Summer Programs for High School Students

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Summer Programs for High School Students (

Summer Program







Cecil B. Keene Summer Enrichment Program

For grade 11 students, entering 12th grade in the Fall, to learn life management skills and critical thinking strategies that will support their success in high school, college and beyond.

6 week program

June 15 – July 23

Mon – Thurs,

9AM – 1PM

SPC Midtown Campus


La Crecia Wright

Smart Choice $10K Bachelor’s degree

Provide students with an affordable option to enter a high-wage, high demand IT field. To start the program, students take 2 dual-enrollment classes over the summer and will receive 6 college credits.

June 8th – July 10th

Mon – Thurs

9 -11:30


9 – 11:30

Career guidance 11:30 – 12 one day a week, tbd

SPC Clearwater and SPC St. Petersburg

FREE for dual enrollment classes

Dr. Sharon Setterlind / Nancy Russell

Operation Graduate

Provides at risk middle and high school students with educational opportunities that focus on life and financial skills, career exploration field trips, job placement and training. High school juniors accepted in the program can apply for dual enrollment classes at SPC. 

6 week program


Nathaniel Ramsey


Students ages 15-18 may explore various career industries hands-on. Including workplace readiness training, teambuilding, goal setting, personal motivation plus job shadowing experiences in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Students must meet low income requirements and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Each student receives $400 upon course completion.

4 week program

June 11 – July 10

Mon – Thurs

(except 1st week, Mon – Fri ONLY)

8.30AM – 3PM

SPC campuses:

St. Pete/Gibbs Clearwater Seminole


Carol Williams

Summer of Success

The Summer of Success (SOS) Program is a 6-week "introduction to college" program for graduating seniors from Pinellas County high schools.  Students earn 3 college credits, explore career opportunities and improve their English, reading and math readiness skills.

6 week program

June 15 – July 24

9AM – 1PM

SPC campuses (limited enrollment):

St. Pete/Gibbs

(35 students) Clearwater

(35 students) Seminole

(20 students)

Tarpon Springs

(20 students)

Scholarship Funded

George Carbart

USF Summer Residential Program

Tampa Bay Consortium brings grades 9-11 College Reach Out Program (CROP) students together to engage in a FREE, one-week residential-living college experience at University of South Florida (USF), Tampa.  Students will participate in a variety of academic, social and recreational activities, to promote future academic success.

One week program

June 7 – June 15



La Crecia Wright

Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program (continued)

The Pinellas Opportunity Council (POC) Youth Development Program work to equip low-income, academically-talented youth ages 14-15 with workforce readiness, leadership and financial literacy skills.

Students must meet low income requirements and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. $500 stipend provided for students who complete training and employment/internship phases of program.

Part I - Job Readiness Training

5 week program

June 22 – July 24

Mon – Thurs

8.30AM – 2.30PM

Part II - Internship

Up to 6 weeks

Dates and times vary, dependent upon internship

Part I - Job Readiness Training

SPC campus:


Part II - Internship

Location varies, dependent upon internship


Carol Williams 

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