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Keith P. Hrebenak 703-973-3960


 40 years experience in the U.S. Air Force and the Intelligence Community

 17 years experience as a Professorial Lecturer at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service

 Actively engaged with Georgetown students outside the classroom in the supervision of Honors Theses, Independent Study and mentoring relationships leading to employment in the Defense and Intelligence Communities

  • Committed and active member of the Georgetown academic community

  • B.S. Engineering Sciences, MS Aero Sciences, MA Strategic Studies and National Security Affairs.


2000-Present Senior Engineer in various Intelligence Community Assignments

Responsible for analysis and management of requirements for large scale advance systems.

  • Analyze user requirements and derive system and segment level requirements.

  • Analyze evolving requirements to derive specifications for system in concept and development phases and trace between the two.

1995-Present Professorial Lecturer Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

  • Teaches International Relations, Political Geography, Strategic Studies and National Security Affairs

  • Has supervise four Seniors Honors Theses, without compensation, Honors granted in each case

  • Has offered four distinct Independent Study opportunities to motivated upper division undergraduates, without compensation, in field from Nuclear Weapons Strategy to Counter Insurgency Doctrine and Practice

    1. Course Director/Instructor for the Weapons Assimilation Analysis Workshop SAIC

  • Designed, crafted, and presented course material for three day class for Senior Agency Analysts.

United States Air Force

  • Various Assignments as an Instructor in Aircraft and the Classroom and as a Curriculum Development Specialist

  • Trained as a teacher by the Air Force

  • Extended academic and practical training as a Curriculum Development professional and Manager

Senior Executive in National Security, Harvard, 1999, a competitive selection from the entire Department of Defense (DoD)
U.S Army War College, 1998 U.S. Air War College 1995
DoD Senior Executive Leadership Course, 1997, a competitive selection of the entire USAF
Defense Systems Management College, Advanced Program Manager’s Course, 1996
DoD Executive Leadership Development Program, 1993, a competitive selection of the USAF
Masters in Strategic Studies and National Security Affairs, Naval War College, 1991 - -Distinguished Graduate
Masters in Aeronautical Sciences, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1985 --Grade Point Average: 4.0
U.S. Marine Corps College of Command and Staff, 1984 U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1992
Bachelors in Engineering Sciences, U.S. Air Force Academy, 1978 --Passed Engineer In Training and Professional Engineer exams.
The Assimilation of Modern U.S. Weapon Systems in the Nations of the World—a classified publication, 2005
The Marine Corps role in Modern Ground Combat, Op-ed, Defense News, 2002
A Systems Engineering Management Plan for large-scale Intelligence Community Systems, Defense Systems Management College, 1998
The Operational Art and the Future, U.S. Naval War College, 1992
Space and the next Battlefield, U.S. Naval War College, 1992
The U.S. Marine Corps—The Way Forward, U.S. Naval War College, 1992
Naval Force Structure for the Modern Age, U.S. Naval War College, 1992
Supervised Publications at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
AirSea Battle and the Future of U.S. Strategy in the Pacific, Nick Yaroush, Senior Thesis, 2011, Honors awarded
Russian Strategic Development in the Cold War, Jeff Bolling, Senior Thesis, 2010, Honors Awarded
Russia’s Revolution in Military Affairs, Jon Askonas, Senior Thesis, 2012, in progress now
Strategic Nuclears Weapons and the Strategies of their use, Dean Ensley, result of an Independent Study, 2011

2010-Present Senior Engineer Scitor Incorporated

Responsible for analysis and management of requirements for large scale advance systems.

  • Analyze user requirements and derive system and segment level requirements.

  • Analyze evolving requirements to derive specifications for system in concept and development phases and trace between the two.

2005-2010 Senior Engineer/Project Manager L-3 Incorporated

Responsible for systems analysis and engineering for the Advanced Science and Technology Directorate research and development programs in the Innovative Solutions Ground Division.

  • Analyze basic science research and managed the development of programs and products to meet customer needs.

  • Oversaw several specific capability enhancement programs that supported troops in combat.

