The media Effect

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The media Effect 作业

The media Effect

The media is generally believed to influence people. And many ways we individuals and society may be influenced by both news, entertainment and mass media _____________________ media effects.

_________________________________________ these media sources can affect our view of the world, but let’s talk a little about the ways they can do that.


Media messages may help us to ___________________________. For example, a news story about French presidential election might _____________________ French economy, memories of a trip to Paris, or remind of a person who_________ brie __________________.


Also called gate-keeping. This refers to the fact that media controls the information we get and therefore what we think about. __________ have a lot of power here because they are _____________ the ones who decide what we are thinking about.


Frames are the __________________ or ________________. Often it ______________ our own opinion of the news and who the good guy is in the situation.

While agenda-setting is choosing which stories to tell, framing is how to tell them.


After a lot of hours in front of TV, people start to ______________________ the real world and the one on TV. For example, based on the number of programs about police, you might guess more than one in ten men work in ___________________, but really it’s _________________.

Of course, some media messages like ads and ____________________ are designed to change our attitudes or behaviors. ...... increase the _________________success include ____________, ______________or track the ...... source, the arguments in use, and people seem to agree with them.

Media also plays a role in persuading people to _______________________. Often they first communicate messages about the new idea which then spread through ______________________, ___________________, to include social leaders, _______ and the community. These eventually lead to the adoption of _________________, reaching a critical mass.

In today’s world, it is impossible to avoid media influence. But by understanding the way it works, you can _________________ your ______________and seek to _________________ of the world and the people in it.

1. spin applied to a message

2. win back control of

3. perception

4. ends up shaping

5. editors

6. interpersonal network

7. adopt a new idea or practice

8. it is hardly controversial to say that

9. particular treatment

10. recall old ideas, knowledge and experience

11. ultimately

12. blur the lines between

13. law enforcement

14. one in a hundred

15. public information campaigns

16. are referred to as

17. have a balanced view of

18. trigger thoughts about

19. put...on the grocery list

20. the idea and innovation

21. credibility

22. suspending over time

23. peers

24. likability

25. likelihood of

Try to use the phrases and words to answer the following questions.

  1. What is media effects?


  1. What is priming?


  1. What is agenda-setting? Or gate-keeping?


  1. What is framing?


  1. What is cultivation?


  1. How to get rid of media effects?

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