Soups & snacks buttermilk Corn Bread honey butter 5 Soup Of The Day 8 Brunswick Stew cornbread crumble 8 Fried Green Tomatoes

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Buttermilk Corn Bread honey butter 5

Soup Of The Day 8

Brunswick Stew cornbread crumble 8

Fried Green Tomatoes country ham aioli, pickled veggie, radish 8

Deviled Eggs grilled eggplant, crispy onions, country ham 8

Roasted Beets citrus, herb vinaigrette, horseradish crème fraiche 7

Rib Tips ‘n Grits bourbon hot sauce, pickle relish 9

Buffalo Pork Skins blue cheese dressing, celery, carrots 8

Pimento Cheese Croquettes pepper jelly, pickled veggie 10

Smoked Springer Mountain Farms Smoked Chicken Wings 12

bourbon hot sauce glazed and grilled



Chef’s Daily Dozen or Each MKT

ask your server for daily selection

Chilled Peel & Eat GA White Shrimp ½ lb 14 1lb 26

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare* 12 Salmon Tartare* 10

nori vinaigrette, quail egg, charred celery, salmon roe

Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi* 12 Salmon Sashimi * 12

ginger, wasabi, flying fish roe, soy-ponzu emulsion

Octopus Salad soy mirin dressing, seaweed salad, chile, scallion 10

Grilled Snow Crab Legs ½ lb 14 1 lb 26

Seafood Tower* 65

Chef’s Choice - 12 oysters, ½ lb peel & eat shrimp,

2 sashimi, 1 tartare




Iceberg Wedge pork belly “croutons”, blue cheese, celery, onion 8

Arugula Salad apple, house ricotta, herb vinaigrette, almond 9

Cobb Salad ranch, chopped egg, pork belly “croutons”, local lettuce 8


Pulled Chicken 5 Sliced Turkey 5 Grilled Shrimp 7

Seared Tuna 9


Smoked Turkey Sandwich bacon, spicy aioli, sourdough, fries 14

Pan Seared Rainbow Trout Sandwich 13

mixed greens, tomato, remoulade, house fries

Smoked Catfish Tacos (2) 12

blackened catfish, esquites, tomatillo chow-chow, cotija cheese, slaw

½ lb Angus Burger & Fries 15 (add bacon +2)

triple grind patty, smoked cheddar, crispy onions, aioli

Pulled Pork Sandwich mustard glaze, b&b pickles, fries 13

Brisket “Sloppy Joe” topped with slaw, fries 13

Pastrami Sandwich pickled onion & cabbage, spicy mustard, fries 15

Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate chef’s select seasonal veggies 14

Smoked Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Breast 15

mustard & bacon potato salad

12 Hour Smoked Brisket grilled spring onions, beef & potato hash 15

St Louis Spare Ribs (6) 16

Creamed Kale 7 Creamy Horseradish “Super Slaw” 5

Smoked Sweet Potatoes 5 Baked Beans 6

Stewed Mustard Greens 6 House Cut Fries 4

Green Beans 7 Smoked Cheddar Mac ’N Cheese 8

Bacon & Mustard Potato Salad 6

~ * Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase the risk of foodborne illness.

~ We reserve the right to add gratuity. ~ Weights indicated are pre-cooked weights.

~ We really want to make you happy, but we will not take back any meat ordered over MEDIUM.

~ alcoholic drinks have standard pours. ~ Unfortunately, We do not take alcoholic drinks back.

~ We bet your Mom rocks! Just remember, Chef doesn’t know you as well, nor is he privy to her secret recipes. PLEASE help us take care of you. Alert us to any allergies or dietary restrictions. Ask as many questions as you like before ordering. We want to make you happy the first time!
Executive Chef Whit Ward


Scratch “Pop Tart” 2.5

Blue Plate Breakfast 12

2 eggs any style, bacon, grits, biscuit

Biscuits & Gravy 9

2 pan fried biscuits, house sausage, sawmill gravy

The Atlantic 12

grilled sourdough, fried eggs, cheddar, avocado, bacon, home fries

Pulled Pork Benedict poached egg, biscuit, grits, hollandaise 14

Crab Cake Benedict poached egg, biscuit, grits, hollandaise 15

French Toast peach jam, powdered sugar, maple syrup 10 (½ Order 6)

Egg 3 Grits 4 Toast 2 Biscuit 2 Bacon 4

Signature Bloody Mary 7

house mary mix, veggie infused vodka

Solos & Pitchers

Mimosa 6/15

Poinsettia 6/15

Honeysuckle Sipper 8/24

We reserve the right to discontinue service. Please drink responsibly!

Fried Potatoes 4 Sausage Patties 5


Chocolate Twinkie chocolate buttercream filling 3

Cookie Plate scratch made chef selection cookie plate 5
Crème Brulee 5

vanilla crème brulee, meyer lemon, peppercorn madeline

Banana Pudding Tart 6

caramel and meringue

Louisiana Crunch Cake Parfait 7

strawberry jam, coconut pastry crème, crunch cake, whipped cream

Housemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Scoop 3

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