Supplementary application form for the Engineering Doctorate Programme

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Form AS116
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Supplementary application form for the Engineering Doctorate Programme

2017/18, Semester 1
(Information about the programme can be found in website :

  1. Name of Applicant:

  1. Intended Research Area (if you select more than one please indicate priority)

Biomedical Engineering

Medical Imaging, Bioinstrumentation and Biosensing

(Prof. Yongping Zheng, Dr Thomas M.H. Lee, Dr Lei Sun,

Dr Mo Yang)

Neuromusculoskeletal Science and Engineering

(Prof. Ming Zhang, Prof. Yongping Zheng, Dr Aaron K.L. Leung,

Dr M. S. Wong)

Prosthetics and Orthotics

(Dr Aaron K.L. Leung, Prof. Ming Zhang, Dr M. S. Wong)

Rehabilitation Engineering

(Prof. Ming Zhang, Dr Aaron K.L. Leung, Dr M. S. Wong)


Networking and Mobile Computing

(Prof. Jiannong Cao, Dr Bin Xiao, Dr Rocky Chang, Dr Alvin Chan,

Dr Henry Chan)

Smart Enterprise Information Systems and Big Data Analytics

(Prof. Keith Chan, Dr Korris Chung. Prof. Jiannong Cao,

Dr Vincent Ng and Dr Eric Lo)

Knowledge Engineering and Human Centered Computing

(Prof. Qin Lu, Dr Yan Liu, Dr Maggie Li, Dr Grace Ngai,

Prof. Jiannong Cao)

Smart Computing & Systems for Smart City, Healthcare and Green Energy

(Prof. Jane You, Prof. Jiannong Cao, Prof. David Zhang,

Dr Hareton Leung, Dr Dan Wang)

Security and Privacy

(Prof. David Zhang, Prof. Jane You, Prof. Lei Zhang, Dr Rocky Chang)

Computing Systems and Software Engineering

(Dr Hareton Leung, Prof. Keith Chan, Dr Vincent Ng, Dr Alvin Chan,

Dr Bin Xiao)
Electrical Engineering

Power Electronics

(Prof. Eric K.W. Cheng)

Power Systems

(Dr Kevin K.W. Chan)

Applied Electromagnetics

(Prof. W.N. Fu)

Electricity Utilization

(Prof. S.L. Ho)

Photonic Sensors

(Prof. Wei Jin)

Renewable Energy

(Dr Edward W.C. Lo)

Smart Materials and Devices

(Prof. Derek S.W. Or)

Fiber Optics Sensors

(Prof. H.Y. Tam)

Smart Grids

(Dr Z. Xu)

Micro-/Nano-Devices and Sensors

(Dr A.P. Zhang)

Electronic and Information Engineering

Biosensor Technologies

(Prof. Michael Somekh)

Digital Signal Processing for Multimedia Applications

(Prof. W.C. Siu, Dr Daniel Lun, Dr Y.H. Chan)

Power Electronics

(Prof. Michael Tse)

Communication Systems and Optical Networks

(Prof. Alex Wai, Prof. Lu Chao, Dr W.Y. Tam, Prof. Francis Lau)

Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Intelligent Control

(Prof. Kenneth Lam, Dr Z. Chi, Dr Frank Leung)

Information Engineering

(Prof. W.C. Siu, Prof. Michael Tse, Dr Bonnie Law)

Semiconductor Devices

(Prof. Charles Surya)

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Knowledge and Technology Management

(Prof. W.B. Lee, Prof. Eric Tsui, Prof. Benny Cheung)

Logistics Systems Engineering

(Prof. P. Ji, Dr W.H. Ip)

Manufacturing Strategy

(Prof. W.B. Lee)

Business Automation and E-Commerce Engineering

(Prof. Benny Cheung)

Engineering Management and Supply Chain Management

(Prof. Felix Chan)

Logistic Engineering and Supply Chain Management

(Dr K.L. Choy)

Information Systems and Management Automation

(Prof. K.L. Yung)

Precision Motion Control and Product Engineering

(Prof. K.L. Yung)

Product Design and Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, and Product Data Management

(Dr K.M. Yu, Dr C.K. Kwong)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

(Prof. Winco Yung, Prof. W.B. Lee)

Advanced Materials Processing

(Prof. K.C. Chan, Prof. T.M. Yue, Prof. C.Y. Tang)

Materials Technology, Laser Materials Processing

(Prof. H.C. Man, Prof. T.M. Yue)

Ultra-precision Machining and Precision Metrology

(Prof. W.B. Lee, Prof. Benny Cheung, Dr Sandy To)

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Functional and Electronic

Materials, Eco-Design and Green Manufacturing, Industrial

Environmental Issues

(Prof. Winco Yung)

______ Production Monitoring, Robotics, Automation and Control

(Dr C.Y. Chan)

Mechanical Engineering

Air Pollution and Emission Control

(Prof. C.W. Leung, Prof. C.S. Cheung)

Materials Engineering

(Prof. L.M. Zhou, Prof. S.Q. Shi)

Noise Control and Abatement

(Prof. L. Cheng)

Flow-Induced Vibrations and Vibroacoustics

(Prof. L. Cheng)

  1. Prospective supervisor* (if any)

Name: Department/ divison:

Have you established initial contact with the prospective supervisor named above? Yes / No / Not Applicable**
If yes, please explain the outcome:

* The supervisor should be chosen from those shown above.

