Robert M. Pizzola

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Robert M. Pizzola

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  • Thirty nine year career as an Armaments Engineer, Small Arms weaponry. Worked on propellants, gun barrels, ammunition, and systems development. Was chief engineer for the Advanced Combat Rifle Program. Represented the USA in NATO as Head of Delegation for Small Arms Weaponry as well as Military Operations on Urban Terrain,

  • Approximately one year as Chem. Engr., Swift Fuels, LLC

  • Working as subcontractor to Swift Enterprises on fuel cells.


  • BSChE, 1970, Drexel Inst. Of Tech., Phila., PA

Detailed Resume

Sept 1970 to Jul 1977 – US Army, Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, PA

Worked in the Propellants and Pyrotechnics Branch, Energetic Materials Division. Responsible for the modernization of wet processing facilities in the Badger Army Ammunition Plant, ball propellant facility in Baraboo, WI.

Jul 1977 to Sept 2009 – US Army, Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, NJ

Worked in Manufacturing Methods and Technology Divison. Responsible for the modernization of weapons manufacturing facilities in the Maremont Corp, Saco Defense Division facility in Saco, ME. Instituted a rotary forging capability therein. Transitioned to systems development work for the Joint Service Small Arms Program Office. Became US representative to NATO in mid-1990s and elevated to US Head of Delegation in early 2000’s. Ended US Army career as Deputy Director, Small Arms Industrial Center.

Sep 2009 to Jun 2012 – Retired.
Jun 2012 to April 2013 –Swift Fuels, LLC, West Lafayette, IN.

Worked on various aspects of renewable mesitylene-based fuels.

April 2013 to present – Subcontractor to Swift Enterprises, West Lafayette, IN

Working toward a sustainable methodology for recycle of spent fuel and oxidizer from direct proton sodium borohydride/hydrogen peroxide fuel cell. Serve as ex oficio CRO to EcoSpinners; a company to produce electrically powered bicycles using lithium polymer batteries kept at a high charge state by sodium borohydride fuel cells.

Download 6.25 Kb.

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