Pls follow the steps to update the android tv box On Computer

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Pls follow the steps to update the android tv box

  1. On Computer (you can run it in WIN 7 or higher system)

  1. Pls find the tool and click this file

  2. There will be the following interface prompt

C. Pls connect one usb stick or SD Card to your Computer, the usb stick or SD Card must be good quality, no content, memory is 1G or above

d. Pls clcik DiskCheck button to choose the usb/SD Card, It will be like the following:

e. Click Img File to choose the firmware which you want to update, you will see the following interface

f. Click “Burn”, you will see the following interface:

g. The steps on Computer is finished, pls click “Exit” to exit
Noted: You will see nothing in usb/SD card when all the steps finished on PC, because the file is hiden in usb/SD Card, in fact, it exsit, but you can not see.

  1. On TV

a. First, pls plug the usb/SD card into the tv box

b. Connect the tv box to the Power

c. Wait about 5 minutes or longer, during the updating, the red LED light keeps flickering, When the red LED light off, it means the updating finished (if the LED light never flicker, it means the updating failured, pls do from first beginning)

d. After the updating finished, pls disconnect usb/SD Card and then Power, and connect it to the TV you will see new interface, it’s new firmware (may it takes 3 minutes to decompress )

Download 5.23 Kb.

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