Technology Standards Checklist

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Technology Standards Checklist

(based on the Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel and Technology Standards for grades 3, 5, and 12)

Basic computer skills (includes vocabulary, language and operation)

  • The student will develop basic technology skills to include:

Basic vocabulary

Keyboarding/touch-typing skills

Use of related peripheral devices

Communicate with appropriate use of terminology

Explore use of imaging devices

Identify new and emerging technologies

Network and Internet

  • The student will communicate through local and worldwide network communication systems

Develop hypermedia “home page” documents accessible by networks

Use networks to deliver and access information from electronic sources

Use telecommunication tools for storing and sharing information

Demonstrate distance learning applications

Describe how computers are connected to form a network

Compare and contrast local, wide area and worldwide networks

Search and research strategies

  • The student will process, store, retrieve and transmit electronic information; will use technology appropriately to gather, analyze and report data

Use search strategies and electronic storage systems to retrieve information

Evaluate usefulness and validity of electronically published information

Word processing/Information database

  • The student will use application software to enhance communication and accomplish a variety of learning tasks.

Create document using word-processing and writing process

Integrate simple graphics, spreadsheets, databases, charts, etc. to word processed documents

Edit multi-page documents

Produce page layouts using publishing software, graphics and peripherals

Organize and generate data reports using spreadsheets and databases

Create spreadsheets using formulas, graphs and charts

Using hardware and peripherals

  • The student will demonstrate a basic understanding of fundamental computer operations through use of electronic devices and related peripherals.

Demonstrate interactive use of laser disc (or DVD)

Integrate specific purpose devices to content instruction

Successfully operate multimedia system with peripheral devices

Troubleshoot simple hardware/software problems

Project and Integration

  • Instructional personnel should be able to locate, integrate and use appropriate instructional hardware and software to support VA SOL’s and to meet the diverse needs of learners in a variety of educational settings.

Select and use audience and content-appropriate technology for communicating and presenting information

Create multi-media presentations using video and graphics

Integrate technologies to problem solving and critical thinking tasks

Copyright and legal issues

  • Instructional personnel shall demonstrate knowledge of ethical and legal issues relating to use of technology.

Apply Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines in reporting information

Explain legal, personal safety, network etiquette and ethical behaviors regarding the use of technology and information
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