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End Semester (VI Sem.)Examination, June,2017

Course: B.Tech (CSE)


Subject Code: 3.352



  1. What is the relation of software with respect to system programming?

  2. How assemblers and compilers are useful in system programming?

  3. What is SIC?

  4. What is SIC/XE?

  5. What is CISC architecture?

  6. What is RISC?

  7. What is System Control Program?


  1. What is software Processor? Explain.

  2. What are Instructions and labels?

  3. What is the objective of a loader?

  4. What is an assembler? What are its features?

  5. What is meant by “Encoding Mnemonics”?

  6. What are “reserved words and identifiers “used in assembly programming?

  7. What are “directives” used in assembly programming?


  1. What are macros?

  2. What is meant by macro definition?

  3. What is loader?

  4. What is linker?

  5. What is the need of symbol table?


  1. What is software engineering?

  2. What is meant by requirement analysis?

  3. What is Unit Testing?

  4. What is System Testing?

  5. What is meant by feasibility analysis?

  6. Define: Decision Table with example.



  1. Discuss System Software and Application Software.

  2. What are types of System Development Software?

  3. Explain the mode of instructions.

  4. Explain Cray T3E Architecture.


  1. What are the elements of Assembly Language Programming?

  2. What is Assembly Scheme?

  3. Explain working of an assembler.

  4. What is meant by “Address Resolving” in assembler? Briefly give types and explain the concept


  1. What is the purpose of system calls?

  2. What problem is encountered when symbols in Assembler are used before their definition? How is this problem overcome?

  3. Discuss the design of one pass macro assembler.

  4. What is the advantage of multi-pass assembler over single-pass assembler?


  1. What is Testing? Explain White Box Testing.

  2. What is System Testing? Explain UAT.

  3. What is Software Development Life Cycle?


  1. What is SIC? Explain the machine architecture of SIC with respect to memory, register and data formats.

  2. Explain First Pass implementation of Two pass algorithm

  3. What is CISC? Discuss the ideal CISC machine architecture.

  4. What are the features of system programming? Compare it with application programming.

  5. What are relocating loaders? How the subroutine linkages are performed?

  6. Explain the purpose of pass 1 and pass 2 of assembler.

7. What is testing? Discuss the strategies of testing..

8. Make a requirement analysis for design of Library management System.

9. Illustrate Single Pass assembler algorithm with flowchart.

10. What is software engineering? Explain the SDLC.

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Disclaimer:- This is a Sample Question Paper. The Question in End term examination will differ from the sample Question paper. This sample paper is meant for practice only.

Download 9.79 Kb.

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