Reading Comprehension

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Activities 5th D

Reading Comprehension

¨Milo Thatch, the adventurer¨

Milo Thatch is a young adventurer. He is convinced that the legends of the lost city of Atlantis are true.

Milo is friendly, honest and caring. He is respectful because he respects his friends and he is helpful because he always wants to help his family and his crew.

He likes reading about legends. His favourite legend is ¨Atlantis, the lost empire¨. He likes discovering new places, finding treasures and planning adventures. He likes swimming, sailing and meeting new friends. He doesn´t like fighting or leaving people alone. He doesn´t like listening to classical music but he loves dancing at parties.

His best friend is Kida. Kida is a beautiful princess. They are very good friends. She likes being with Milo.

Kida lives near Milo´s house. She walks two blocks turns right, takes the first left, goes straight and Milo´s house is on her right. When they are together they take the bus to the center of the city. It takes them fifteen minutes to be there.

Milo Thatch is a very good student too. He gets up at seven o´clock to go to the university. First he has breakfast, has a bath, washes his face, brushes his teeth and gets dressed. After that he leaves home and takes the train to the university. He studies from nine to five in the afternoon. His favourite subjects are English, Science and Geography. He loves Geography because it helps him discover new cities and different places. He always buys Geography books at the bookshop. They are his favourite ones. He leaves the university and goes home. Then he has chocolate milk with toasts. He studies , watches tv, does his homework and has dinner. Finally he goes to bed. Before going to bed he looks at his maps and thinks about a new adventure.

  1. Read the text and answer these questions

  1. What´s the title of the title?

  2. What´s the topic?

  3. Who are the main characters?

  4. How many paragraphs are there?

  5. What´s the theme in each paragraph?

B)Read the text again and answer these questions

1)How is Milo´s personality?

2)What does Milo like doing?

3)Who´s his best friend?

4)Why does Milo love Geography?

5)What does he do before going to bed?

6)Who did Milo meet last month?

7)What did Milo discover?

C)Complete this tree diagram


Is likes doesn´t like ´s best friend is loves

Is likes lives

D)Use of English

Complete this conversation between Milo and Kida

M: Hello How________________you?

K:I´m fine!__________you __________listening to classical music?

M:No, I _____________. I ____________dancing at parties. I ______________reading Geography books because they help me find new places. Do you like Geography?

K: No, I___________. My friend Jane________________it. It´s her favourite subject too.

M: What time do you go to university?

K: At__________________________

M:Where did you go yesterday?

K: I__________________to the underwater city with Whitmore. It was great!

M: Bye Kida! See you later!

2)Arrange these words into sentences.

a) straight first take second go right the then

b) dinner washes her Jane hands always having before

c) after they have practice usually on baseball school Wednesday


Write about your hobbies, your school day and your activities last week.





1)What time do you get up?

2)What´s your first subject on Monday?

3)Do you like Science?

4)What time do you start English classes?

5)Is English your favourite subject?

B)Write sentences using frequency adverbs.

1)clean your bedroom

2)visit friends

3)go to the cinema

4)study English

5)use the computer

C)Write sentences using GOOD AT/ NOT GOOD AT

1)I_________________________playing tennis.

2)My mother________________________cooking.

3)My friend_______________________speaking English.

4)My father_________________cooking.

5)I______________________speaking Japanese.


1)What are you good at?

2) What are you not good at?


Marcia usually goes to Music Camp in the Summer, but last summer she went to Chess Camp. Marcia likes playing different kinds of games a lot, but she didn´t play chess. She wanted to go to Chess Camp to learn. At first, she wasn´t good at playing chess. It was hard to remember the rules. Marcia listened to her teachers and watched chess games. She practiced a lot. Now she likes playing chess, and she is good at it too.

1)Marcia was at Music Camp last Summer.

2)She likes playing different kinds of games.

3)At first, she wasn´t good at playing chess.

4)Marcia never practiced playing chess.

5)She doesn´t like playing chess now.


A)Write five sentences about what you did last weekend and five about what you didn´t do last weekend.


1) Did you go to the cinema yesterday?

2)Did you study during winter holidays?

3)Did you get up early yesterday?

C)Complete this chart

Present Past
























d)Turn these sentences into the past.

1)They lose their bags.

2)I feel tired after the competition.

3)She becomes a princess.

e)Interrogative and Negative.

1)I speak French very well.

2)He swims on Tuesdays.

3)They wear casual clothes.

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