Present: Dr. Raridan, Maria Morales-Beale, Matt Evans, May Le

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Math Club (Officers Meeting)

Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2010

1:00 pm – 1:55 pm

Present: Dr. Raridan, Maria Morales-Beale, Matt Evans, May Le

  1. Constitutional Rewrite

  1. Web link “How to become a member of the Math Club”

  • Enter CCSU email address and click submit will link to data base. Click again will remove from data base

  • Only members will receive emails from the club

  • Get alternate email address for those who are not members and for members for future contact if they change schools

  • Name and pictures of members posted online

  1. Donation Resources

  • Dr. R will contact Publix again for donation and contact Georgia Power/Gas/Light for donation

  • Maria will contact Atlanta Bread Company

  • Matt will contact Chick-fil-a

  • May Le will contact Coca Cola for drinks/monetary donation

  1. Student Advisory Board voted - $300 for club promotional items

  • Get banner first, the rest of the left over money is for bags

  • Waiting for speaker series alloted money amount to be decided

  1. Inform students about Career Services, writing resumes, and Ice-Cream Event at the first meeting

  1. Annual Student Involvement Fair(ASIF)– half-paper-sized flyers with list of meeting dates, officers names and email addresses to be printed by Campus Life

  • Meeting dates

  • 8/31,

  • 9/21 (Video Tournament)

  • 10/19 (Zombie)

  • 11/16 (Chess/Checkers Tournament)

  1. Trifold Board will not be done by the time for ASIF but will be complete later on

  • Design Ideas (Use Velcros for changing different pictures)

  • Logo and “The Math Club” will appear on top of the board as a one piece image

  • First Panel “What do we do?”

  • Second Panel “How do we do it?”

  • Third Panel “Join Us” and “Next Meeting”

  1. Thursday 9/30 from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm Inauguration of President Hynes

A Commitment to Learning and Service: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”

  • 9/10 is deadline for submission

  • Decided we will do a Paper/PowerPoint instead of Poster or Panel/Workshop

  1. Video Tournament

  • Change entrance amount

  • Need to decide what game to play

Download 5.74 Kb.

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