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Cameroon: Ephraim Ngwafor "Reunification of the two Cameroons was a sham" :: CAMEROON

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prof ephraim ngwafor:camer.beProfessor Ephraim Ngwafor – former minister and one of Cameroon’s best legal brains has disclosed that the reunification of Cameroon still leaves many wounds to be healed given that section 18 of the Foumban Federal constitution was violated at the time of referendum.Ngwafor who held a debate audience spellbound in the University of Buea Monday said the above section of the Federal Constitution provided that majority of the West Cameroon members of parliament must adhere to any proposal on the modification of the federal structure of the state before it goes into effect. “But unfortunately, in 1972 when President Amadou Ahidjo wanted to scrap off the federal state for a unitary state, the clause was violated” he stated.

To Ngwafor, even though the clause was violated, the two entities have continued to live together in peace but more needs to be done by the authorities that be to evade any future obstruction of the unity. He cynically called on the Prime minister who presided over the debate to either help the unity prevail or get it grounded.

Ngwafor’s view point was corroborated by Fansoh Verzejika – veteran professor of history who referred to reunification of the two Cameroons as a sham. He said the two entities got reunited through intrigues and deception and since then one party has continued to be treated as a colonized people. 

Fansoh called on the governing authorities to get to terms with the fact that there is an Anglophone problem. He warned that force and arrests is not the solution to the problem but dialogue. “It is outrageous that instead of the force of argument, we have resorted to the argument of force. It is not through arrests and detentions that we think we shall scare people from voicing out their grievances. Let us use this opportunity to sort out our differences and bring to an end what may be uncontrollable in the future” he cautioned.

Also speaking, Ibrahim Talla Kasahim – Literary critic and professor averred that government authorities were using what they call national unity and integration as smoke screen to oppress and exploit the Anglophone section of the country. Kashim said a critical reading of the literature written by Anglophone Cameroonians will better substantiate his claim.   

Holding under the theme “from reunification to integration, 50 years of nation building,” the debate was organized as part of activities marking the 50th anniversary celebration of reunification of the two Cameroons to be presided over by President Biya on February 20 in Buea.

Other panelists who enthralled the debate included Gerard Pougue – political scientist, Daniel Abwa and Julius Ngoh – history professors, Uphe Melo – scientific researcher, Minette Libom Likeng – Director General, Customs, Charles Awono – Director, National Polytechnic, Laurent R. Omgba – dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Yaounde I, Godlieb Lobe Monekosso – former Public Health Minister, Elie Ndam – Director General, Yaounde General Hospital, Zachary Nkwo – veteran sports journalist, Jean Marcel Mengueme – S.D.O for Foumban at the time of conference, Njoh Litumbe – political leader and SCNC activist, Nfon V.E. Mukete, Nfon S.A.N Angwafor and a host of others.

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