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Frank Roberts

Junior High School

Telephone: 834-8002 or 834-9847 www.fris.k12.nf.ca April 2011

This year the students in the Challenging Needs Unit have made a quilt as a fundraising project. The blocks in the quilt were created, with assistance from the student assistants and teachers, by the students in the class. Each block was designed to reflect the students’ interests and talents. We are very proud of their work. Tickets are available for purchase for $2.00/ ticket or $5.00/book by contacting the school. The ticket draw will be on April 21.


We Did It! CBS is Kraft Hockeyville 2011. On behalf of the Town we would like to offer thanks to everyone who voted and participated in the activities to show a great community spirit to make our Town Hockeyville 2011. We opened up our computer rooms in the LRC and the tech. ed. lab to help with the voting, and no doubt this helped get the 995,368 votes the town received. Fantastic Job! On September 26, 2011, our town will play host to the Ottawa Senators and the Atlanta Thrashers for a pre-season NHL game. Congratulations to Conrad Freake and his committee at the Town of CBS!
On May 16, Frank Roberts Junior High will be hosting its first ever Dessert/Silent Auction and Concert Party. This event will showcase the talents of the school choir, jazz band, concert band and rock band. Artwork from students will also be displayed for your viewing pleasure. A silent auction will occur and tea/coffee will be served. Tables will be given the opportunity to bid on their dessert with the highest bidding table getting first choice of their eating pleasure!
Tickets will go on sale for $10.00 and are expected to go quickly. Watch for the ticket release date! All proceeds from this event will be used to enhance the performing environment for the Fine Arts program through the purchase of lighting equipment.
The committee is currently looking for donations for the Silent Auction and if you are able help in any capacity you are asked to contact either of the committee chairs: John Smith (834-5197) or Starlene Lundrigan (834-3792). Or you may contact David Crane or Gail Butler at the school (834-9847) or via email at gailbutler@esdnl.ca or davidjcrane@esdnl.ca.
We are looking forward to your support and to an entertaining evening!
On April 1, the Provincial Skills Canada competition for high school students was held at the College of the North Atlantic. Because they had won their respective competitions at the Intermediate Skills competition Emma Power, Emily Butler, Lauren Pecore and Brenda Wells competed. Lauren won a silver medal in the Job Skill Demonstration, Emma won a gold medal in the Graphic Design competition and Emily won a gold medal in Prepared Speech . By winning gold, Emma and Emily were named to Team Newfoundland and Labrador and will travel to the national competition in Quebec City in June! We wish them the very best of luck!
Frank Roberts Junior High has also been fortunate enough to benefit from a partnership called the Career Development Partnership Initiative between the Eastern School District and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. This partnership provides funding to schools to offer school based initiatives that promote Career Development. These initiatives are executed in conjunction with our Career Development Officer, Ms. Michelle Park. Funding was used to send our Grade 9 students to the Provincial Skills Canada Competition at the College of the North Atlantic (CONA) on Friday April 1, 2011. There they had the opportunity to see the best skills demonstrations from across the province. They also had the opportunity to have a tour of parts of CONA, observe the ―Try the Trades program, and get information on newer programs such as the Safety Course.
We are delighted to have been able to offer our students this opportunity.
The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils Annual General Meeting is being held at the Lion Max Simms Camp from April 15 - 17. Any parent interested in attending or having issues they wish to be raised at the meeting is asked to contact our school council chair, Mr. John Smith at 834-5197.
Third time lucky! After two other attempts, we held our Annual Shave for the Brave on Tuesday, March 29. Thirty-one students and Mr. Fowler collected pledges to support Young Adult Cancer a charity that raises money to send young adults suffering from cancer to a retreat - at a cost of approximately $1800.00 per person. Participants agreed to part with their hair under the watchful eye of the entire student body. Volunteers from the Woodford Training Centre shaved each of the student and staff volunteers’ heads. Over $5000.00 was raised. I wish to thank Mr. Fowler for his hard work and dedication in organizing this amazing event!
The Frank Roberts Junior High Literacy Committee is dedicated to promoting a Love of Reading. When you enter the school you will see four Easter baskets displayed in the wall cabinet at the main office. Each student and staff member will be given an Easter egg on which they can write the title of a book/magazine they would like to receive. They are then invited to place their Easter egg in the appropriate grade level basket. On April 21, the last day of school before the Easter break, an egg will be selected from each basket and a Chapters gift certificate will be awarded to each winner.
On April 12, the school will hold its first DEAR – drop everything and read – initiative. During the third period, the school will stop its regular classes/office activities and read. Students and staff are asked to bring to class a book or a magazine of their choice. Each class will also be supplied with a box of books and newspapers for those who forget or do not have a book to bring. It is all for the LOVE of READING!
The Grade 9 Farewell Celebration has been set for May 26 from 6:30 – 10:00 pm. Grade 9 students are permitted to bring a guest to this event but please note that their guest must be approved by the school administration. Guest applications will be available at a later date. While this is an evening where students do dress up, it is not the expectation that students spend monies on formal dresses or tuxedoes. Party busses are not permitted.
On April 11 and 12, Con. Tanya Campbell with the RNC will be doing an internet Safety presentation entitled: CSI – Computer Safety Information with all of our grade 7 students. Please contact the school, if you have concerns with your child viewing this presentation.
Once again, Frank Roberts Junior High will be offering a 32 page colour yearbook filled with unforgettable memories. The cost of the yearbook is $15.00. Order forms were handed out to the students on Tuesday, April 5. Orders are due back to the school by May 2.