** Please delete as appropriate. The phone numbers are given in the attachment.

January 2017

Departmental Programme Leader
Prof. Ming Zhang Tel: 2766 4939

Prospective Supervisors
Prof. Yongping Zheng Tel: 2766 7664

Prof. Ming Zhang Tel: 2766 4939

Dr Aaron K.L. Leung Tel: 2766 7676

Dr M. S. Wong Tel: 2766 7680

Dr Mo Yang Tel: 2766 4946

Dr Thomas M.H. Lee Tel: 2766 4931

Departmental Programme Leader
Prof. Jane You Tel: 2766 7293
Prospective Supervisors
Prof. Jiannong Cao Tel: 2766 7275

Prof. Keith Chan Tel: 2766 7282

Prof. Qin Lu Tel: 2766 7247

Prof. Jane You Tel: 2766 7293

Prof. David Zhang Tel: 2766 7273

Prof. Lei Zhang Tel: 2766 7355

Dr Alvin Chan Tel: 2766 7244

Dr Henry Chan Tel: 2766 7269

Dr Rocky Chang Tel: 2766 7258

Dr Korris Chung Tel: 2766 7289

Dr Hareton Leung Tel: 2766 7252

Dr Maggie Li Tel: 2766 7297

Dr Yan Liu Tel: 2766 7241

Dr Eric Lo Tel: 2766 7261

Dr Vincent Ng Tel: 2766 7242

Dr Grace Ngai Tel: 2766 7279

Dr Dan Wang Tel: 2766 7267

Dr Bin Xiao Tel: 2766 7270

Departmental Programme Leader
Dr Norbert Cheung Tel: 2766 6182
Prospective Supervisors
Prof. H.Y. Tam Tel: 2766 6175

Prof. Eric Cheng Tel: 2766 6162

Prof. W.N. Fu Tel: 2766 6158

Prof. S.L. Ho Tel: 2766 6170

Prof. W. Jin Tel: 2766 6180

Prof. Derek S.W. Or Tel: 3400 3345

Dr Kevin K.W. Chan Tel: 2766 6169

Dr W.C. Lo Tel: 2766 6144

Dr Z. Xu Tel: 2766 6160

Dr A.P. Zhang Tel: 3400 3336

Departmental Programme Leader
Dr. Daniel Lun Tel: 2766 6255
Prospective Supervisors
Prof. Alex Wai Tel: 2766 6231

Prof. Michael Somekh Tel: 2766 6233

Prof. Lu Chao Tel: 2766 6281

Prof. Kenneth Lam Tel: 2766 6207

Prof. Francis Lau Tel: 2766 6206

Prof. W.C. Siu Tel: 2766 6229

Prof. Charles Surya Tel: 2766 6220

Prof. Michael Tse Tel: 2766 6246

Dr Y.H. Chan Tel: 2766 6264

Dr Z. Chi Tel: 2766 6219

Dr Bonnie Law Tel: 2766 4746

Dr Frank Leung Tel: 2766 6224

Dr. Daniel Lun Tel: 2766 6255

Dr W.Y. Tam Tel: 2766 6265

Departmental Programme Leader
Dr C.K. Kwong Tel: 2766 6610
Prospective Supervisors

Prof. H.C. Man Tel: 2766 6629

Prof. K.C. Chan Tel: 2766 4981

Prof. Felix Chan Tel: 2766 6605

Prof. Benny Cheung Tel: 2766 7905

Prof. P. Ji Tel: 2766 6631

Prof. W.B. Lee Tel: 2766 6594

Prof. C.Y. Tang Tel: 2766 6608

Prof. Eric Tsui Tel: 2766 6609

Prof. T.M. Yue Tel: 2766 6601

Prof. K.L. Yung Tel: 2766 6592

Prof. Winco Yung Tel: 2766 6599

Dr C.Y. Chan Tel: 2766 4980

Dr K.L. Choy Tel: 2766 6597

Dr W.H. Ip Tel: 2766 6602

Dr C.K. Kwong Tel: 2766 6610

Dr Sandy To Tel: 2766 6587

Dr K.M. Yu Tel: 2766 6603

Departmental Programme Leader
Dr H.H. Ruan Tel: 2766 6648
Prospective Supervisors
Prof. L. Cheng Tel: 2766 6769

Prof. C. S. Cheung Tel: 2766 7819

Prof. C.W. Leung Tel: 2766 6651

Prof. S.Q. Shi Tel: 2766 7821

Prof. L.M. Zhou Tel: 2766 6663

Company sponsorship letter (to be typed in company letterhead)


Name of company


Prof. Winco Yung

Programme Coordinator, Engineering Doctorate

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hung Hom, Kowloon

Fax no.: 2176 4563


Dear Sir,
Mr. Name of applicant is employed as position of applicant in

Name of Company . We support Mr. Name of applicant 's application to the Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Programme in PolyU. Mr. Name of applicant will be permitted to work on a company-related research topic for his EngD thesis if he is admitted to the programme on the understanding that our establishment will have a say in choosing the topic. We will also explore the possibility of assigning an industrial advisor from our organization to guide him (together with his academic supervisor from PolyU) along in research in order to ensure that the outcome of the work will be useful to our organization.

Yours sincerely,



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