Priory Integrated College Evaluation Report-Student Council

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Priory Integrated College

Evaluation Report-Student Council

The aim of this session was to explore ‘What is A School Council, What makes an effective school council and to establish a group contract and a mission statement for Priory Integrated College Student Council.

Jacqui set the tone of the session by welcoming all students and encouraging the participants to introduce themselves to the other group members. Jacqui used a few communication activities to enhance the group members communication skills and to give them the opportunity share some non-threatening information in a safe environment.

The group then came up with their own ‘group contract’, which sets out boundaries and an agreement from all pupils. The group were very excited they came up with this, which will be used throughout the year. It acknowleged that everyone within the council has a place and able to share their own opinions in a relaxed and open environment.

Group Contract:

  • Listen

  • Talk as a group

  • Word storm as a group

  • Voice your opinions

  • Compromise with each other

  • Respect everyone

  • Involve everyone

  • Dont be judgemental

  • Dont be afraid to talk.

This helped the group to feel relaxed and at ease. This led onto exploring ‘What is a School Council?’ Jacqui got the group members into pairs from different year groups and have a discussion around this topic. The pupils did this with ease and came up with excellent feedback, which is shown below.

What is A School Council?

  • A voice for the pupils.

  • An ear for listening

  • Advertise the school

  • Community

  • To make a difference

  • To help make a environment everyone to be a part of.

  • The respect of pupils reputation

  • A voice for other people

  • We advertise the school to the public, people and other schools

  • We help the economical rates to the school

  • Help the community

  • Voice for our pupils

  • People that represent all the pupils in the school

  • To help make a change to our school

  • A group of students elected to voice the opinions of the student body

  • To make a change for the school

  • Advertise the school

  • A place to discuss issues or area of improvement that we can work on to improve the lives of the members of the school.

  • People to speak for the school help to create a better school and discuss issues and improve them and make difference.

The group had a discussion around what they would like to achieve being in their school council. All of the pupils stated that they would like to be a student voice within the school to make changes which will benefit the school community, pupils and the wider community.

Jacqui affirmed the group for their excellent feedback.

The groups were then asked to have a discussion around ‘A Mission Statement’ for their School Council. Below are some of the groups responses. Then the group came up with their very own Mission Statement, which will be displayed around the school environment.

  • To create a change about the school and discuss it with the student body

  • To promote equality and integration and provide a safe environment within the school.

  • To create a safe atmosphere for the school.

  • To create a better school environment, safe environment and succeed in learning environment.

  • Create a safe environment for all ages, colour and race and promote equality.

The group then collectively came up with their own ‘Mission Statement.’

We as a Student Council wish to promote equality, bring forward opinions and to learn the value of integration.”

Jacqui again affirmed the group for their excellent communication skills and working together as a team.

Download 9.33 Kb.

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