 498/7/2/10

Offprint from The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of the Rev R B Gardiner's paper on the iron grave slabs in Wadhurst

14 Feb 1895

PAR 498/7/2/11

Notes and correspondence of Alfred Augustus Wace on the history of Wadhurst, the church and incumbents

letters, many with reminiscences, from F Leete, Bensfield; Constance A Budd, Tidebrook; Edith Tudor, Tregarnedd; William Boorman; Mary C Foley; Dora Maclean, Sevenoaks; C W Foley, Kensington; Charles Brissenden, Little Butts; S J Wallis; Frances Whelan, Carisbrooke; Herbert E Ryle, dean of Westminster (reminiscences of the Rev R W Wace's Hill House School, Wadhurst, 1866-1868); T B Hornblower, Etchingham; C M R Cleeve; County Agricultural Committee; Ministry of Agriculture; T Boorman, Lamberhurst (Wesleyan Chapel)


PAR 498/7/2/12

The History of Wadhurst Church by Mrs Rhys Davids and Alfred Augustus Wace

with sketches by Mrs George Harris; includes list of parishioners serving in the first world war


PAR 498/7/2/13

Newspaper cuttings with reviews of 'The Story of Wadhurst as told in a lecture given in Wadhurst school by Mrs Rhys Davids (née Foley) in 1894 and brought up to date by Alfred Augustus Wace


PAR 498/7/2/14

Letter concerning Thomas Webster, vicar in 1559

from Edward Shoosmith, Peckhams, Halland; encloses copy of a will [not present] witnessed by TW

10 Apr 1927

PAR 498/7/2/15

Heraldry in Wadhurst Church by R W E Harper


PAR 498/7/2/16

Photograph of the church from the south

by Stickell and Son, photographers, Cranbrook, c1890; with covering letter presenting the photograph, formerly in the possession of the Barrow family of Hill House Farm, 25 Nov 1998

