Task & Finish Group: Consultation and Engagement

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Task & Finish Group: Consultation and Engagement
Feedback: Shirley Lundstram (Salford Community Leisure)
Access 2 All Areas (Burt Shepherd)

HealthWatch Salford (Clare Mayo)

Integrated Engagement Board (Caroline Allport)

NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (Amanda Rafferty)

Salford Community Leisure (Shirley Lundstram)

Salford City Council (Elaine Barber, Jon Stephenson)

Salford CVS (Alison Jones)

Salford Disability Forum (Paulette Holness)

Salford Interfaith Network (Barbara Goldstone)

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (Tammy Pike)

Salford Safeguarding Children Board (Sharn Begum)

The Broughton Trust (Mike Thorpe)

The Business Group (Jon Monk)

The Fed (Shelly Lewis)

Unison (Steve North)
Suggested additional members:
City West Housing Trust

GM Police

Salford City College

Salford Sports Network

Salix Homes

Transport providers

Points discussed:

  • What do we mean by ‘under represented groups’? More than the nine protected characteristics.

  • Who are these groups, where are they in the city? Build on the work that has already been done (eg, HealthWatch Salford survey; Shaping our City Asset Mapping; Inspiring Communities Together work; Salford CVS database).

  • What decisions are they currently involved in – citywide and / or personal?

  • What resources are available to assist groups to become involved in decision-making?

  • What has been the impact of their previous involvement?

  • What do we mean by ‘representative’ group – how do they ensure a collective voice?

  • Can we identify a group that feels fully engaged and learn from their experiences? Recognising that no group may feel fully engaged 100% of the time and that groups come in may different forms so no one size fits all.

  • What mechanisms are there already in place that bring officers / parties interested in consultation and engagement together (eg, Engagement Leads Group)? We must not duplicate our efforts, especially as resources are reducing.

  • Where are the gaps?

  • What consultation and engagement activities are planned? How are these activities advertised? Are there opportunities for doing shared events etc?

  • Update the citywide action plan to reflect the need for increasing involvement where needed rather than delivering a series of “recruitment events”.

Work Plan:



Undertake a mapping exercise of the various communities across Salford

  • Agree a definition of an ‘under represented group’ so we are using common language.

  • Build on existing knowledge to create a citywide map of communities.

  • Establish a benchmark for ‘representation’

  • Identify the resources / agencies / organisations in place that support them and ensure they have voice in decision making.

March 2016

Survey groups to identify their engagement

  • Develop a survey tool to investigate how groups are currently involved in decision making – both in citywide activities (eg, a voice within the council’s decision-making process) and personal (eg, the delivery of personal healthcare).

  • Measure the impact of previous engagement.

  • Develop case studies of good engagement through discussions with groups. If possible, identify advocates / champions within communities to share their learning.

December 2016

Gap analysis and setting standards

  • Identify where there are specific areas of need for groups to be supported and have their voice heard.

  • Generate and establish a benchmark / standards for involving communities.

  • Refresh the Community Engagement and Empowerment Policy.

  • Investigate opportunities for improving involvement and engagement by groups.

March 2017

Improving community involvement

  • Develop a shared location for advertising consultation activities.

  • Develop and deliver a shared programme of activities to increase the voice of communities within decision-making activities.

December 2017 onwards

Next meeting:
January 2016 – to be arranged

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