Rhythm & Metre Pulse

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Describes how the melody should sound.

Legato – smoothly

Staccato- shorted and detached (dots above notes)

Slur- very smooth, no gaps

Sforzando- suddenly and quickly strong and loud

Ostinato/ riff

Short repeated pattern

Short repeated pattern

Short repeated pattern

Short repeated pattern


These words all describe sliding from one note to another, used by singers and instruments. Sometimes the notes in between are played during the slide.


When a melody is made longer by adding notes or making the notes longer

Pitch bend

When the pitch of a note is raised or lowered slightly, e.g. on a guitar


Distance between the pitch of two different notes

Minor 2nd


Major 2nd

Happy Birthday

Minor 3rd

Smoke on the water

Major 3rd

While Shepherd’s

Perfect 4th

Amazing Grace


The Simpsons (The Sim..)

Perfect 5th

Twinkle twinkle/ baa baa black sheep

Minor 6th

The Entertainer (3rd and 4th notes of the melody)

Major 6th

Dash---ing through the snow

Minor 7th

Somewhere- West side story

Major 7th

Almost an octave


Somewhere over the rainbow

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