Planning/Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting

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Planning/Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting

October 17, 2016

4400 New Jersey Avenue

Wildwood, NJ 08260

The meeting of the Wildwood Planning/Zoning Board of Adjustment was called to order on October 17, 2016 by Chairman Michael Porch at 6:00 PM at Wildwood City Hall, 4400 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, NJ.

Chairman Michael Porch led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Michael Porch read the Open Public Meetings Act.

Roll Call:

Present: Timothy Blute, Jason Hesley, Carol Bannon, Michael Porch, Joseph Spuhler, Denise Magilton, Anthony Leonetti, Dorothy Gannon

Absent: Daniel Dunn, Todd Kieninger

Also present: Mrs. Kate Dunn (board secretary), Mr. William Kaufmann of Cafiero & Kaufmann and Mr. Raymond Roberts of Remington and Vernick.


New Business:

Applicant: 4001-4005 Atlantic Ave, LLC

Attorney: Michael Mosca

Engineer: Keshor Ghelani

The applicant is represented by Michael Mosca. The property is located at 4001 Atlantic Ave., Block 138 Lot 1 in the Hotel/Motel Zoning District.

The site is currently a vacant lot. The applicant proposes to construct a 3 story 44 room motel.

The applicant is seeking major site plan approval along with a C variance for minimum rear yard setback and waivers for drainage, parking requirements, free standing signs and curb cut width.

Rami Nassar, P.E. testified on behalf of the applicant. He described the current conditions of the property and stated that the property is currently vacant. The described the applicant’s proposal as a 2 story motel with the 1st floor reception and breakfast area.

Mr. Nassar described the parking. He stated that all parking would be valet parking because the onsite parking is proposed to be stacked parking. He stated that the ordinance required 65 on site spaces and that 35 on-site spaces would be provided. They will utilize offsite parking-area lots for the parking deficiency.

Hiren Panwala is a principle of the applicant. He stated that was far as parking, the applicants would buy parking spaces from the City or would be renting parking spaces from a private parking lot. He stated that he also owns The Wildwood Inn. That property also has a parking shortage and they utilize the valet parking and don’t have any issues. Mr. Panwala stated that there would be 3 eight hour shifts with 3 or 4 employees each shift. They will also be contracting waste management for trash disposal.

Raymond Roberts reviewed the engineer’s report. After the review, the applicants agreed to eliminate parking space #8 in order to move the dumpster to the eliminated space.

Members of the public:

Brain McDowell was in favor of the application.

Sandra Richardson sold the land to the applicants and thought the project would be a benefit to the city.

Steve Soldatoaic stated he thought the project should incorporate the doo wop theme in some way and the valet parking would not work. Therefore, he objected to the project.

John Donio stated he is the President of the Downtown Business District and he objected to the project as well.

Timothy Blute made a motion to move forward with the vote. Carol Bannon 2nd the motion. The application was approved with 8 Yes votes.



The preceding minutes are a summary of events that occurred during this meeting on the above-mentioned date in compliance with New Jersey State Statute 40:55D, 2-7-6. These minutes are not nor are they intended or represented to be a verbatim transcription taken.

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