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Main activity: Storage of deep-frozen products

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Main activity:

Storage of deep-frozen products

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Rue de l'Abattoir, 44


Tel: 32-(0)56330066 - Fax: 32-(0)56341606
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Emile VANDERSCHELDE

Meat products

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Rue de la Bassée, 3


Tel: 32-(0)56393140 - Fax: 32-(0)56393147
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Roger DICK

Dicogel-Begro is the result of the successful consolidation of two family businesses: Dicogel, which was established by Roger Dick and his family in 1980, and Begro, established by the Behaegel family in 1984.

A long tradition and years of experience as vegetable growers, and particularly as vegetable processors, have provided solid foundations for our rapidly-growing company, which has since become one of the leaders in the European frozen vegetable market.
An enthusiastic, flexible and ambitious team of employees manage the whole production process for our wide range, from the selection of seeds to packing and distribution.
“Great taste in frozen foods” is our slogan, which doesn’t just mean that we deliver end products of the highest quality: our ambition is to give as much customer satisfaction as possible too!
Dicogel, located in Moeskroen, has specialised as a production unit since the move to its new premises in July 2001. It uses the most recent technologies and identifies itself quite simply as one of the best-performing sites in the sector. It can process and store a volume of more than 100 000 tonnes a year. The department also has a mixing unit and a packing unit, ready to serve our industrial customers.
Begro, located in Ardooie, has both a production unit with a capacity of 40 000 tonnes and, notably, a state-of-the-art packing and distribution centre. Since June 2002, we have used several fully automated packing lines, a storage capacity of 28 000 pallets for finished goods and six loading bays, linked by an advanced computer system. This enables us not only to guarantee perfect stock control but also to provide “just-in-time” service to our widespread customers.
Ensuring quality and traceability is one of the cornerstones of our company and begins with selecting the best varieties and the appropriate fields. Our agricultural scientists survey the fields and provide professional advice to growers. They guarantee continuous support from planting or sowing to harvesting and delivering a high-quality product to our processing sites.
From fresh to frozen
Our main aim is to preserve nutrients in harvested vegetables as efficiently as possible.  This is feasible only if the time between harvesting and freezing is kept ultra-short.  Our automatic production process and integrated quality controls enable us to preserve all the farm-freshness of the vegetables we supply.
After washing and/or peeling the vegetables, we remove foreign matter with a combination of sieves, fans, sorting machines, and other lasers or camera sorters.  Next we blanch the vegetables to regulate their microbiology whilst preserving their natural colour and taste.  Finally, the vegetables are cooled and frozen individually or in small portions, which help to maintain their texture. In this way, we ensure a permanent stock and we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality all year round, no matter what the season.
Packaging, (mixing), storage and logistics
Begro in Ardooie and Dicogel in Moeskroen each have their own packing department, which is adapted to their target group. Dicogel concentrates on bulk and food service packaging whereas Begro focuses more on retail and foodservice. Our fully automated packing lines are equipped with the most advanced laser and metal detector technologies in order to identify and remove foreign objects.
A semi-automatic coldstore with a capacity of 30.000 pallet spaces enables Begro-Dicogel to serve its customers easily on a first in, first out basis. A careful scanning system allows us to guarantee full traceability of each and every product.

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Rue de l’Ecole Moderne 38

Tel: 32-(0)67561728 – Fax: 32-(0)67561727
Contact person: Mr Christian REUMONT

Chicory - Coffee

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Rue Macadamisée 2

Mobile: 32-(0)478564960
Contact person: Mrs. Céline REGOUT

Manufacture of sparkling wine « DOMAINE DU CHAMP D'EOLE »

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Orquennois 2

Mobile: 32-(0)495305679
Email: – Web:
Contact person: Mr Stéphane DOBBELAERE

Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery

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Rue de Warquignies, 97


Mobile: 32-(0)472280785
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Loris OLIA

Draco team specializes in the study and production of sweet medieval wines.

  • Draco:

Maceration of white grape or rosé wine and natural fruit extract.

  • Draco Strawberry:

Maceration of white grape wine and natural fruit extract. Wild strawberry

  • Draco Raspberry:

Maceration of rose wine and natural fruit extract

Serve it chilled with appetizers or desserts. Raspberry flavor, 75cl

  • Draco Yellow Plum

Maceration of white grape wine and natural fruit extract

Yellow plum flavour, 75cl

  • Draco Sanguis

Maceration of red grape wine and secret spices blend

Serve it chilled with appetizers, or as an after dinner drink.

