Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) – Partner Matching Info

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Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) – Partner Matching Info



North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2008 within the Inteligent Energy Europe Programme

  • Founders: City of Zagreb and 3 Croatian Counties: Karlovac, Zagreb and Krapina Zagorje

  • Member of F.E.D.A.R.E.N.E. since 2009

  • Legal status: Non profit organization governed by public law

  • Staff of 18 experts lead by managing director

  • Scope of work: promotion and implementation of “best practices” and “case-studies” in regional energy management; promotion and implementation of sustainable development concept; public awareness activities in the fields of energy and environmental protection; up-to-date information and advices regarding regional energy issues; advisory support for the implementation of regional energy plans and programs.

Recent recognitions and projects:


  • 2011 ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award winner

  • PublicEnergyManagement – lead consultant (IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme between Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina)

  • Varčuj Štedi – lead consultant (IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme between Croatia and Slovenia)

  • IEE project SUSTAINCO (Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities)- Lead Partner

  • 6 IEE projects (Biomass trade Center II, eReNET, Euro-Topten-Max, LEAP, LoDENet, SolidStandards) – Partner role

  • IEA Bioenergy Task 29: Socio-economic drivers in implementing bioenergy projects (funded by the International Energy Agency) – Associate leader

  • EU FP6 CONCERTO Programme, SERVE project – partner, WP leader

  • Capital Cities Initiative – SEAP preparation for cities of Sarajevo, Podgorica and Skopje (GIZ funded project) – lead consultant


  • Sustainable Energy Financing and Investment Summit Croatia 2011 - Main Organizer

  • Policy Options for Wood Energy (together with FAO) - Main Organizer


  • Support to Croatian cities and municipalities in joining EC Covenant of Mayors initiative

  • Development of more than 20 Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP), for Croatian as well as foreign cities

  • Project I can have solar collectors, too! (ManagEnergy awarded) – Implementing national financing support scheme for installation of solar collectors in households – area of Karlovac, Zagreb and Krapina-zagorje County and Konavle Municipality

  • Systematic Energy Management for Karlovac County – lead consultant (INTERREG funded project)

  • Efficient energy management in the City of Zaprešić public buildings

  • GREENLIGHT National Contact Point

  • TOPTEN National Contact Point

  • Zagreb Energy Week 2010 and 2011 (coorganizer with Office for Energy, Environmental Protection and sustainable Development of the City of Zagreb City Office for Energy),

As project partners we would be interested in joining the following fields of expertise:

  • Sustainable energy development of urban area (energy districts)

  • Biomass feedstock supply chains

  • Implementation of biomass district heating system

  • Green transport

  • Development of preparing and implementing ESCO concept

  • Green public procurement

  • Financial mechanisams for energy projects

  • Green buildings

  • Energy Efficient public lighting

  • Energy efficient appliances

Why choose REGEA?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service. At our agency, we feel that our level of service is in direct reflection of our small but highly skilled, educated team.

We are always looking forward to further build-up the international cooperation and experience sharing network in hope of creating a more sustainable future.


Tina Opalic, Project Leader


Vesna Kolega, Head of Department of Development and International Projects


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