Th and day 7 of the 10-day cycle. And now, I would like to ask everyone to please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance

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Brooklyn Technical High School

Prefect Announcements

Tues., March 16, 2010


Good morning Brooklyn Tech.  Today is Tuesday, March 16th and day 7 of the 10-day cycle.   And now, I would like to ask everyone to please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance:


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty, and Justice for All.


You may be seated.  And now for today’s announcements:

  1. The College Office in collaboration with Kaplan College Prep services are hosting "Lunch and Learn" College Readiness Skills Workshops during lunch periods and Periods 9 and 10 once a week for seven weeks. This program will assist you in applying to colleges, paying for it, and figuring out what to major to choose. If you are interested in attending please go to the College Office in room 7S5 to pick up an application. SPACE IS LIMITED....

  1. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Brooklyn Tech Flag Football League can register in the center lobby on Thursday March 25th from 2:45-4:15pm. All Tech students are eligible to participate, but space is limited.  You must hand in a completed medical form and parent consent on March 25th to register. See Mr. McKenna for a medical or parent consent form.

  1. Good luck to the seven Brooklyn Tech Math Team members, who are competing in the American Invitational Math Examination, right now, as this announcement is being read. Tech's top math students are competing in this three-hour contest for a chance to qualify for the USA Mathematics Olympiad. Go Tech Math!

  1. Congratulations to the Boys Indoor Track Team. Chonn Cadiz, Michael Coogan, Selwyin Davis, Zak Malik, and Omar Griffin received 8th Place nationally in the 4x800 meter relay at the U.S Nationals Indoor Track and Field meet on Saturday March 13. Job well done. Also, Boys Outdoor Track practices will be held at the Football/Track field on Clermont and Atlantic Ave. after school, starting Tues 3/16.

  1. Seniors, please come to 7C1 to pick up a FREE copy of the 2010 Prom Guide while supplies last.

  1. Congratulations to senior government and media major students, Merika Jones and Rushna Shaikh for successfully completing the Race to the Top Commencement Application in the final minutes before midnight.

  1. This is a reminder to all members of Student Government's Council of Student Activities that the meeting has been moved to 8N8 at 3:00 PM.

  1. Today the co-writer of "Nightlight," a best-selling parody on Twilight will be visiting Tech to speak to students about writing and publishing. Come to the Writer's Club in room 4C1 after 9th period; don't miss out on this great opportunity and bring your friends along.

  1. Did YOU know that ethnic cleansing, systematic rape, and the use of child soldiers are still common today?? Want to know how you can help?? EDUCATE YOURSELF. Come attend a presentation on Buma by STAND, the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network, on Wednesday, March 17th on the 8th floor teacher's cafeteria. This event will account for 2 service credits. Hear the crimes. See the Stories. Be there. 

  1. The Debate Team is proud to announce a number of our own: SEVENTEEN.  That's seventeen Technites and counting who are headed to the New York State Forensic League Championship tournament, and an overwhelming sixteen of eighteen debaters active since the fall term in our policy division.  We are proud of what we've achieved, and we are working hard to take our program further than ever.  Stay tuned to these announcements over the coming weeks for the names of your peers bound for States 2010.

  1. TODAY'S WORD-A-DAY IS CONVOLUTEDCONVOLUTED IS AN ADJECTIVE. IT MEANS complicated; intricately involved. TODAY'S WORD-A-DAY SENTENCE IS: The philosopher’s convoluted logic left us feeling bewildered.

  1. Both Brooklyn Tech step teams: the Lady Dragons and Organized CHAOS are having Tryouts from Tuesday, March 16th to Thursday, March 18th from 3 pm to 6 pm. YOU HAVE TO ATTEND ALL 3 DAYS. Please come with Gym Attire and Bring a Bottle of Water!

  1. Did you know? Did you know that Brooklyn Tech has always suffered from bad communication within our learning environment. It’s hard to communicate well in a building of 5000 students. But this year, we started sending phone messages to our families on a weekly basis, we send regular emails to students, and we send weekly calendars to the faculty. All of that was done to improve our communication. Communication. That’s one of the categories that NYC uses to evaluate your school. This is Your School, so use Your Voice. The NYC School Survey gives all NYC parents, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to provide feedback about the learning environment of their schools. The Learning Environment Survey is coming soon.

  1. It’s Back! The Red Carpet Affair Has Been Rescheduled to March 19. Come Out From 4-8 pm On Friday, March 19 to S.A.D.D's 1st Annual (Red) Carpet Affair. A Party Full of Great Music and Paparazzi.  It’ll be a A True [Red] Carpet Affair. International refreshments influenced by Europe to the Carribbean will be sold. Tickets are on sale in the Center Section of the 7th Floor Starting Tues in All Lunch Periods.

  1. The Documentary Club will be showing "The War on Kids: on Wednesday March 17th, in room 6E6.  THE WAR ON KIDS shows how American public schools continue to become more dangerously authoritarian. Come by room 6E6 this Wednesday.

  1. Students in AP courses can now sign up for Advanced Placement Exams.  An instruction sheet was sent to you via your BTHS email. Please pay attention to all details and deadlines.

  1. There are new internship postings listed on the schools website under the guidance section for juniors and seniors….Deadlines are getting near so apply quickly!

  1. The Annual Junior Semi Formal will be held at The Cathedral NYC. Payments of $70 are being collected online at, and will be collected until Friday, March 26th. In-Person Payments will be collected in CASH or as a MONEY ORDER ONLY from March 15th to March 19th. A late fee of $5 will be added after Friday, March 19th. Permission slips will be available online at or in your BTHS email.

  1. Get a bad grade in a class? Well this is your chance to show your teachers who's boss in a friendly game of table tennis because the Annual Table Tennis Tournament is BACK! It's open to teachers and students and is only $2 for registration. Register with Mr. McCollum in room 4N8 or in the Southeast Section of the Cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  1. All students now have access to your own respective Daedulus accounts. Complete your registration.   Don’t choose to ignore your personal information. Choose to be informed. And to all of the sophomores, Majors will be selected using the Daedalus system, so it is especially important for sophomores to sign up NOW!!!!!!

  1. How many of you want to pay $5 a day to get to school and back? Well, as of now that's what we'll have to do for the 2010/2011 school year. That would add up to almost $1000 a year! Join the March on the MTA to tell the MTA that if they can afford to pay their Executives multi million dollar bonuses, they can pay for the student metrocard program. Meet us at the MTA headquarters at 2 Broadway at 4 PM this Friday, March 19th, 2010.

  1. Attention seniors, FREE prom guides are available in room 7C1 during all lunch periods. Come by today to pick up your FREE copy.

  1. Seniors, please note that if you ordered a senior Major T-shirt with your major representative, you must make you payment to your major rep as soon as possible. T-shirts are arriving and if you do not make your payment, you will not receive your shirt.

  1. If you are interested in being an editor for the photography or art section in Horizons, e-mail or fill out the sign up sheet in room 4E20. The deadline for it is March 15. 


  1. The Annual Basketball Tournament is back!! Any teams interested in playing must have a team of 8 people. There is a $16 entrance fee to participate ($2 per person on a team). For more information see Miss O'Neal in room BW22. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT A LATER DATE!!

  1. If you wish to have the morning announcements emailed to you daily, then go to the school website to find out how you can do that.

  1. To have your announcement read during the morning announcements, you must email your message to Mr. Williams at no later than the evening prior to the morning announcements.

Remember, for the latest, up-to-date news, please go to BTHS.EDU or  These announcements will also be read during the lunch periods.

Thank you, and those have been our announcements for today.  
Have a safe, pleasant, and positive day!
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