Each year our grade eight classes participate in the Heritage Fair Program. This is a cross-curricular project between language arts and social studies. Students must produce a project related to some aspect of Newfoundland and Labrador history. The project can be related to their family history, to their community, or to some other area of Newfoundland and Labrador. The project represents a significant portion of the grade for both social studies and language arts.
The school Heritage Fair is being held on Thursday, April 14. Three representatives from each of the grade 8 classes will set up their projects in the library for display and judging. Parents are invited to drop in from: 1:00 – 2:00 pm. The top three projects will go on to represent the school at the Regional Fair being held at Macdonald Drive Junior High in May 13 -14.
Badminton – Members of the school Badminton team will travel to Summerside, PEI from April 8-10 to compete in the Atlantic Badminton Championships. We wish Mr. J. Butler, their coach, and the following team members: Simon Davis-Power, Emily Butler, Christopher Hand and Hilary Young the very best of luck!
Volleyball – The Grade 7 and Grade 8 Girls Volleyball teams will travel to Clarenville from April 14 – 16 to compete in the NLVA Under 14 Provincial Championships. We wish their coaches Ms. K. Ghaney and Mr. M. Butler and the Grade 7 and 8 teams the very best of luck!
Hockey – Ryan Day, Nick David and Ben Stone attended a Bantam tournament in Halifax this past weekend. Of the twelve teams at the tournament, the CBR team finished in first place in their division. Ben scored the winning goal during the double overtime period of the championship game. Way to go!
Dates to Remember
April 12 DEAR program starts. Students will need to have recreational reading material with them.
April 14 School Historica Fair. Parent visitation from 1-2 pm.
April 15-17 School Councils AGM – Max Simms Memorial Camp
April 21 Quilt ticket draw
April 21 Last day of school before the Easter vacation
May 2 School starts after the Easter vacation. Day 6 on the schedule.
May 2 Yearbook orders due - $15.00 per yearbook
May 13-14 Eastern District Historica Fair (McDonald High Junior High)
May 15 Dessert/Silent Auction Party. More details to follow
May 26 Grade 9 Farewell Dinner/Dance (6:30-10:00 pm)
June 13 – 17 Final Exams written. Schedule to be released at a later date.

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