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Review - Articulations Quiz #1

Name _________________________________

Joint Terms

_____freely movable joint

_____immovable joint

_____slightly movable joint
Joint Examples

_____atlantoaxial, proximal radioulnar

_____between bones of skull

_____carpometacarpal joint of thumb only

_____distal tibiofibular joint, length of radius & ulna

_____elbow, knee, interphalangeal

_____ephiphyseal plate, costal cartilages connecting ribs to sternum

_____hip, shoulder

_____intercarpal, intertarsal

_____intervertebral joints, sternal angle, pubic symphysis

_____metacarpophalangeal, atlanto-occipital

_____tooth in socket
Joint Structures

_____ fibrocartilage discs that subdivide a joint cavity to improve stability

_____ lubricating liquid that also nourishes articular cartilage

_____contains synovial fluid

_____double layered structure that enclose joint

_____elongated bursa wrapped around a tendon

_____fibrous sac of synovial fluid

_____produces synovial fluid, inner portion of articular capsule

_____protects & cushions ends of bone

Answer Choices

  1. amphiarthroses

  2. articular capsule

  3. articular cartilage

  4. ball & socket

  5. bursa

  6. condyloid

  7. diarthroses

  8. gomphoses

  9. hinge

  10. joint cavity

  11. menisci

  12. nonaxial (plane)

  13. pivot

  14. saddle

  15. sutures

  16. symphyses

  17. synarthroses

  18. synchondroses

  19. syndesmoses

  20. synovial fluid

  21. synovial membrane

  22. tendon sheath

Short answer

1. List the 2 fundamental functions of joints.

2. Symphyses are joined by a bar or plate of _______________________ cartilage while synchondroses are joined by a bar or plate of _______________________ cartilage.

  1. What is the only type of joint with a fluid filled joint cavity?

  1. How is a true bursae different from a false bursae? How are they the same?

  1. What happens to the synovial fluid as it warms and why is this important to joint function?

  1. Be able to label the synovial joint structure diagram.

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