Experience 2006-Excel Models • Buffalo, ny scouted by local modeling agency in mall when I was 10. 2010

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Mary Kate Hannon

Buffalo, New York •(716) 364 1472 •mhannon96@aol.com• 20 years old• 02.02.1996

Height: 5"5'

Weight: 100lbs

Waist: 24'/ size 0

Bust: 32C


2006-Excel Models • Buffalo, NY

Scouted by local modeling agency in mall when I was 10.

2010- Chez Ann Salon & Art Voice Magazine& TW& Co. Fashion Show• Buffalo, NY

Modeled for local hair salon advertisement & featured in local magazine (artvoice).

2012- Fox Model Management• Orlando, FL

Scouted by Keith Fox, attended Live showcase in Orlando. Runway Review in front of 12 Agency Directors. Received call backs from IMG, Karen Lee Group, Factor Chicago &Ford.

-Fashion Maniac website • Buffalo, NY

Photographer’s blog

2014- Artvoice event/ magazine/ website

Modeled in live photoshoot at Artvoice's 25th anniversary party. Photo's were featured in artvoice's magazine as well as website.

-Callbacks from Elite& Ford

Sent out portfolios to different modeling agencies received callbacks from Elite in Miami, Fl and Ford in Brazil

2015-Royally Fly Website • Buffalo, NY

Modeled California clothing line- Royally Fly for their website

Download 5.88 Kb.

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