The minutes fo board meeting are below Minutes and action points of dfi board meeting

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The minutes fo board meeting are below

Minutes and action points of DFI board meeting

Held at Blind Relief Association New Delhi

Held on February 5, 2012

Members from Chakshumathi, Arushi, Samarthanam, Delhi University, XRCVC, Hans Raj Mahila, RSVI, Mumbai Accessible System attended the meeting Face to Face and Members from Indian Institute of  Assistive Technology, NAB  West Bengal, Andhjan Kalyan Trust, Blind People Association, NAB MT.Abu, Worth Trust, Score Foundation, Mitra Jyoti and Shubham Attended through Tele conferencing System.
Mr. Stephen King president of Daisy Consortium Joined the meeting in the second half.

Points from agenda were discussed and following Action points were agreed upon:

1.      Discussed on various points of election aspects and decided to  do by consensus.  A list of office bearers will be prepared and presented to the board and general body for their consideration.
2.      Next meeting will be in lonavla from 15th  May  to 17th May 2012. Registration fee will be  Rs. 500 per participants. By 12th registration form will be distributed. Filled in Registration forms must reach XRCVC by March 15, 2012. Participants can reach by 14th evening. 15th  and 16th (Half day) will be General Body Meeting and 17th will be Board Meeting.

3.      All Awareness Creating committee and  Mainstream Committee should conduct committee meeting once in a month  to share and discuss on the work going on and to plan for the next month agenda.
4.       Decided to realign the activities and goals in May meeting.

5.      To explore 40 seconds advertisements in Television channels to create awareness.

6.       To work on the project of one pager which should go with all Regional language text books in all states to create awareness about alternative accessible books and reading methods.

7.      Mr. Gaurang from Accessible Systems Mumbai gave the demo of epub reader and  Mr. Anurag from Bisquare gave the demo of Connexus Buddy .

8.      Mr. Dipendra Manocha Explained about the features of Online Braille Library Inaugurated on 4th January 2012 by NIVH.

9.      Various EPUB features and requirement were discussed and decided that, we should request the publisher to keep the source file in word or open office format and Epub as Distribution format.  They should give us in Daisy XML and EPub format for further distribution purpose. All Indian Language books should come in Unicode format.

10.      Android Tablet training can be included in Capacity building training.

11.     To send a request letter to RNIB for sharing their books with DFI.

12.     Holistic solution discussion. Various options of reading, distribution and reading experience were presented and discussed. The discussion could not be concluded and some more feedback collection and discussion need to be done to come up with strategy for  holistic solution
most suitable for India. List of available options discussed during the meeting are given below:
Holistic book production, distribution and reading system

1.      Playback options for end users:
a.      Aakash or other android based tablets or phones loaded with Darwin
b.      Symbian phone with daisy2Go
c.      Plextalk pocket or Victor Reader Stream
d.      CD based DAISY player
e.      Flash memory mp3 players
f.      Angel
g.      Netbooks or other computers
h.      CD mp3 player

2.      Options of sending books
a.      Memory card in a special mailer designed to posting cards. Each user gets two cards assigned to him/her. One for listening and one for transit. Risk factor is loss in mail. High cost of loss if lost in mail. Who would bear the cost of card if lost in mail
b.      Books are sent on CD. If user doesn't have CD based player, he/she gets book transferred to the player. Transferring of book can be done through special equipment or it can be done by computer literate person either free or with some cost.
c.      User reaches a nearest book receiving point and gets book copied on player if flash memory or on CD if CD based player. Book delivery point is connected to internet server with accessible books.
d.       End users with computers and internet can be connected to server with books and get books by downloading the book
e.      End user use phone to dial into audio book library and using IVR based solution, is able to read books on telephone itself.
f.      End user player is connected to accessible book library. Reader has option to read book online or to download the book on the player.
g.      The player on phone or on tablet has capability to search and download text only books from online library.
3.      Production system
a.      Normal Audio DAISY Books production and uploading them all on
central server
b.      Text only epub production and uploading them on central server
c.      Automatic text only production of magazines and newspapers using web feeds or content received from publishers
d.      Automated production of synthesized voice audio books by submission of text files
e.      Central repository of source documents and automated production of epub or daisy or other distribution format using online translation systems including braille files.

List of Participants attached herewith.

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