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Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

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Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
a. Freshwater fish species b. Laterally compressed and deep bodied c. Long dorsal fined. Body covered with scale e. They are surface feeder with upturned mouth f. They are omnivorous g. High fecundity level they can reproduce naturally in captivity h. They are mouth brooder

Heterobranchus (Heterobranchus longifilis)
a. This is an example of catfish that is culturable b. It has good growth rate and also tolerate environmental hazard c. Individual can grow up to cm d. They are associated to freshwater habitat. e. The head is long broad and somewhat rectangular in dorsal outline f. It has a rounded snout. g. It has dorsal fin and adipose fin h. It is slow in movement i. It doesn’t spawn naturally in captivity but spawn through artificial means j. It has four pairs of barbell
African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
a. Another example of catfish that is culturable in Nigeria b. It has four pairs of barbells hence called catfish c. It has inferior mouth it is a benthic feeder feeding on mud d. It is a carnivorous fish e. It has a smooth body with straight lateral line f. It has elongated body that is doso-ventrally flatten
1. They should be presence or absence of scale
2. The body must have lateral line
3. Must have gill and fine
4. It must have general body that allows movement in water
5. Shape of mouth that allow feeding
6. Shape of tail

These are the facilities used inbreeding or rearing fish. Culturing facility is popularly known as fishpond. Fishpond can be defined as the artificially constructed body of controlled standing water where fish or fishes can be reared or raised.

The examples of culture facilities include Pond. This can either be earthen pond or concrete pond Tanks. Plastic Tank of various sizes Aquarium a transparent facility where ornamental fishes are reared for the purpose of beautification and decoration. This type of culture system uses glass for transparent sake. Cage culture. Net enclosure fixed to a rigid frame. It is anchored in a lake, river, or anybody of water that can contain and protect the fish until harvest. Pen culture. This is also a net enclosure fixed into the bottom of the water. The bed of the water body forms the bottom of the pen. Raceway. This is also known as flow through Australia. It has inlet and outlet for continuous flow of water in and out which provides the required quality of water.
Recirculatory system. This system is designed where the water surprise not adequate. It operates by faltering water from fish rearing Tank for reuse.

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