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Interior Lighting

The light source shall be located to minimize windshield glare, with distribution of the light focused primarily on the passengers’ reading plane while casting sufficient light onto the advertising display. The lighting system may be designed to form part of or the entire air distribution duct.

The lens material shall be translucent polycarbonate. Lenses shall be designed to effectively “mask” the light source. Lenses shall be sealed to inhibit incursion of dust and insects yet be easily removable for service. Access panels shall be provided to allow servicing of components located behind light panels. If necessary, the entire light fixture shall be hinged.



Automatically Dimming First Row Lights

The first light on each side (behind the driver and the front door) is normally turned on only when the front door is opened, in “night run” and “night park.” As soon as the door closes, these lights shall go out. These lights shall be turned on at any time if the toggle switch is in the “on” position.

Dimming Second Row Lights

To help eliminate windshield reflection on suburban roads where street lighting is at a low level, the second light on each side, when “night run” or “night park” is selected, shall be controlled by the toggle switch; off in “off” and on in “normal.” These lights shall be turned on at any time if the toggle switch is in the “on” position.

All interior lighting shall be turned off whenever the transmission selector is in reverse and the engine run switch is in the “on” position.

The interior lighting design shall require the approval of the Agency.


LED lights.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent tubes shall be a maximum 6 ft in length, single-pin, T-12 type (with exceptions granted for extinguishing or dimming fixtures, as noted below).

Individual ballast units shall be provided for each light fixture. Ballast shall have a fire-resistant housing, minimum operating frequency of above audible range, reverse polarity protection and integrated circuit breaker/automatic thermal protection.


Enhanced design ballast that minimize arcing and carries a type and CC UL935 certification.


First Light Modules Dim/Extinguish When Front Door is Closed

When the master switch is in the “run” or “night/run” mode, the first light module on each side of the coach shall automatically extinguish or dim when the front door is in the closed position and illuminate when the door is opened. This shall be accomplished through the use of a ballast specifically designed for this type application without diminishing the life of the fluorescent tubes.

No Dimming/Extinguishing of First Light Modules When Front Door is Closed

No dimming/extinguishing feature of first light modules shall be provided.

Driver Area

The driver’s area shall have a light to provide general illumination, and it shall illuminate the half of the steering wheel nearest the driver to a level of 5 to 10 foot-candles.

Seating Areas

The interior lighting system shall provide a minimum 15 foot-candle illumination on a 1 sq ft plane at an angle of 45 degrees from horizontal, centered 33 in. above the floor and 24 in. in front of the seat back at each seat position. Allowable average light level for the rear bench seats shall be 7 foot-candles.


Floor surface in the aisles shall be a minimum of 10 foot-candles, and the vestibule area a minimum of 4 foot-candles with the front doors open and a minimum of 2 foot-candles with the front doors closed. The front entrance area and curb lights shall illuminate when the front door is open and master run switch is in the “lights” positions. Rear exit area and curb lights shall illuminate when the rear door is unlocked.

Step Lighting

Step lighting for the intermediate steps between lower and upper floor levels shall be a minimum of 4 foot-candles and shall illuminate in all engine run positions. The step lighting shall be low-profile to minimize tripping and snagging hazards for passengers and shall be shielded as necessary to protect passengers’ eyes from glare.

Ramp Lighting

Exterior and interior ramp lighting shall comply with CFR Part 49, Sections 19.29 and 19.31.

Turntable Lighting

Lighting in the turntable can be reduced to 7 foot-candles.

Farebox Lighting


Farebox Light

A light fixture shall be mounted in the ceiling above the farebox location. The fixture shall be capable of projecting a concentrated beam of light on the farebox. This light will automatically come on whenever the front doors are opened and the run switch is in the “night run” or “night park” position.

No farebox light.


Commuter reading lights.

Fare Collection

Space and structural provisions shall be made for installation of currently available fare collection devices and shall be as far forward as practicable. Location of the fare collection device shall not restrict traffic in the vestibule, including wheelchairs if a front door loading device is used, and shall allow the driver to easily reach the farebox controls and to view the fare register. The fare box shall not restrict access to the driver area, shall not restrict operation of driver controls and shall not — either by itself or in combination with stanchions, transfer mounting, cutting and punching equipment, or route destination signs — restrict the driver’s field of view per SAE Recommended Practice J1050. The location and mounting of the fare collection device shall allow use, without restriction, by passengers. The fare box location shall permit accessibility to the vault for easy manual removal or attachment of suction devices. Meters and counters on the fare box shall be readable on a daily basis. The floor under the fare box shall be reinforced as necessary to provide a sturdy mounting platform and to prevent shaking of the fare box.

Transfer mounting, cutting and punching equipment shall be located in a position convenient to the driver.


Agency will install its own fare box.


Agency will specify a fare box for Contractor to install.

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