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Rebbetzin Devorah Leah’s Aong

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Devorah Leah’s Aong

The song only women can sing
Who knows the pain that parting brings
And still in Hashem they trust
Who knows the joy that living brings
And still they do what they must.

My father called me in one day

And told me about a tree
You have to guard it thirty years
And tend to it carefully.

And then the tree stands firm

Its branches spread out to the sun
And all the people far and near
Can gather its fruit so sweet
And all the people far and near
Can gather its fruit to eat.

Chossidus is just like a tree

Growing up strong and true
Until the day Moshiach comes
We need it for every Jew.

The Baal Shem Tov sowed the seed

That grew to a strong tree of life
Now thirty years have passed he said
There is fruit here for all to see
Now thirty years have passed he said
With my life I will guard this tree.

My father’s eyes so filled with tears

Told more than he meant to say
Our precious tree might come to harm
And wither and die away.

I saw as he could see

How evil has gathered around
There was danger to its very life
From someone we hardly know
There was danger to its very life
From someone who helped it grow.

My father we can’t risk your life

We need you to lead us on
You know the way trough dark and gray
Until a new day will dawn.

I know what must be done

The tree I will guard with my life
Only take my little boy
And keep him so close to you
Only take my little boy
And teach him to be a Jew.

As the sun begins to set

As the sun begins to set

Revealing a special secret

Its hidden colors begin to shine

Igniting the night, radiating the light

The sky seems like it’s aglow.
The shadow in the water

Reflecting its glory

On the sky a golden ecstasy

The clouds colors blaze

Imbued with the rays

A setting of true majesty.

From the Rebbetzin a light shown

Its source to us unknown

In her lifetime concealed at home

Yet after her setting

Light shines from her domain

V’hachai Yidden el libo remains.
I see through the darkness

The promise of tomorrow

Dawn is now breaking the night

Upon the horizon, the sun is now rising

The splendor of the Geulah light

The hope is now burning

The sun is returning

Moshiach - to end this golus night.

Like angels in the sky

A galaxy so brilliantly related

Ultimately high on the first page of our story

Until the time our parents were created.
An envious brother Cain

Threw a blow so mad and chilling

Tragically he never did recover

It’s really so insane all our selfishness that’s killing

That stranger who’s our sister and our brother.

Listen brothers, listen friends

Just a little smile a helping hand

And we all will find a loving and kind humanity.

We must teach our children too

Treat a fellow friend like they were you

And our souls combined such peace of mind and unity.
Ages rushing by writing chapters full of sorrow

Webs of self destruction we are weaving

If we don’t even try, there’s no hope for our tomorrow

‘cuz what’s it worth if we are not achieving.

But one thing makes us smile

Now at last a happy ending

A universal union undivided

In just a little while we will join the angels singing

With peace and love across the world united.

My Children Are In 770

A child I was all of four
With my parents through the palace door
She spoke to them in a special way
While I looked for children to play.
There were no children to be seen
So I turned to the Rebbetzin our queen
I looked into her beautiful eyes
Where are your children I asked in surprised.

Eyes filled with love

Brimmed over with tears
A look I’ll remember all my years
Her face shone with pride as she replied to me

My children are in 770.

The Crown Of Creation

The crown of creation
Lay broken and bent
What once could have been is all gone
But it is in our power to build and carry on.

Oh mother of royalty

Woman of strength
The message alive in your home
Reveal the dimensions so hidden within
Replacing the crown of woman again.

Mother of royalty

Woman of strength
You carry the promise hachen
The name that you bore
Will yet shine ever more
Restoring the crown to us again.


No Jew Will Be Left Behind

There are times I wonder

And I dream about the day

When everything is grand

Home in the land

We have awaited and believed in for so long.
Close your eyes, imagine

As we gaze with awe and pride

Together we behold

True is the gold

Of Yerusholayim ir hakodesh

Shining high and strong.


No Jew will be left behind

No tear will be left to be cried

No power or pain

Will send us back again

We are home

And forever this time.
And standing proud as we pray

As ever we live for that day

When golus will be

But a distant memory

And no Jew will be left behind.
Though the days seem empty

We can fill them all with Mitzvos

Knowing that each deed

Is all we need

To bring the loneliness of golus to it’s end.
There is none to lonely

Or to lost to lend a hand

Together as we try

Look to the sky

And we will see the bais hamikdosh burning

Waiting to descend.

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