Part 4—marine corps activity address numbers

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M00027 [Commandant of the Marine Corps]

MS*, MU* Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps [(LBC)

MS0-9 2 Navy Annex]

Washington, DC 20380[-1775]

M00146 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office (SUL)


Marine Corps Air Station

Cherry Point, NC 28533[-0018]

M00243 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

NE 4411 Belleau Avenue]

Marine Corps Recruit Depot[/WRR]

San Diego, CA 92140[-5380]

[M00262 Marine Air Corps Facility

(MAJ00027) 2100 Rowell Road

MUG Quantico, VA 22134-5063]

M00263 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

MX PO Box 5069]

Marine Corps Recruit Depot[/ERR]

Parris Island, SC 29905[-5069]

M00264 Marine Corps Combat Development Command

(MAJ00027) Marine Corps Air Facility

MUT [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

Northeast Region

2010 Henderson Road]

Quantico, VA 22134-5001[5045]

M00318 Marine Corps Air Station

[(MAJ00027)] Kaneohe Bay

[MUK-M] Oahu, HI 96744

[Contracting Office (Code LSCP)

Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Supply Dept, Box 63063, MCBH

Kaneohe Bay, HI 96744-3063]

M00681 Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton

NG [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

PO Box 1609]

Oceanside, CA 92054[-1609]

[M20002 Contracting Officer

HQ, U.S. Marine Forces South

8420 NW 52nd Street

Miami, FL 33166]

M60050 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office


Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro

Santa Ana [El Toro], CA 92709[-5001]

[M60169 Contracting Office

W0 Marine Corps Air Station

PO Box 55010

Beaufort, SC 29904-5010]

M62204 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office]

MW[NC] Marine Corps Logistics Base

[PO Box 110340]

Barstow, CA 92311[-5039]

[M62613 Contracting Office

MUE Marine Corps Air Station

PSC 561, Box 1872

Iwakuni, Japan

FPO AP, NA 96310-1872

M64495 Contracting Office

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

Box 5009

Bridgeport, CA 93517-5009]

M62974 Marine Corps Air Station

NA Yuma, AZ 85364

M67001 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

NB PSC Box 20004]

Marine Corps Base

Camp Lejeune, NC 28542[-0004]


(MAJ00027) Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office]

NC Marine Corps Logistics Base [(Code 89)

PO Drawer 43019]

Albany, GA 31704[-3019]

M67011 Director, [Commanding Officer]

(MAJ00027)1st Marine Corps District, Garden City

MSA Long Island, NY 11530

[605 Stewart Avenue

Garden City, NY 11530-4761]

M67013 Director, 4th Marine Corps District

(MAJ00027) Philadelphia, PA 19112-5072

MSC [Commanding Officer

4th Marine Corps District

DDRE, Building 54

Suite 3, Box 806

New Cumberland, PA 17070-0806]

M67015 Director, 6th Marine Corps District

(MAJ00027) Atlanta, GA 30303

MSE [Commanding Officer

6th Marine Corps District

PO Box 19201

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Eastern Recruiting


Parris Island, SC 29905-9201]

M67016 Director, 8th Marine Corps District

(MAJ00027) New Orleans, LA 70113

MSG [Commanding Officer

8th Marine Corps District

Building 10, Room 121


New Orleans, LA 70142-5100]

M67017 Director, 9th Marine Corps District

(MAJ00027) Shawnee Mission, KA 66204

MSJ [Commanding Officer

9th Marine Corps District

3805 155th Street, Building 710

Kansas City, MO 64147-1309]

M67019 Director, 12th Marine Corps District

(MAJ00027) San Francisco, CA 94130

MSL [Commanding Officer

12th Marine Corps District

3704 Hochmuth Avenue

San Diego, CA 92140-5191]

M67021 Marine Aircraft Wing 4, New Orleans

(MAJ00027) 4400 Dauphine Street

MUC New Orleans, LA 70146-9125

M67025 Headquarters, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

M67029 Marine Barracks

(MAJ00027) Washington, DC 20003

MSN [Contracting Office

Marine Barracks

8th and I Street, SE

Washington, DC 20390-5000]

