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Ben Marriott
43 Acacia Street, Darlington, DL3 6QD
Mobile: 07772 619648



I am enthusiastic and creative individual with a BA (Hons) Degree in Computer Games Art and have aspirations of becoming a successful 3D Modeller. Through university studies, work experience and personal projects, I spend many hours creating 3D models, environments, mechanical assets and character models and through graphic design I try to design unique and interesting places, characters and objects. I also consider myself to be very proactive and enjoy working with others to develop new games and animations.


  • BA (Hons) 2:2 in Computer Games Art

  • Extensive skills in 3D modelling

  • 3D modelling using Autodesk 3Ds Max

  • Sculpting in Mudbox and Zbrush

  • Graphic design within Adobe Photoshop

  • UV unwrapping ability

  • Extensive characters experience

  • Low and high poly modelling skills

  • Character, mechanical and asset skill

  • Knowledge of Game animation and design

  • Unreal Development Kit Knowledge

  • Good at working to a deadline

  • Work as part of a team or individually

  • Highly creative and imaginative


2014 – 2015 GAME

Sales Assistant

Helping and interacting with customers to assist and advise with their purchase. Organisation of stock.

2014 – 2014 TNT

Night shift operator

Responsible for maintaining all aspects of a NHS digitisation program. Receiving and processing emergency medical file requests, preparing the documents and sorting them into file types and scannable items, scanning able documents and filing non scannables to the correct area. And finally checking through each scanned file to make sure that they are readable correctly formatted and labelled.

2013 – 2014 TNT

Quality Control

Checking through scanned files for errors. Recording and reporting these errors using set procedures to the correct departments.


Working through medical files to make sure it can be scanned correctly. Removing certain documents to be filed in correct areas.

2013 – Present The Geek show


Presenting a weekly radio show about Games, Anime, Comics and Geek culture on, as well as creating promotional artwork and editing recording.

2011 – Present ONECon

Games Room Manager
Contacting and negotiating deals with different companies to gain equipment and resources for the games room for a local Anime/games convention and the managing of a small team, setting up and running gaming systems and setting up and running tournaments.


Event Assistant
This was a local, monthly gaming event in which I assisted in setting up and running gaming systems and setting up and running tournaments.


Crab Hammer

Character, Asset and Environment Artist
This is a turn based strategy game about warring factions of stylized crabs in early stages of development being created by myself and a small group of gaming graduates. I am currently working on the base meshes for the default units.
Animex animation

Asset Artist

Creating the weaponry and shields for the characters in a small animation project designed for Animex international festival of animation and computer games 2014


Environment Artist and General Asset
This is a platform puzzle game with 3D and 2.5D elements, created for an ‘Advanced Game Development’ unit. I was in charge of creating the majority of the terrain and scenery and assets to flesh out the world. I also created a lot of other assets, like the character weaponry.
Creepy Carnival

General Asset Artist
This is a third person shooter game created for the ‘Journeyman Project’. As a team, we were given the theme ‘Creepy Carnival’ and were asked to create a three section level based on it. I created a number of assets to help build and flesh out the environment. The level we created was voted the best in the project.
2010 – 2013 Teesside University
BA (Hons) Degree in Computer Games Art 2:2

Studying how to create high quality 3D Models, textures and sculpts, as well as basic knowledge of Game Design and Animation

2008 – 2010 Darlington College of Technology
BTEC National Diploma in Interactive Media – Distinction

Learning basic 3D Modelling, Game Design, Photography, 3D, Flash and Stop Motion Animation

2006 – 2008 Darlington College of Technology
NVQ Level 1 in Automotive Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – Pass with Credit
2006 – 2008 Hummersknott School & Language College, Darlington
GCSE Subjects and Grades:
Mathematics B Design Technology B

English C Science B

Media Studies D Expressive Arts D

I love and am passionate about the emotion, expression and fantasy that come with drawing and 3D modelling; I enjoy making videos and regularly run gaming events. Other interests include going to the cinema, reading and socialising with friends.

Licenses: Full, clean (UK) Driving Licence
References: Paul Bainbridge Rob Hoque

TNT Senior Operator Producer and chief editor of the geek show

07568 388 558 07895 563 287
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