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Margaret St. Clair (1911-1996)

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Margaret St. Clair (1911-1996)

(SF writer, wrote 8 novels, more than 130 stories)


St. Clair, Margaret. Three Worlds of Futurity. Stories. 1964.

_____. Change the Sky and Other Stories. 1974.

_____. The Best of Margaret St. Clair. 1985.

_____. The Dolphins of Altair. Novel. 1967.

_____. "Brigthness Falls from the Air." Story. In The Science Fiction Century. Ed. David G. Hartwell. New York: Tor Books, 1997. 161-66.*

Mark St. Germain
St. Germain, Mark. Freud's Last Session. Drama. Staged at New York, 2010. (On Freud and C. S. Lewis).


'Christopher' St John
Hamilton, Cicely, and 'Christopher' St John. How the Vote Was Won. Feminist farce. 1909.

Madeleine St. John
St. John, Madeleine. The Essence of the Thing. Novel. 1997.

F. St. Mars
St. Mars, F. Off the Beaten Track. London: W. and R. Chambers, 1917.

_____. "Watchers of the Mud." From Off the Beaten Track. In Great English Short Stories. Ed. Lewis Melville and Reginald Hargreaves. London: Harrap, 1931. 969-88.*

Sir Thomas St. Serfe
St Serfe, Thomas (Sir). Taruzo's Wiles, or the Coffee House. Comedy. Later 17th cent.
Clayton Stafford
Stafford, Clayton. "The Swan and the Eagle." Poem. In Stafford, Verse. Albuquerque: Alan Swallow, 1941.

_____. "Cape Horn." Poem. In Stafford, Verse.

_____. "Hyperborean." Poem. In Stafford, Verse.
Jean Stafford
Stafford, Jean. Boston Adventure. Fiction. Introd. Anita Brookner. London: Hogarth.

_____. The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford. Introd. Ian Hamilton. London: Hogarth.

Hassan, Ihab. "Jean Stafford: The Expense of Style and Scope of Sensibility." 1955. In Hassan, Rumors of Change: Essays of Four Decades. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 1995. 17-35.*

John Stafford
Southerne, Thomas, and John Stafford.The Spartan Dame. Drama. 1719.
William Stafford (1914-1993)
Stafford, William. Someday, Maybe. Poems. New York: Harper, 1917.

_____. In Understanding Poetry. By Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren. Fort Worth: Harcourt, 1988.*

_____. "Traveling through the Dark." Poem. In Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense. By Thomas R. Arp and Greg Johnson. 8th ed. Boston (MA): Thomson Learning-Heinle & Heinle, 2002. 911-12.*

Max Stafford-Clark
Stafford-Clark, Max. Letters to George. Rpt. Nick Hern Books, 1998.

_____. Interview with David Benedict, 9 Jan. 2004. Theatre Voice


Aragay, Mireia, Hildegard Klein, Enric Monforte, and Pilar Zozaya, eds. British Theatre of the 1990s: Interviews with directors, playwrights, critics and academics. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007. (I, Directors: Stephen Daldry, Ian Rickson, Max Stafford-Clark; II, Playwrights: Neil Bartlett, Martin Crimp, Kevin Elyot, Joe Penhall, Mark Ravenhill; III, Critics: Michael Billington, Nicholas de Jongh, Aleks Sierz; IV, Academics: Dan Rebellato, Graham Saunders, Alan Sinfield).

Carvalho, Paulo Eduardo. "An Interview with Max Stafford-Clark." European English Messenger 7.2 (1998): 33-39.*

Crook, Clive. "David Hare & Max Stafford-Clark." In Verbatim Verbatim: Contemporary Documentary Theatre. Ed. Will Hammond and Dan Steward. London: Oberon, 2008. 45-75.
Olivares Merino, Julio Ángel Cenizas del Plenilunio Alado: Pálpitos y vestigios del vampiro en la literatura inglesa anterior a Dracula. (Colección Alonso de Bonilla). Jaén: U de Jaén, 2001.* (Coleridge, Stagg, Byron, Keats, Polidori, Le Fanu, Poe, Stoker)

Jerry Stahl
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1953, journalist and writer for TV)
Stahl, Jerry. Permanent Midnight. Memoir. (Filmed).

_____. I, Fatty. New York: Bloomsbury, 2004. (Novel on Fatty Arbuckle).

_____. Yo, Fatty. Trans. Jaime Zulaika. (Panorama de Narrativas). Barcelona: Anagrama, 2008.*

Jon Stallworthy (1935)
Stallworthy, Jon. The Astronomy of Love. Poems. Oxford UP, 1961.

