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All day the farmers toil

Plowing the brown hard soil

Then rushing the plants which the have grown

To us before they spoil.

Carrots, tomatoes

Lettuce, potatoes

All the Yerakos the earth does grow

Each in there own neat row.

String beans and lima beans,

Pepper both red or green.

All of these things the earth does sprout

And cabbage for sauerkraut

Broccoli and cauliflower

Will find you with strength and power.

Beets and celery, sprouts and Brussels

Will strengthen your bones and muscles

So Hashem brings us the rain

Across all the hills and plains.

Over the fields the clouds are sent

To pour down this nourishment

The farmer works from the morn

Gathering stalks of corn.

And we thank Hashem with a Brocha

Borei Pri Hoadoma.

A Horse

A horse is a horse, of course, of course

And no one has heard of a kosher horse

That is of course, because a horse

Doesn’t chew its cud.

Go right to the source and ask a hors

He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse

There’s such a thing as a kosher horse?

I’m a treire horse heighh....

Please Say a Brocha

Please say a brocha

That’s the Halocha

Before you eat or drink

Follow the din

Before you bite in

To your favorite treat.

Please say a Brocha

Thats the Halocha

Before you start to chew

Remember the blessing

Before you start "essing"

Show that you are a greatful Jew .

Hamotzie and Shehakol

Ho’adomah and Ha’eitz

Are meant to thank Hashem

For all the food that he creates

Delivered from the East and West

And from the North and South

Right into your mouth.

Yanky Studel

I’m a Yanky Strudel danddy

I eat kosher all the time

All the food that goes into my mouth

Must have a kosher sign.

Yankee strudel went to town

Riding on a rocket

He went to buy some kosher candy

He put it in his pocket.

They were kosher Yessiree!

And that was really dandy

Yanky strudel well you see

Buy only kosher candy.

From The Aisles Of Your Local Grocery

From the aisles of your local grocery

to your nearby candy store

From the shelves of your friendly bakery

to your refrigerator door.


We will shop for only kosher food

for kosher is the best

if a package has a kosher sign

then you know its past the test.

Moishe Mouse

M-0-I-S-H-E M-0-U-S-E

Moishe Mouse

And if you please

He never mixes meat with any cheese

Oh! No!
He only eats Kosher food

As Kosher as can be

M-0-I-S-H-E M-0-U-S-E

Always Make A Brocha

Always always make a Brocha

Whenever you eat

Even it it’s something sour

Or something sweet

Hamoitze on bread

Should be said

Shchakol on milk and meat

And everything that’s sweet .

All The Animals That We Eat

All the animals that we eat,
Must chew their cud and have split feet,
‘Cause Kosher meat just can’t be beat,
So throw away that ham.
Throw away that ham and bacon,
I won’t eat it, your mistaken,
‘Cause I’m a Jew and I’m not fakin’
I want Kosher food.
So every time you’re in the market,
Only buy food with a Kosher sign on it,
It’s good for me and it’s good for you,
And what do you know,
Hashem loves it too.


Times Did Change

(T.T.T.O. Sholosh T’nuos)

Times did change in many ways

Yiras Shomayim was not the same

Although they learned night and day

Their hearts, it did not permeate.
The Rebbe Rashab, seeing the plight

Made a Yeshiva, a shining light

Where Chossidus they did learn

And in davening they yearned

True love for Hashem, in their hearts should burn.
Through years of hardship, then and now

When the fire of Torah, they tried to douse

The T’mimim carried through, to Yiddishkeit so true

For with Torah and Chossidus, they were imbued.

For the Chinuch of Yeshiva reached into their hearts

So, from Torah and Mitzvos, they never did part

Giving them the strength, through suffering and pain

True Chossidim of the Rebbe, they did remain.

A Jewish Parade

(T.T.T.O. Eitz Chayim—Tzlil V’zemer III)

A young man was driving along the road

To himself, he was humming aloud

His curiosity forced him to stop

Seeing the fast-growing crowd.
His Yiddishe background was rather vague

On it, his life was not based

An uneasy feeling crept up on him

Seeing a Jewish parade.

But hearing the P’sukim and Yechi

The children’s true simplicity

Sincerity in the air was felt

He could almost feel his soul melt.

From the parade, he could not part

The children’s purity captured his heart

Living his life, since that day

In the true Torah way.

My Dear Ima

My dear Ima I’m sending this letter
To say the things I’ve never said
Of my impression as your daughter
These thoughts are running through my head.

As far back as I can remember

You said sh’ma with me at night
Each week I saw you welcome Shabbos
I saw your candles burning bright.

You made our home a house of Torah

Encouraged Abba to learn each day
You stood behind him through the hard times
You gave him strength in your own way.
You taught us all about the Mitzvos
Showed us the right way from the start
We always saw your love for Torah
You instilled it in our hearts.
Now your children have grown older
Each one has gone their separate ways
But yet we follow in your footsteps
You made us what we are today.

Now your daughter is a mother

She does the things you used to do
Not only did you build your own home
But Ima you built my home too.

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