Tenets of Brand Equity and Brand Equity Model

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Hi Meghna

Let me now provide the feedback I received for the introduction I wrote. Please help me address these. You can start by analyzing the text to identify specific sections where I can make edits relative to the feedbacks provided.
Here are the feedbacks I want you to use. Also be sure to keep the same in-text citations that were used previously but make the changes necessary to address the feedback provided even if it means rewriting it in a huge way. Secondly, I would also like you to combine the other sections of the paper and merge them within this background of study. The other sections are the parts describing Tenets of Brand Equity and Brand Equity Model. I think that will help me to reduce the amount of time spent on
Feedback 1: Problem formation: The introduction chapter spent a long time explaining what brand equity is, and the importance to consumers - it would have been beneficial to get more directly to the context of SME brand development, and the key research issue. The overall aim could have been more clearly articulated. The objectives could have focused perhaps more on the issues and challenges (and understanding of) brand equity development by SMEs. Some of the research questions related to consumer perceptions - it would have been better to keep the SME perspective. Large parts of the introduction and literature review were taken from your initial proposal, with no real attempt to refine to reflect the slightly different nature of the thesis itself, or to address the feedback given from the proposal. There was a tendency to make assertions without fully evidencing. Whilst there was evidence of engagement with the literature, more care was needed to make sure sources were fully acknowledged throughout. In discussing some of the brand concepts, greater consideration of the application to small businesses was needed. Is brand dominance achievable for a small business? Often the examples given even were of larger brands. Thus whilst the literature review provided some insights into brand equity, it did not consider our knowledge in relation to brand equity development for small businesses.

Feedback 2: It took a long time in the introduction to really get to the crux of the issue - and even as you moved to the aim and objectives, the rationale for the study, and its focus was not so clear. Often the examples given even were of larger brands. That said, the aim and objectives themselves were clear, although quite broad in scope. It would have been better to keep the focus on SME perspectives. It would have been useful to set out the structure of the rest of the dissertation - it wasn't clear how these objectives would be achieved.

Here is the background of study to edit:
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