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For the records of the Wadhurst United Charities (mainly Whitfield's Charity), 1580-1905 see AMS 5813; for a list of muniments in the parish chest, mainly relating to the charity lands, c1850 see XA 38


William Kitchenham's Charity

By his will of 30 November 1670, William Kitchenham charged an annuity of 20 shillings on his lands called Sledenfields, later part of a farm called Foxes. Ten shillings was to be paid to the 'ancientest poor' of the parish and ten shillings to the vicar to preach a sermon on Ascension day.


PAR 498/24/1/1

Fragment of a copy of the original will of William Kitchenham

William Courthope states that Kitchenham died in 1676, but that no trace of the will could be found either in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury or in the Deanery of South Malling: PAR 498/7/2/4.

leaving a rent charge of 20s on lands called Sledenfeilds in Wadhurst, half to be used for the ancient poor of Wadhurst and half for the preaching of a sermon on Ascension Day; 30 Nov 1670.


Thomas Whitfield's charity


PAR 498/24/2/1

Agreement between the Churchwardens and Overseers of Wadhurst concerning the disposal of the arrears of Whitfield's charity

of the £22 received by the feoffees of Rowfant (Roughfant) Lands and other lands given by the ancestors of Mr Whitfield, £18 3s 0d has been allowed against the costs of recovery of the trust and £3 17s 0d bestowed on the poor; the deficit of £7 17s 0d has been taken from last year's poor rate

13 Apr 1670

St Georges Hall Sparrows Green


PAR 498/24/3/1

Abstract of title to The Manor House, Sparrows Green

Wace - Luck, [1895]-1927; includes plan of The Manor House and land (5a), occupied by Vaughan and Ford


PAR 498/24/3/2

Conveyance of the site of the church hall

Mrs Mary Salt (wife of Meredith Salt of Windyhaugh, Hook Hill, Sanderstead in Surrey, shipping manager) and Alice Elizabeth Luckey (wife of George Edward Luckey of Okolochs, Hook Hill, Sanderstead, surveyor) to the Rev Lilford Jervoise Causton of Wadhurst and other trustees

plot of land (plan) on the corner of Gloucester Road and George Street

15 Feb 1927

PAR 498/24/3/3

Tracing of plan on PAR 498/24/3/2


PAR 498/24/3/4

Charity Commission Scheme for the management of the charity

20 Jul 1994

Documents relating to more than one charity


PAR 498/24/4/1

List of charities in Wadhurst, listing donor, description of property, purpose, date, names of trustees and remarks

watermark 1874

post 1874

PAR 498/24/4/2

Letter from the Charity Commissioners to J C Lane Andrew, Kirkstone, Wadhurst

stating the endowment of the Church Lands Charity and requesting a statement of account; adequate statements have been received for Playsted's and Kitchenham's charities

8 Dec 1902

PAR 498/24/4/3

Statement of the endowment and accounts of the Church Lands, Playsted's and Kitchenham's charities

6 Jan 1903

Church Lands Charity

The sole item in this subseries is a file maintained by the PCC treasurer Neil Rose, and deals with the termination of the charity, and the merger of its assets with those of the PCC, in 1995. In the course of that process information was gathered on the history of the charity, and this introduction is based upon it.

The Church Lands were apparently given by John a Berry, but the first document that could be found by the Commissioners of Enquiry into Charitable Lands in the 1830s was a feoffment to new trustees of 1699 and a map of the previous year (ACC 6077/15/70). That land, the history of which to 1832 is given by the printed report, consisted of an almshouse and 28 acres. When William Courthope examined the contents of the parish chest in about 1843, it contained deeds of the Parish Lands from 1605 to 1814, consisting of leases, appointments of new trustees and the map previously mentioned. It is clear from the map that the endowment of the charity lay near Scrag Oak. That land was exchanged, by an order of the Enclosure Commissioners, for Hunters Hall, a cottage and 37½ acres of land near Cousley Wood. Hunters Hall, which might have been identical to the estate of the same name purchased by George Courthope in 1824 (AMS 6387/1/1), was sold in 1888 and stock purchased from the proceeds.

The funds of the Charity had always been used to reduce the poor rate rather than for any specific object. In 1992, in the absence of trustees or records, the PCC began to investigate the possibility of transferring the assets of the Charity to itself, and succeeded in terminating the Charity in 1995.

