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Vermont Cottage Consulting

Text files


Microsoft Word

All the bells and whistles


Basic text

No formatting except basic punctuation


Rich text file

Lots formatting but not all

Graphics files


Graphics Interchange Format

Best for simple drawings

.jpg, .jpeg

Joint Photographic Experts Group

Good for photos and more complex images, esp. photos

.pict, .tiff, .png, .bmp

Alphabet soup

Other file formats

Sound files


Audio Interchange File Format

Good quality, heavy


Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3

Compressed audio files, some loss of quality but barely detectable if at all, 1/10 size of regular audio files


Microsoft and IBM format

Used for Windows machines and Windows Media Player but plays in most current software programs. No compression


Windows Media Audio

Plays in Windows Media Player and some other environments; compressed to about the same size as .mp3


Advanced Audio Coding

Developed by Apple for iTunes and iPod, AAC provides audio encoding that compresses much more efficiently than older formats, such as mp3, yet delivers excellent quality. Also facilitates copyright protection.

Video files

.mpeg (1, 2, 4)

Moving Picture Experts Group

Various levels of compression and quality


Windows Media Video

Plays in Windows Media Player and some other environments


QuickTime Movie

Less compressed than .wmv but higher quality. Plays in QuickTime Player, available on Macs and most PC’s



Portable Document Format

A format that “takes a picture” of whatever document you have on your desktop so that it appears just like it is on anyone else’s computer, even if they don’t have the program that created it.

Streaming media

Audio and video that plays on your computer as it “streams” from a remote site, but is never downloaded to your machine. Fast and protects against copying.

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Download 62.81 Kb.

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