M67030 Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Pacific

(MAJ00027) NAVSTA Mare Island

MUP Vallejo, CA 94592-5022

M67290 Marine Aviation Training Support Group-90

(MAJ00027) NATTC

MSY NAS Memphis

Millington, TN 38054-5123

M67351 Marine Corps Security Force Company

(London, UK)

APO AE 09499


Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

HQ FMF Europe (Designate)

Panzer Kaserne, Building 2901

APO AE, NA 09046-0160]

M67353 Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps

(MAJ00027) Henderson Hall

MSQ [Contracting Office (HQBN-1)

HQBN HQMC Henderson Hall, Building 28

Battalion Supply]

Arlington, VA 22214[-5000]

M67354 Post Supply Officer, Headquarters Marine Corps

Navy Annex

Arlington, VA 20380

[Contracting Office

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (Code ARD)

2 Navy Annex

Arlington, VA 20380-1775]

M67355 Landing Force Training Command Atlantic

(MAJ00027) Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet

MUN Naval Amphibious Base

[Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office (Code


Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Atlantic

1575 Gator Boulevard, Suite 243]

Little Creek, Norfolk, VA 23521-2350[2740]

M67385 Camp H. M. Smith, U.S. Marine Corps, Halawa

(MAJ00027) Heights

MU0-1 Oahu, Hawaii 96861


Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office (LSCP)

HQSVCBN, Building 600, Box 64131

Camp H.M. Smith, HI 96861-5010]

[M67386 Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

LG (Midwest)

Marine Corps Support Activity

15430 Andrew Road

Kansas City, MO 67147-1208]

M67391 Marine Corps Camp Det.

KY (Camp Elmore)

Norfolk, VA 23511

M67399 [Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

NF Northwest Region, PO Box X24, Building 1525]

Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center

Twentynine Palms, CA 92278[-0124]

M67400 Marine Corps Procurement Office, Okinawa

QJ Marine Corps Base, Camp Smedley D. Butler

(Ryuku Island, Southern)

FPO AP 96373

[Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office (Far


MCB Camp Smedley D. Butler

PSC 577, Box 2000, Building 355

Okinawa, Japan

FPO AP, NA 96379-2000]

M67428 Marine Corps Air Bases Western Area


Santa Ana, CA 92709

[M67438 Contingency Contracting Office

Unit 3880401

3rd FSSG

FPO AP, NA 96604-8401]

M67443 Defense Finance and Accounting Service

LG Kansas City Center

Kansas City, MO 64197

M67840 USMC

(MAJ00027) Marine Corps Detachment

MUV 1420 Hughes Avenue

Lackland Training Center

Lackland AF Base, TX 78236-5411

M67842 East Coast Commissary Complex

K6 Marine Corps Base

Camp LeJeune, NC 28542

M67853 Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Atlantic

(MAJ00027) Naval Base

MUR Norfolk, VA 23511-5697

M67854 [Commander]

(MAJ00027) Marine Corps Systems Command

MU6-9 2033 Barnett Ave[nue], Suite 315

Quantico, VA 22134-5010

[M67861 Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office

MUC Marine Forces Reserve

MSU 4400 Dauphine Street

New Orleans, LA 70146-5400

M68447 Contingency Contracting Office

2nd Supply Battalion, 2nd FSSG

PSC Box 20120

Camp Lejuene, NC 28542-0128

M68450 Contingency Contracting Office

SMU, 1st Supply Battalion, 1st FSSG

PO Box 1609

Oceanside, CA 92501-1609]

M68479 4th Marine Division (Rein), FMF, USMCR

(MAJ00027) 4400 Dauphine Street

MSU New Orleans, LA 70146-5400

M68522 Marine Corps Reserve Support Center

(MAJ00027) Purchasing Department

MSW 16950 El Monte

Overland Park, KS 66211-1408

[M68909 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00027) Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity

MU3 PO Box 555171

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5171]

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