For William Courthope's list of documents in the Wadhurst parish chest, c1843, including the deeds of the Church Lands, 1605-1814, and of other charity lands, 1637-1819, see XA 38/1; for a map of Church Lands, surveyed by order of the churchwardens by John Walker of Rotherfield, 1698, see ACC 6077/15/70; for other files of the PCC treasurers, see PAR 498/16/8


PAR 498/24/5/1

File of Neil Rose, PCC treasurer, on the dissolution of the Charity

Includes copies of a report on Hunters Hall, the endowment of the Charity, by Daniel Smith Son and Oakley, with plan and schedule, Jan 1888; letter from the trustees requesting sale, 27 Apr 1888; a Charity Commission Scheme permitting its sale, 20 Jul 1888; notification of sale to Frederick Wilkin (one of the trustees), 27 Sep 1888

Nov 1967 - Apr 1995


For the records of Wadhurst CE School, 1840-1979 see ESC 155 and EMA 167


PAR 498/25/1

Report of the Chichester Diocesan Association Inspector on Wadhurst boys', girls' and infants' schools

Apr 1872 - 1892

PAR 498/25/2

National Day and Sunday Schools account book

For accounts Apr 1789 - Dec 1825, see PAR 498/2/1

Jan 1827 - Dec 1861

Other records

Documents having no apparent connection with the administration of the parish


Deeds of a house in Wadhurst Town


PAR 498/26/1/1

Counterpart mortgage for £30

Robert Newnham of Wadhurst, salesman, to Robert Wood of Ticehurst, husbandman

messuage in Wadhurst Town in two dwellings, with the close and backside, occupied by RN and Thomas French

W: Samuel Newington, Thomas Shorte

Endorsed: receipts for interest, 1699-1723

29 Apr 1692

PAR 498/26/1/2

Reconveyance of mortgaged estate for £31 10s 0d

Goodgift Sims of Ticehurst, widow of John Sims of Ticehurst, victualler, and daughter and administratrix de bonis non of Robert Newnham of Ticehurst, to Robert Newnham of Maidstone, salesman (one of the sons and heir at law of RN of Wadhurst, salesman) and his trustee John Weekes the younger of Maidstone, gent

16 May 1724

Kelsall's Emigration Charity


PAR 498/26/2/1

Copy letter from Donald Barclay, Sunny Bank, Mayfield to the Trustees of Kelsall's Emigration Charity

arranging a meeting of the trustees in London, giving an account of the history and aims of the charity, details of the 1408 women assisted (with names of ship, status and whether literate), and a list of questions for determination

[Barclay was a solicitor in practice in Mayfield and his firm may have acted for the parish; a parishioner may have served as one of the charity's trustees].

Jul 1867

Constables: accounts


PAR 498/28/1

Vouchers of Nicholas Eversfield, Richard Scrase and his deputy William Kent, treasurers for the tax for maimed soldiers, and of Herbert Springett for charitable uses

For similar vouchers made out to the churchwardens, see PAR 498/9/1/1-3

Apr 1616 - Jan 1617

Constables: other records


PAR 498/29/1

Assize order to raise a rate for the costs of discharging an indictment

the churchwardens and constables of Wadhurst to reimburse Henry Hasling and Thomas Sanders, both of Wadhurst, gents, 20s 4d expended in discharging an indictment against the parish; Thomas Lee, clerk of assize

23 Jul 1674

PAR 498/29/2

Quarter sessions order to raise £200 spent on repairs to the House of Correction at Lewes

includes the sums to be raised by Mayfield, Wadhurst and Lamberhurst towards the £11 5s 6d charged on the hundred of Loxfield Baker

5 Oct 1721

Warrants to arrest persons to answer the churchwardens and overseers


PAR 498/29/3/1

Warrant of George Courthope to arrest Philadelphia Thorpe widow

for returning from her place of last legal settlement to which she was sent by order

2 May 1768

PAR 498/29/3/2

Warrant of Samuel Boys to arrest John Underhill the younger of Wadhurst, labourer

as putative father of the bastard child of Martha Clapson

15 Apr 1769

PAR 498/29/3/3

Warrant of Samuel Boys to arrest Elizabeth Foster of Wadhurst, singlewoman

for being delivered of a child likely to become chargeable

19 Mar 1770

PAR 498/29/3/4

Warrant of George Medley to arrest William Grigsby of Wadhurst, labourer

for running away and leaving his wife and family chargeable

Endorsed: allowed by Samuel Boys to be executed in Kent by William Skinner

22 Nov 1784

PAR 498/29/3/5

Warrant of Samuel Boys to arrest Thomas Manktelow of Wadhurst, labourer

for leaving his family chargeable

13 Oct 1790

PAR 498/29/3/6

Warrant of Luke Spence to arrest Elizabeth Rogers

for being delivered of a bastard child in Wadhurst and refusing to be examined as to the father

