Review of the flick you watch. Include in your review notes on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the depiction compared to history.

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AP Art History Summer Work 2015-16

WATCH : (I recommend checking out one of these about a week after school ends ) Write a film critic style review of the flick you watch. Include in your review notes on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the depiction compared to history. (Approximately ½ page typed) BTW: There are lots of other great films and documentaries about artists and their work. Most of these are rated “R” and so I did not list them. Ask your parents to okay any of these before viewing.

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy: Michelangelo

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring : Vermeer

  • Lust for Life : Van Gogh & Gauguin

  • The art of the steal: Documentary on the greatest art heist in history

  • The Rape of Europa: Documentary on the efforts to save the art of the Louvre from Nazi Germany

  • Midnight in Paris: Fictional time travel romance with famous Parisian Artists

  • Marie Antoinette: Features a glimpse into the inner workings of Versailles under Louis XIV

READ: Pick ONE of these 2 books.. Read all of it; then, write a one page report about your favorite chapter of the book you chose. Explain the importance of the part you chose in the history of art as well as your opinion as to why this subject resonated with you. Due on the first day of class

  • The Brilliant History of Color in Art- Victoria Finley

  • What Are You Looking At?: The Surprising, Shocking, and Sometimes Strange Story of 150 Years of Modern Art : Will Gompertz

GO (to a MUSEUM): Visit one of the Atlanta Museums listed below. Fill out the attached museum sheet for each and turn in on the first day of class.

  • High Museum : Fulton County Free Saturdays; Walk-up admission is free for Fulton County, Georgia, residents on the first Saturday of each month! Tickets are subject to availability. Acceptable I.D. includes valid driver's license, utility bill or student I.D. from a Fulton County school.

  • MODA :

  • Michael C. Carlos :

  • Feel free to check out any other major museum while you’re travelling!

GET IN THE ZONE!: 2 weeks before school starts go to Khan Academy using the link or QR code and follow the instructions below

  •; watch and read all parts of this unit. There are 3 sections and assorted videos and short articles within each. Write a 1 page summary of your observations and impressions going into the course. Address the relevance of art in history and in our society today. ( do yourself a favor & don’t make this a day before marathon viewing)


  1. Save my contact info (both emails) & send me an email. Nothing fancy, just introduce yourself and then we will both have the right email for each other. This is also how I will invite you to the class googleDRIVE folder with a treasure trove of resources.



  1. Follow my pinterest account and start your own board for AP Art History ( this will be a valuable tool for you in this course)


  1. Sign up for Edmodo class page.


  1. Add my class website to your bookmarks. I will be adding to this and building in resources throughout the summer.


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