c1890, 1998

Guidebooks to the church


PAR 498/7/3/1

The Story of Wadhurst Parish Church

For 'A history of Wadhurst church' by Alfred Augustus Wace, see PAR 498/7/2/10


PAR 498/7/3/2

Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst

by Walter H Godfrey; Sussex Churches 13


PAR 498/7/3/3

Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst

by the Rev Donald Plumley


PAR 498/7/3/4

Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst

by the Rev Donald Plumley


PAR 498/7/3/5

The church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst

single-sheet guide


PAR 498/7/3/6

Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst


PAR 498/7/3/7

The parish church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst


Parish magazines


PAR 498/7/4/1

Parish magazine

Feb 1901 - Dec 1909

PAR 498/7/4/2

Parish magazine

Feb 1919

PAR 498/7/4/3

Parish magazine

May, Jul Aug only


PAR 498/7/4/4

Parish magazine

lacks Jan, Mar


PAR 498/7/4/5

Parish magazine

lacks Feb


PAR 498/7/4/6

Parish magazine

lacks Feb


PAR 498/7/4/7

Parish magazine

lacks Jan


PAR 498/7/4/8

Parish magazine

lacks Jun


PAR 498/7/4/9

Parish magazine

lacks Mar


PAR 498/7/4/10

Parish magazine

lacks Feb


PAR 498/7/4/11

Parish magazine

lacks Nov


PAR 498/7/4/12

Parish magazine

lacks Jan, Feb


PAR 498/7/4/13

Parish magazine

lacks Aug


PAR 498/7/4/14

Parish magazine

lacks Jan, May, Sep - Nov


PAR 498/7/4/15

Parish magazine

lacks Feb - Jul


PAR 498/7/4/16

Parish magazine

Jan, Apr, May and Jul only


PAR 498/7/4/17

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/18

Parish magazine

lacks Oct - Dec


PAR 498/7/4/19

Parish magazine

lacks Jan


PAR 498/7/4/20

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/21

Parish magazine

lacks Mar - May, Aug


PAR 498/7/4/22

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/23

Parish magazine

lacks Apr, Dec


PAR 498/7/4/24

Parish magazine

lacks Jan -Feb, Apr - May


PAR 498/7/4/25

Parish magazine

Dec 1948

PAR 498/7/4/26

Parish magazine

lacks Aug


PAR 498/7/4/27

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/28

Parish magazine

lacks Jun - Jul


PAR 498/7/4/29

Parish magazine

Jul, Nov and Dec only


PAR 498/7/4/30

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/31

Parish magazine

Missing on transfer


PAR 498/7/4/32

Parish magazine

May - Jun, Sep - Nov only


PAR 498/7/4/33

Parish magazine

Jan - Apr, Jun only


PAR 498/7/4/34

Parish magazine

Jan - Mar, Jun - Aug only


PAR 498/7/4/35

Parish magazine

lacks Apr - May, Aug, Oct, Dec


PAR 498/7/4/36

Parish magazine

Feb, May, Jun, Oct and Dec only


PAR 498/7/4/37

Parish magazine

lacks Mar - Jun, Sep, Nov - Dec


PAR 498/7/4/38

Parish magazine

Aug - Sep only


PAR 498/7/4/39

Parish magazine

Jan, Oct only


PAR 498/7/4/40

Parish magazine

Apr 1963

PAR 498/7/4/41

Parish magazine

Missing on transfer


PAR 498/7/4/42

Parish magazine

Jan, May, Aug, Sep only


PAR 498/7/4/43

Parish magazine

lacks Jan - Mar, Jun, Sep


PAR 498/7/4/44

Parish magazine

lacks Mar, Oct, Dec


PAR 498/7/4/45

Parish magazine

lacks Feb - Mar, May - Jun, Aug, Oct


PAR 498/7/4/46

Parish magazine

lacks Jul


PAR 498/7/4/47

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/48

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/49

Parish magazine

lacks Feb, Apr


PAR 498/7/4/50

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/51

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/52

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/53

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/54

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/55

Parish magazine

lacks Aug - Oct


PAR 498/7/4/56

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/57

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/58

Parish magazine

lacks Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec


PAR 498/7/4/59

Parish magazine

lacks Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Oct


PAR 498/7/4/60

Parish magazine

lacks Feb, Mar, May


PAR 498/7/4/61

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/62

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/63

Parish magazine

lacks Sep


PAR 498/7/4/64

Parish magazine

lacks Mar, Jul


PAR 498/7/4/65

Parish magazine

lacks Jan, Aug, Oct


PAR 498/7/4/66

Parish magazine

lacks Sep, Dec


PAR 498/7/4/67

Parish magazine

lacks Jan, May


PAR 498/7/4/68

Parish magazine

lacks Aug, Sep


PAR 498/7/4/69

Parish magazine

lacks Oct


PAR 498/7/4/70

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/71

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/72

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/73

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/74

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/75

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/76

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/77

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/78

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/79

Parish magazine


PAR 498/7/4/80

Parish magazine


Parish boundaries


PAR 498/7/5/1

St John the Baptist Tidebrook

Copy of London Gazette 22131 containing an Order-in-Council assigning a consolidated chapelry to Tidebrook from part of the parishes of Wadhurst and Mayfield

27 Apr 1858

PAR 498/7/5/2

St Mark, Marks Cross

Copy of London Gazette no 24112 containing an Order-in-Council for the assignment of a consolidated chapelry to St Mark from part of the parishes of Rotherfield, Tidebrook and Wadhurst

10 Jul 1874

Church events and pastoral work


PAR 498/7/6/1

Programme for the Festival of Flowers at the Church

Sep 1970

PAR 498/7/6/2

Form of service for the institution and induction of the Rev Thomas Denys Milville Raven

6 Jul 1974

PAR 498/7/6/3

Certificate issued to the parish by Wycliffe Bible Translators

for partnership in the translation of the new testament into the language of the West Highland Chatino people, Mexico

24 oct 1993

PAR 498/7/6/4

Televised service, 1996

order of service, script and shooting script for a service at Wadhurst televised by ITV

14 Jan 1996

PAR 498/7/6/5

List of intercession leaders, communion helpers, readers and sidesmen


Records of visitations


PAR 498/7/7/1

Visitation report of Ernest G Reid, archdeacon

15 Mar 1949

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