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SYLLABUS (2016-2017)



Ist Round test

Chapter 1 Life and nature

Ist terminal examination

Chapter 2 Around the World

Chapter 3 Incredible India

Project Collect pictures of different animals, festivals and food of JHARKHAND and stick them in the chart paper. Write few lines about each.

IInd round test

Chapter 4 The magic of words

IInd terminal examination

Chapter 5 Sci-tech Trek

Chapter 6 Brainwaves

Project---- Collect pictures and information about five Indian Authors and stick it in your chart paper.

IIIrd round test

Chapter 7 The world of sport

IIIrd terminal examination

Chapter 8 Lessons for life

Chapter 9 More to know

Project------ With the help of pictures, newspaper cuttings, internet prepare a Collage on “Green House Effect”.
Download 2.75 Kb.

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