Rascom 93 a obvodny Canal St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia Phone: +7 (812) 303-91-70 Fax: +7 (812) 303-9171 September 30th, 2010 Saint-Petersburg

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Telecommunications Company


93 A Obvodny Canal

St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 303-91-70

Fax: +7 (812) 303-9171

September 30th, 2010 Saint-Petersburg
Subject: RASCOM and АМS-IХ agree on partnership to Connect Russian Carriers
August 2010, the Closed Joint-Stock Company “RASCOM” and AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) agreed on a partnership providing access and connectivity to the Internet peering and traffic exchange at AMS-IX in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

Since September 2010, current and new customers of the CJSC “RASCOM” can get access to AMS-IX and a communications circuit (or VPN) from up to 10 Gbps, from a single provider and contract using “one-stop-shop” concept. By getting access to AMS-IX from RASCOM, telecomm carriers will not only have the financial benefit of exchanging Traffic from worldwide peering members connected at AMS-IX, but will also be granted full membership to the AMS-IX Association and all the opportunities covered by this membership( i.e., 24-hours technical support, port monitoring, access to the information resources, etc.)

“This agreement is one more step in developing the international segment of RASCOM’s IP/MPLS network,”- Mr. V.I.Kireev, CJSC “RASCOM” General Director. –“Our partnership with AMS-IX allows us to extend RASCOM’s product range by offering the customers access to the services of AMS-IX. Additionally, this agreement opens new chances of co-operation with new telecomm carriers, Internet providers and other telecomm services vendors. ”

“RASCOM’s network meets the bandwidth and reliability criteria thanks to possessing their own DWDM communications systems between Russia and Europe”,- AMS-IX’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Cara Mascini. “By offering its services to major Russian Internet-providers and having a unique presence to traffic European exchange points in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, RASCOM can now not only bring greater benefits to their clients by connecting them to AMS-IX, but also add value to the continuously growing and enriching diversity of traffic at our exchange.”

AMS-IX and RASCOM partnership is a significant event not only for the directly involved agreement parties, but also for the whole community of telecomm operators in Russia and Europe. Carriers that are currently clients of RASCOM can already benefit this service to increase the connectivity and reliability of their respective networks whilst bringing down their overall traffic cost.


CJSC “RASCOM” is leading provider of international capacity for telecomm operators and possesses its own communications facilities and structures on the route Moscow – Saint-Petersburg – Russian-Finnish Border – Helsinki – Stockholm as well as communications structures of its own in Frankfurt. The company is offering services in telecomm circuits providing and Internet access as well as various integrated solutions in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tver, Novgorod and other cities of Central and North-West Regions of Russia. The bandwidth of the DWDM system at the route Moscow – Stockholm equals to 3520 Gbps.

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