Can be served hot/warm too

Try pairing it with a chocolate dessert.

  • Draco Lacrima

Maceration of white grape wine and secret spices blend

Sweet aperitif wine

Serve it chilled with appetizers or with specific dishes, as an after-dinner drink or even a warm drink.

Goes well with foie gras, pates, cheese or white meat

  • Dracomel

Maceration of honey, white grape wine, secret spices blend and flower extract. Light digestive. Enjoy it with goat cheeses or desserts.

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Rue de Boughors, 13


Tel: 32-(0)65759521 - Fax: 32-(0)65759109
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Alexandre DRUART

Confectionery – Chocolate making

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Chaussée de Mons, 28


Tel: 32-(0)69672222 - Fax: 32-(0)69661727
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Hugues DUBUISSON

The Brasserie Dubuisson has deep roots and values that give it an authenticity that few breweries can boast… and that make it the oldest and most authentic brewery in Wallonia.

Created in 1769 by Joseph Leroy, the maternal grandfather of current manager Hugues Dubuisson, the Brasserie Dubuisson is the oldest brewery in Wallonia and is still situated on the same spot. Eight generations of brewers have succeeded each other in a direct line and the Brasserie Dubuisson is today still 100% independent.
In 1933, Alfred Dubuisson, Hugues’ grandfather, created a genuine fine Belgian beer in the English style, very fashionable at the time. He called his beer Bush Beer, the English translation of Bière Dubuisson. This beer, the recipe of which has remained unchanged for 75 years, is therefore one of Belgium’s oldest brands of beer still being sold.
From the very beginning, right up to the present day, the Brasserie Dubuisson has always remained true to its unchanging principles and values:
- 100% independent brewery.

- Production of completely natural beers, without any artificial additives.

- Refusal to produce private label beers (a single recipe sold under different trademarks).

- Total control over the brewing process without resorting to subcontracting

A brewery resolutely turned towards the future
In 1990, Hugues Dubuisson began a new era of growth for the brewery with the gradual expansion of the range (Bush de Noël in 1991, Bush Blonde in 1998, Cuvée des Trolls in 2000). The growth of the brewery has been speeding up since 2000 with the creation of two micro-breweries in Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons, a new visitors’ centre and the nearly complete renovation of the production facilities that is still going on until 2008 with the full renovation of the brewing room, the putting into service of a new bottling line and the extension of the capacity of the storage cellar.
In addition to the industrial investments made on the Pipaix site, the Brasserie Dubuisson has also grown considerably in commercial terms since the end of the 20th century. Its production has gone from 14,000 hectolitres in 2000 to 22,000 hectolitres in 2007. Exports are also growing in size in these volumes and in 2008 represent nearly 25% of the brewery’s total volumes. The Brasserie Dubuisson exports to around twenty countries, both near, such as France, Italy and Switzerland, and far, such as the United States, Australia, Vietnam and Chile
The Brasserie Dubuisson currently brews and sells the following beers:

  • Bush Ambrée (12%) (keg)

  • Bush Blonde (10,5%) (keg)

  • Bush de Noël (12%) in season (keg)

  • Pêche Mel Bush (8,5 %) (keg)

  • Cuvée des Trolls (7%) (keg)

  • Bush Ambrée Triple (75cl)

  • Bush Blonde Triple (75cl)

  • Bush de Noël Premium (75 cl) (13 %)

  • Bush Prestige (75cl)

  • Bush de Nuits (75cl)

  • Cuvée des Trolls Triple (7,5%) (keg)

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Boulevard du Champ d'Aviation, 50-B


Tel: 32-(0)56330108 - Fax: 32-(0)56330104
Contact person: Mr Gilbert DUCATTEEUW

Meat products

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Rue Basse, 5


Tel: 32-(0)69671066 - Fax: 32-(0)69671045
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Olivier DEDEYCKER

The brewery is an independant business, runned by the family Dupont, specialised in the production of beers with refermentation in the bottle: Moinette, Saison, Bons Vœux…