_____. Out of Bounds. Poems. Oxford UP, 1963.

_____. "The Almond Tree." Poem. In Stallworthy, Root and Branch. 1969.

_____. Root and Branch. Poems. London: Chatto, 1968.

_____, ed. W. B. Yeats: Last Poems. (Casebooks series). Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1968.

Ann Stanford
Stanford, Ann. "The Book." Poem.

_____. "Ash Wednesday." Poem.

_____. "Bookplate." Poem.

Don Stanford (Poet, early 20th)
Stanford, Don. "Noon at Nebish." Poem. Hound and Horn 7.4.

_____. "The Grand Mesa." Poem. In Stanford, New England Earth.

_____. "The Meadowlark." Poem. In Stanford, New England Earth.

_____. "The Bee." Poem. In Stanford, New England Earth.

_____. "The Seagull." Poem. In Stanford, New England Earth.

_____. "Summer Scene." Poem. In Stanford, New England Earth.

_____. "The Thrush." Poem. In Stanford, New England Earth.
Lady Hester Stanhope
Armstrong, Martin. Lady Hester Stanhope. Biography. 1920.

Marías, Javier. Literatura y fantasma. Madrid: Siruela, 1993.

Lord Stanhope
Stanhope (Lord). History of England from the Peace of Utrecht.
Lady Augusta Stanley
Woolf, Virginia. "Two Women." Rev. of the Letters of Lady Augusta Stanley, ed. the Dean of Windsor and Hector Bolitho, Gerald Howe, 1927, and Lady Barbara Stephen's Emily Davies and Girton College, Constable, 1927. Nation and Athenaeum 23 April 1927. Rpt. in Woolf, A Woman's Essays. London: Penguin, 1992. 115-20.

Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904)
Stanley, Henry M. Through the Dark Continent. 2 vols. New York: Harper, 1878.

_____. In Darkest Africa. Vol. ii.

_____. Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, GCB. Ed. Dorothy Stanley. Low, 1909.

_____. The Exploration Diaries of H. M. Stanley. Ed. Richard Stanley and Alan Neame. New York: Vanguard Press, 1961.

Thomas Stanley (1625-1678)
Stanley, Thomas. (Poems). London: Humphrey Moseley, 1651.

_____. Lives of the Philosophers. Mid 17th c.

_____. History of Philosophy. 1655-87.

_____. Psalterium Carolinum. Versification of Charles I's Eikon Basilike; music by Dr. John Wilson. London, 1657.

_____, ed. (Works of Aeschylus).
Maura Stanton
Stanton, Maura. "Albada (Aubade)." Poem. In Las conjuradoras. Ed. Noël Valis. Ferrol: Esquío, 1993.

Sir Robert Stapylton
Stapylton, Robert (Sir). The Slighted Maid. Comedy 1663.

_____. The Stepmother. Tragicomedy. 1663.

George Starbuck
Starbuck, George. Space-Saver Sonnets. Cleveland: Bits Press, 1986.
Freya Stark
Stark, Freya. Bagdad Sketches. Travel book. 1933.

_____. The Southern Gates of Arabia. Travel book. 1936.

_____. Beyond the Euphrates. Travel book. 1951.

_____. The Coast of Incense. Travel book. 1953.

Peter Stark
Stark, Peter. Last Breath: Cautionary Tales from the Limits of Human Endurance. New York: Ballantine Books, 2001.

Robert Starkey
Mercurius Librarius: or A Catalogue of Books. Booksellers' trade journal. Founded 1668 by John Starkey and Robert Clavell. Pub. 1668-1709.

_____. The Term Catalogues. Ed. Edward Arber. 1903. (Rpt. of Mercurius Librarius).

Thomas Starkey (16th century)
Starkey, Thomas. Dialogue between Cardinal Pole and Thomas Lupset. Political theory. (EETS). 1878.

_____. A Dialogue between Cardinal Pole and Thomas Lupset. Ed. K. M. Burton. London: Chatto and Windus, 1948.

Walter Fitzwilliam Starkie (1894-1976)
Cervantes. Don Quixote. Trans. Walter Starkie. New York: Macmillan, 1957.

