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Listen My Child

(T.T.T.O. Keil Adon—Shlomo Carlebach)

Listen my child, I’ll tell you

Wipe off your tears and hear

No longer any need to worry

No one should you ever fear.
Kamayim layom michasim

G-dliness everywhere

Melech HaMoshiach

Will lay all secrets bare.

Listen my child, I’ll tell you

Wipe off your tears and hear

Yofutzu mayanosecho chutzo

The way to bring Geulah near.

The call’s already sounded

The Rebbe leads the way

With Geulah as his goal

Every single day.

Two Thousand Years

Two thousand years, suffering and tears

So many Mitzvoswe cannot fulfill

Elokus we want to see

A time when kulam yeidu oisee.

Niflaos we see, a Gulf victory

Yidden from Russia are able to flee

Hinei ze bo, Moshiach is here

The Rebbe’s message, loud and clear.

I’ve done all I’m able to do

Now, Yidden, it’s up to you

Scream for Geulah with all your might

But do it with emeskeit.

It’s Gonna Be The Little Kinderlach

So you want to know who’s gonna bring Moshiach

Well I’ll tell you I’ll tell you

It’s not gonna be the business man

Or the wealthy man or the famous man oh no.


It’s gonna be the little kinderlach

The little, little, little kinderlach

It’s gonna be the little kinderlach

Who’ll make Moshiach come.
The little boy who goes to yeshiva

And learns Hashem’s Torah

To understand

He’ll make him come.

The little girls who sings Birchas hamozon

And says every word

With holy kavana

She’ll make him come.

The little boy who wears his talis kattan

And kisses his tzitzis

When he says the shema

He’ll make him come.

The little girl who davens each morning

And gives her allowance

Away for tzedka

She’ll make him come.

The little boy who stays in shul

And stands with his father

To listen to the Torah

He’ll make him come.

The little girl who goes ever Shabbos

To visit the sick

And the lonely old people

She’ll make him come.

We Are Ready

Once in a kingdom

There lived a mighty king who loved his nation

Lost below they had wondered far and wide

Searching for a way to be return.

And watching helplessly he tried

To whisper to their hearts the only answer

It’s not a road but a path you must find

All I need to hear are the words.


We are ready, yes we’re ready

So lead us and we’ll go

Let the whole world know

It is done, we are one, and we’re ready

Young and old will join us as we sing.

It’s over, yes it’s over

With all we had to do

We still came shining through

And we know, yes we know, we are ready

Feel the power of what we can bring.
Now that the ending has begun

Now that the time has come to end the story

All the things we have to do are done

We are ready now to be heard.

And so we come to you as one

We’re standing hand in hand we’re going stronger

Looking now we can see how far we’ve come,

Just believe in us hear the words.


Ohh Lelle

Please join and along

Sing my song

Moshiach is coming

And it won’t be long.

So clap your hands

And tap your feet

Moshiach is coming

You’ll be dancing in the street.

Ooh le le

Ooh le lay

Moshiach is coming

And he’s coming to stay.

It’s in the air

It’s everywhere

Moshaich is coming

Let’s brake out in cheer.

Ooh le…
So clap your hands

And tap your feet

When you hear the news

Your heart will beat.

It’s everywhere

It’s on the billboard signs

I read about Moshiach

In the New York Times.

Ooh le..


Can you hear the footsteps of Moshiach

Can you hear him closer loud and strong

Can you hear the sounds of children laughing

Everyone has come to join along.

Can you hear the shofar echo his arrival

Can you see the eagle soaring in the sky

Can you tell me why the world will be so happy

Please be so kind and tell me why.

For soon Moshiach will come

And he will take everyone

Hand in hand to the promised land

Moshiach will come

And soon he’ll take everyone

Hand in hand to the promised land.

When Moshiach comes

We’re gonna dance and sing out loud

When Moshiach comes

When Moshiach comes

When Moshiach comes

Let the whole world know what you’re singing about

When Moshiach comes, hope he’ll come right now.

A world of peace

No more wars

Keeping Shabbos, kosher and more

Sure hope he comes right now

Right now.
All the Mitzvosfrom

Hashem above

Time to learn the Torah we love

All this when Moshiach comes.

We’re gonna dance through the streets and shout

When Moshiach comes

When Moshiach comes

When Moshiach comes

Let the whole world know what we’re singing about

When Moshiach comes

Sure hope he comes right now.


Do you stop and wonder

What’s going on

Do you remember happy days,

Where have they gone

Life goes so fast

Nothing seems to last

People feel the squeeze is on

It’s really a shame.

Can you hear the thunder

Feel the pain

So many tragedies disasters

So insane

There seems to be no end

To this horrifying trend

And everyone you talk to

Feels the same.


But many happy days are coming now

Why don’t you listen to me

We’ll all be singing, dancing, laughing

Everybody just you wait and see

Miracles amazing wonders

Like no one’s ever seen before

It’s finally that magic moment

We have all been waiting for.
All the senseless hating

Who knows why

When there is so much good to see

Shouldn’t we try

And rather than neglect

Just admire and respect

Must we feel like strangers

If we really are one.

It’s so irritating

Like a thorny rose

A generation so confused

Where everything goes

Where right and wrong’s the same

Every sin has lost it’s shame

Perhaps the final chapter’s just begun.
Ther’s no denying

That the feeling’s low

You feel the preasure

Got the blues

What do you know

We seek a helping hand

It’s so hard to understand

How life can turn so vicious

So absurd and unfair.
We were millions dying

In the camps of gas

While all the nations of the world

Let it all pass

Despite the rage of tears

We have suffered all these years

Never we’ll surrender to despair.

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