  • Wrote annual Division Compendium presenting and exhaustive review of all program activity and achievement.

2003-05 Senior Engineer/Project Manager Integrity Applications Incorporated

Responsible for system engineering analysis for the SIGINT Directorate level architecture organization.

  • Led SETA team conducting the analysis and development of the SIGINT Next Generation Ground systems.

  • Supported the planning and execution of system improvements from architecture to quick reaction capabilities.

  • Conducted wide ranging analysis support for potential technical and operational enhancements.

  • Directly supported leadership in execution of the Intelligence Community-wide horizontal integration program.

2000-03 Senior Engineer/Project Manager Computer Sciences Corporation

Responsible for personnel leadership/management, planning and tracking project activities, risk analysis, requirements definition, hardware installation, database administration/management and testing.
 Project manager for an advanced intelligence development program: executed all aspects, technical and managerial, of an information technology development project valued at $5M.

  • Configuration Manager for design, installation, and operation of a wide-area telecommunications network using leading edge technology in the field of ATM. Developed and executed all major tests of installation.

 Applied hands-on expertise on a daily basis to resolve both technology and systems engineering issues.

 Gained a thorough knowledge of ground systems and infrastructure from the physical layer up. Developed expertise in the evaluation of quality of service and the differentiation between the provision of functions and services.
1998-00 Chief, Ground Systems Engineering National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)/SIGINT

Directed re-engineering activities for disparate ground systems and operational processes across various sites. Transitioned mission operations functions to new contractual mechanisms to directly support operational and maintenance processes.

 Directed manpower studies to plan the reallocation of ground station personnel.

 Managed system validation testing in preparation for transition of major new systems to operational use.

 Led requirements analysis, system design and testing for large and small system modifications and upgrades.

 Developed significant practical experience with operational missions and capabilities.

1996-98 Chief, Engineering & Development National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)/AS&T

Managed concept exploration project to develop initial capabilities for cross-mission/cross-domain tasking, processing, dissemination and analysis of space, aircraft and ground-based sensor information. Established spiral development approach to minimize risks due to algorithms and data interfaces.

 Planned complex algorithm definition along with system design, software development and integration activities.

 Coordinated early test data generation activities and repetitive multi-sensor testing at various operational sites, involving multiple agencies.

 Analyzed test results and incorporated changes to system design as required.

 Successfully delivered search engine on time; product optimized to increase intelligence value of fused sensor data.

1994-1996 Chief, Applications Engineering Division National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)/SIGINT

Directed the development, fielding and support of the major TENCAP systems for all four services. Developed and implemented advanced engineering applications in direct response to immediate user needs. Significantly improved capabilities to efficiently collect and exploit intelligence data.

 Led requirements process for application development: analyzed missions and work environments, interviewed user representatives, prioritized capabilities for development.

 Improved the coordination for delivery and installation of applications at worldwide sites by conducting operational studies and site surveys early in development process focused on the ground infrastructure.

1978-1994 Air Force Officer Various Locations

Air Force career covered assignments to various locations and levels within the USAF.

 Two years as a Research Associate with the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy and as an Adjunct Professor of International Relations at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. Still teaching each semester.

 One year at the Pentagon as a Headquarters staff officer with responsibilities in the Planning, Programming and Budgeting for the combat forces of the USAF. Managed accounts totaling $750M. Conceived, developed and managed a compartmented program for the protection of USAF technology. Reported status and progress directly to the Secretary of the Air Force.

 Three years experience in major weapons system acquisition in the B-1B program. As program manager for B-1B flight control and instrumentation projects, managed all aspects of design, acquisition (budget, contract management, and negotiations), installation, and testing. Budget included flight control project - $58M, instrument project - $13M.

 Ten years experience in operational flying. Trained and led crews on operational missions for Strategic Air Command, as Pilot in Command then Flight Commander, in the B-52. Totaled 3000 hours flying time, one half of that as an instructor. Qualified in every aspect of flying, operations, and maintenance, ultimately instructing in all three. Performed as classroom instructor for Aerodynamics.

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