Street Date: Feb 26th

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Units in the City

Street Date: Feb 26th

Carlos Walker was born at Grady Hospital and raised in West Atlanta’s notorious Bowen Homes. Growing up on Wilkes Circle life wasn’t always good but Grandma Annie made sure he and his younger sister were taken care of. Known in the hood as “Shawty Lo” he was forced to be the man at the age of 17 when his Grandmother’s death turned him to the streets.

A natural born hustler Shawty Lo soon earned the title of Colonel commanding an army of fellow hustlers and young street businessmen making a name for him all over the city of Atlanta. That’s why when he says check my resume he can back it up; he controlled an empire that impacts the city even today. Looking for a new hustle he began D4L Records in 2003 as CEO with producer Born Immaculate and Mook B. His independent label D4L Records released Down for Life in partnership with Dee Money Entertainment on Asylum Records with Shawty Lo as Executive producer in 2005. The group consisted of Shawty Lo, Fabo, Stuntman and Mook B. Four men from four different projects brought together by their talent and the desire to make something of themselves.
Just after making the hit song “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” Carlos was arrested on three major cases. Not knowing if he would see the light of day Carlos held down the company he began from behind bars. Facing twenty to forty years the young CEO was blessed to be sentenced to only one year of jail time. Feeling good and back in time to add his part to the already shot video for “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” he returned to a new game, a completely different hustle and decided to immerse his self in his new life.
The new world he had created while he was doing time was crazy, the women and children loved D4L and before they knew it “Laffy Taffy” and “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” had taken the airwaves by storm. They smashed soundscan records as the first group from Bankhead to receive a certified gold album. “Laffy Taffy” broke records as the most downloaded song in the history of music according to the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records. The song did numbers also becoming a multi-platinum ring tone and winning an ASCAP award.
Lo created his first hit single with the much talked about song “I’m Da Man”. The D-boy/ Rapper/ Executive let the world know what Bankhead already knew - Shawty Lo is and always will be the man. The streets received the newfound talent of Carlos and began to beg for more. He gave them what they wanted to hear with the highly anticipated release of his mixtape I’m Da Man with DJ Scream in the summer of 2006. The Mixtape brought Lo a whole new fan base; from the average Joe and the suburban lady to the hood fella and the trap stars. D4L and Hood Rich Entertainment sold over 40,000 copies of the mixtape not to mention the bootlegs, and the promotional CDs given away. In June of 2007 Lo partnered D4L Records Inc. with Asylum Distribution for the release of his highly anticipated solo album Units in Da City. His 1st single of the album is the highly popular and chart climbing “Dey Know”.

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