Super Bowl in franchise with a 14–2 record, including wins in each of their last nine games. How many Super Bowls have the Atlanta Falcons won? The Atlanta Falcons

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Last super bowl appearance for falcons The Falcons advanced to their first Super Bowl in franchise with a 14–2 record, including wins in each of their last nine games. How many Super Bowls have the Atlanta Falcons won? The Atlanta Falcons have won 0 super. Find the full answer on PointAfter.Atlanta Falcons Playoff History. Regular Season Record (all-time) : 330-432-6. Playoff Record (all-time) : 7-12 (Last appearance after 2012 season) Super Bowls . Jan 31, 2014 . The 1998 Denver Broncos were the most dominant team ever assembled until this years 2013 squad. Hopefully, this year's team can also come . Jan 20, 2013 . Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl history heading into 2013 playoffs. January 20, 2013. Super Bowl appearances (by year of regular season):.Feb 4, 2014 . The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won a Super Bowl.. Cleveland has lost three AFC Championship appearances, Jacksonville two, . 5 days ago . Ex-Falcon Steven Jackson chasing unlikely Super Bowl appearance. Six weeks later, the three-time Pro Bowl selection — who last appeared . Feb 1, 2015 . Atlanta Falcons : Super Bowl appearances. Other Teams, Arizona. Last Super Bowl win: NEVER - a drought of 49 years. Last year in Super . No, the Atlanta Falcons have never won the Super Bowl. it was Denver's second consecutive Super Bowl victory; it was John Elway's last game; Atlanta's head coach was. Atlanta's only Super Bowl appearance was on January 31, 1999.Jun 12, 2014 . There were a slew of issues that led to the Falcons floundering last season one year after falling a mere 10 yards shy of the Super Bowl. Injuries . NFL Teams Without a Super Bowl Championship Discover the list of teams still seeking that first Super Bowl Title since the first one kicked off in January 1967. NFL Super Bowl 2016 Live Streaming | Commercials | Tickets | Super Bowl 2016 Matches Schedule | Prediction | Scores | Fixtures | Kickoffs | Live TV.

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