7 Jan 1792

PAR 498/29/4

Printed quarter sessions order to constables

to help in the stricter enforcement of the laws against neglect of worship, blasphemy, swearing, excessive drinking and lewdness, to be distributed to each alehouse in the parish

Endorsed: distribution-list of [sacrament money as PAR 498/2/1/1 and 9/2]; 2 Jul 1797

12 Jul 1787

Overseers of the poor: rates

For poor rates, 1759-1761, 1771-1773 see AMS 6784/1


PAR 498/30/1

Poor rate

[Sep] 1686 - Mar 1728

PAR 498/30/2

Poor rate

at back: copy of a form of a settlement certificate according to Act of Parliament in force 24 Jun 1730

Sep 1728 - Jul 1755

PAR 498/30/3

Poor rate

Jun 1809 - Mar 1822

PAR 498/30/4

Copy of poor rate book

13 Sep 1814

Overseers of the poor: accounts


Vouchers to account


PAR 498/31/1/1

Account of John Collins, churchwarden, for sums given to Widow Eastland, 1734-1736

Apr 1736

PAR 498/31/1/2

Receipt of Robert Newnham to Robert Legass for rent and money for Widow Eastland

3 Apr 1734

PAR 498/31/1/3

Account of Robert Newnham for money paid to Widow Eastland, Widow Read and a travelling woman and for wood to ten named paupers


PAR 498/31/1/4

Number not used: re-listed as PAR 498/9/1/3

PAR 498/31/1/5

Receipt of Robert Newnham to Thomas Attwood for Widow Eastland's rent

10 Jun 1734

PAR 498/31/1/6

Account of Robert Newnham for relief to Widow Eastland, Thomas Woodgate and others


PAR 498/31/1/7

Account of Robert Newnham to the parish for relief paid to Widow Eastland and her family, including smallpox, 1734-1737


PAR 498/31/1/8

Receipt of John Pocock to the parish for quitrent for Botten's house due to Thomas Pelham as lord of the Manor of Mayfield

22 Oct 1739

PAR 498/31/1/9

Distribution-list of £1 'for M Chesmen'


PAR 498/31/1/10

Promissory note for £5

Thomas Johnson and William Johnson to the parish officers

endorsed: accounts for sums owing by TJ on account of his bastard daughter born to Eliza Reeves

For a bastardy bond, see PAR 498/34/3/22

20 Oct 1750

PAR 498/31/1/11

Account of Robert Wood for burying Dame Bassett

received 8 May 1752

21 May 1751

PAR 498/31/1/12

Account with [Thomas] Johnson for keeping Elizabeth Reeves's bastard child

19 Nov 1752

PAR 498/31/1/13

Account of Samuel Swatland for thatching and glazing (by John Eliot) at Stephen Harmar's house

3 Feb 1753

PAR 498/31/1/14

Account of Richard Spice for weaving

24 Feb 1753

PAR 498/31/1/15

Receipt of J Marchant to John Elliott for 13 years' quitrent for a little house and ground near Graceless Common due to the heir of Thomas Pelham as lord of the Manor of Mayfield

22 Feb 1753

PAR 498/31/1/16

Account of the parish of Maidstone for relief to John Noakes and his wife 'in the smallpox'

received by George Bishop

13 Feb 1758

PAR 498/31/1/17

Promissory note for £6 10s 0d

John Newington, William Noakes and Robert Walter to Benjamin Brown of Boughton [Monchelsea] in Kent, weaver, 'provided his now intended apprentice [Peter Drawbridge] shall be then living'

For the apprenticeship, see PAR 498/33/28

12 May 1758

PAR 498/31/1/18

Account of Jeremiah Curteis [of Rye] to John Newington and the parish officers

for the conveyance of a messuage called the Old Vine in Wadhurst from John Newington to the parish officers, to be enrolled in Chancery; Jun 1778

For a copy of the enrolled conveyance, see PAR 498/10/7/1

7 Nov 1778

PAR 498/31/1/19

Account of William White for shoes and for lost time of John Rogers

4 May 1780

PAR 498/31/1/20

Account of money due to Edward Sellen from Hill, part received from him and Edward Burgin


PAR 498/31/1/21

Receipt of Joseph Tr[lost] for money received from Edward Langridge for the use of the poorhouse


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