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TAP application form

  • Personal details



PhD student or postdoc

If PhD, year of study

Name of Supervisor/PI etc.

College (if applicable)

Email address

Telephone number

CRS ID (i.e. fps20)

  • Teaching experience

In order to help us ensure that you meet the minimum requirements of teaching experience, please complete the information in the tables on the next page. It is important that you quantify your teaching in hours.

Please remember that:

  1. You must already have at least 20 hours of experience in teaching or supporting learning in a higher education context


  1. You must have completed a total of no fewer than 40 hours of relevant experience by the end of TAP.

Teaching already undertaken

Type of teaching

HE institution

Subject(s) taught

Students taught



Teaching conducted

Total hours





Other (please state)

Grand total:

Supervisor Training:

As part of the Teaching Associate Programme we require all participants to have attended a Supervising and Small Group Teaching or Effective Supervision course either run by your Department or by the Researcher Development Programme. If you have already attended one on these courses please could to complete the box below giving further information

Training Received


(Dept Name or RDP)


(No. hours/half day/full day)


Confirmed teaching for the coming academic year

It is a requirement that you have some teaching experience during TAP. Please only include here teaching that has been CONFIRMED. If you find part way through the programme that you have no teaching for your Tutor to observe or will not make the minimum of 40 hours’ experience by the end of the year, then you will not be able to get accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the HEA.

Type of teaching

HE institution

Subject(s) to teach

Students to teach



Teaching scheduled

Total hours




Other (please state)


Grand total

Additional question for supervisors:

If you will be supervising, will your students be working mainly on essays or mainly on problem sheets (or similar), or both?

(Please circle / highlight accordingly.)

  • Approaches to Teaching and Reasons for Applying to Participate in TAP

This section is an important part of your application. Here you are asked to outline your current thoughts about, and approach to, the practice of teaching your subject and also to explain your reasons for applying to participate in TAP. We do not expect highly developed ‘teaching statements’, but will be looking for evidence that you are interested in developing your understanding of the relationship between teaching and learning in higher education and that you have thought about what you hope to learn through taking TAP. You should aim to write about 500 words in total.
If you are offered a place on TAP, at the end of the year, you will reflect on whether and how your approaches to teaching have changed during the year and review what you consider you have gained through participating in the programme.

i. Approaches to Teaching (approx. 300 words)

You may find it helpful to consider your answers to some of the following questions: What do you think your role as a teacher is, e.g. as a supervisor, how can you help the student to learn? Give examples of how you have approached different teaching situations. What are your goals for the students? What are the students’ expectations of you and how will you meet them? If you are a PhD student, how do you feel about switching roles between student and teacher?

ii. Reasons for applying to TAP (approx.. 200 words)
You may find it helpful to consider your answers to some of the following questions: What do you hope to gain through participating in TAP? What interests you about the programme? What do you hope to learn during the year? How will your students benefit through your participation?

  • If you are a PhD student, please sign to confirm you have made your supervisor aware of your application to join TAP.


  • If you are a member of research staff and have a principal investigator / supervisor, please sign to confirm that you have made your PI / supervisor aware of your application to join TAP.



Deadline for Applications: First Friday in September

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