Hurtley, Jacqueline A."Shifting Identities: Refocussing Walter Fitzwilliam Starkie (1894-1976)." In Actas del 25º Congreso AEDEAN, Granada 2001. CD-ROM. Granada: U de Granada: Departamento de Filología Inglesa, 2002.*

_____. Walter Starkie: An Odyssey. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2013.

Belinda Starling
Heiberg Madsen, Lea. "Medicine and Female Monstrosity in Neo-Victorian Fiction: Belinda Starling's The Journal of Dora Damage (2007)." In At a Time of Crisis: English and American Studies in Spain: Works from the 35th AEDEAN Conference, UAB/Barcelona 14-16 November 2011. Ed. Sara Martín et al. Barcelona: Departament de Filologia Anglesa i de Germanística, U Autònoma de Barcelona / AEDEAN, 2012. 119-124.*


Barrie Stavis
Larner, Daniel. "Anywhere But Home: The Life and Work of Barrie Stavis." American Drama 4.1 (Fall 1994): 39-61.

_____. "An Interview with Barrie Stavis." American Drama 4.1 (Fall 1994): 62-91.

Christina Stead
Stead, Christina. I'm Dying Laughing. Novel. (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics). Harmondsworth: Penguin. (MacCarthyism).

_____. Seven poor men of Sydney. 1934. London, 1965.

_____. '"Katherine Mansfield and the art of fiction." New Review (September 1977).

_____. For Love Alone. Novel. 1944. London: Virago, 1978.

_____. In "International Symposium on the Short story." Kenyon Review 30.

_____. "Ocean of Story." Australian Literary Studies 10 (1981)

Brydon, D. "The Myths that Write Us: Decolonising the Mind." Commonwealth 10.1 (1987): 1-14.

Brydon, Diana. Christina Stead. Macmillan, 1987.

Guiffre, Giulia. "Interview with Christina Stead." Stand 23 (1982).

Sheridan, Susan. Christina Stead. Hemel Hempstead: Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1988.

Wetherell, Rodney. "Inteview with Christina Stead." Australian Literary Studies 9 (1980).

John Gabriel Stedman
Stedman, John Gabriel. Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam. Ed. Richard Price and Sally Price. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1988. [Early 18th c?.]

Carolyn Steedman
Steedman, Carolyn. The Tidy House. (Children's narrative). London: Virago, 1982.

_____. Landscape for a Good Woman. London: Virago, 1986.

_____. Strange Dislocations: Childhood and the Idea of Human Interiority, 1780-1930. Cambridge (MA): Harvard UP, 1995.

Steedman, C. "The Watercress Seller." In Reading the Past: Literature and History. Ed. Tamsin Spargo. Houndmills: Macmillan, 2000.

Danielle Steel
Steel, Danielle. Accident. Novel (Steele's 32nd novel). London, 1995.

_____. Legacy.

_____. The Long Road Home.
Flora Annie Steel
Paxton, Nancy L. "Complicity and Resistance in the Writings of Flora Annie Steel and Annie Besant." In Western Women and Imperialism: Complicity and Resistance. Ed. Nupur Chaudhuri and Margaret Strobel. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana UP, 1992. 158-76.*

John Steffler
Wormald, Mark. "A Virgin Wilderness." Rev. of The Afterlife of George Cartwright. Historical novel. By John Steffler. New York: Holt, 1993. TLS 25 June 1993: 22.
Wallace Stegner
Stegner, Wallace. Angle of Repose. (On psychotherapy).

Kevin Stein
Stein, Kevin. American Ghost Roses. Poetry. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2005.

Roger J. Steiner
Fernández U., Heberto H. Dictionaries in Spanish and English from 1554 to 1740. (Vertere: Monográficos de la revista Hermeneus, 12). Soria: Hermeneus / Diputación Provincial de Soria, 2010.* (Roger J. Steiner, Nebrija, John Thorius, Richard Percyvall, William Stepney, John Minsheu, Lewis Owen, John Stevens, Félix Antonio de Alvarado, Pedro Pineda).

Count Stenbock
Adlard, John. Stenbock, Yeats and the Nineties. London: Cecil and Amelia Woolf, 1969.

_____. Christmas with Count Stenbock. London: Enitharmon Press, 1980.

Polly Stenham (b. 1987)
Stenham, Polly. That Face. Drama. 2008.

_____. Tusk Tusk. Drama. 2009.

Lady Barbara Stephen

Woolf, Virginia. "Two Women." Rev. of the Letters of Lady Augusta Stanley, ed. the Dean of Windsor and Hector Bolitho, Gerald Howe, 1927, and Lady Barbara Stephen's Emily Davies and Girton College, Constable, 1927. Nation and Athenaeum 23 April 1927. Rpt. in Woolf, A Woman's Essays. London: Penguin, 1992. 115-20.

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