Since 1990, we have been brewing a part of the production under organic license with the Biogarantie® label: Moinette bio, Saison bio, Biolégère, Blanche du Hainaut, Bière de Miel biologique…
We still do brew the traditional way and our yearly production depasses 15.000 hectolitres.
You can find our beers going in export to different countries: USA, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Danmark, UK…
Highly quoted specialist and recensents (M. Jackson, T. Webb, C. Deglas, J; Vandesteen…) describe our beers as very typical and traditional and are stipulating our stubborness when talking about bitterness… Our products are very popular in the States where we, on a regular base, are awarded with prices. In 1997, during the World Beer Championship in Chicago, we were nominated as one of the ten best breweries in the world.
As a matter of fact, in 2005, our Saison Dupont was elected as “The Best Beer in the World” by the American “Men’s Journal”!
Our traditional beers
For many decades, the brewery Dupont has been specialised in the production of top fermentation beers with refermentation in the bottle.
While bottling we add active yeast to create a refermentation in the closed bottle. This yeast will multiply and transform the rest of the sugar in the beer, into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Proofs of a good refermentation are the remnants of the yeast (tiny flocks) in the beer.
For more than two months the bottles will be staying in our heated refermentation-rooms (23°C), so we become a steady and beautiful froth.
For many months, even years, this refermentation in the bottle will continue in your cellar (preferable 12°-14° C). The taste of the beer will transform to a complex and harmonious product.
Organic beers
Although all our beers are brewed in a traditional and natural way, in 1990, we have chosen to go even further.  Since then we are brewing a range of organic beers, following all the rules of the organic products, meaning:

  • Exclusively only raw materials with controlled organic label.  With each and every commercial transaction we will add the official certificate of an organic product, to make a control very easy.

  • We don’t add any chemical substance, nor during conservation, nor during production.

The instructions, to be found in CEE 834/2007 and 889/2008, describe the production of organic products (agriculture + foods).

CERTISYS, an official control-organism, watches over our production of organic beers. Therefore we are allowed to put the label BIOGARANTIE® on all our organic beers.
Our traditional and natural way of brewing, refermentation in the bottle without adding conservation products, was already way up to the demands of organic products.


Commercial name

Alc %


Yeast type

Traditional Beers



Coppery blond

Top fermentation

Moinette brune


Brown red

Top fermentation

Saison Dupont


Coppery blond

Top fermentation

Bons Voeux


Coppery blond

Top fermentation

Bière de Beloeil



Top fermentation




Top fermentation

Redor Pils



Bottom fermentation

Organic Beers




Top fermentation

Bière de miel bio



Top fermentation

Blanche du ht bio



Top fermentation

Moinette bio


Coppery blond

Top fermentation

Saison bio


Coppery blond

Top fermentation



Pale pink

Top fermentation

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Rue du Romarin, 79


Tel: 32-(0)56587233 - Fax: 32-(0)56587526
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Sylvain ENTE

Food complements

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Rue du Charron, 19


Tel: 32-(0)56488522 - Fax: 32-(0)56488922
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Olivier WYSEUR

The Dynarop Laboratory

Founded in 1992, the Dynarop Laboratory is an innovating and dynamic company in the segment of food supplements in dietary and phytotherapy. On the strength of our experience and our close cooperation with different doctors, phytotherapists and aromatherapists, we offer products of good quality in accordance with the demand from the segment and our customers.

Directory: publications
publications -> Acm word Template for sig site
publications ->  Preparation of Papers for ieee transactions on medical imaging
publications -> Adjih, C., Georgiadis, L., Jacquet, P., & Szpankowski, W. (2006). Multicast tree structure and the power law
publications -> Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (eth) Zurich Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory
publications -> Quantitative skills
publications -> Multi-core cpu and gpu implementation of Discrete Periodic Radon Transform and Its Inverse
publications -> List of Publications Department of Mechanical Engineering ucek, jntu kakinada
publications -> 1. 2 Authority 1 3 Planning Area 1
publications -> Sa michelson, 2011: Impact of Sea-Spray on the Atmospheric Surface Layer. Bound. Layer Meteor., 140 ( 3 ), 361-381, doi: 10. 1007/s10546-011-9617-1, issn: Jun-14, ids: 807TW, sep 2011 Bao, jw, cw fairall, sa michelson

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