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"Kedoshim tihiyu ki kadosh ani"

Hashem said, "I am holy, so you must be."

To become holy, to Hashem be close

Follow the Torah, do the Mitzvos
Moshe taught the Bnei Yisroel to keep

The dinim of the land and what to reap

When a farmer harvested his field

And he thanked Hashem for his yield

The farmer left over a corner of his land

For the benefit of any man

The poor could take of all the things that grow

Without feeling humble and low

How can we all be holy each day

Whether at home, in school or play?

By giving thanks to Hashem, when we awake

By a bracha, when food we take

When we see an older person, one who is wise

To show our respect we rise

We try to correct others when they do wrong

Because to Hashem we belong



Speaking badly of others is not a kind act

For once you hurt someone, you can’t take it back

As punishment for lashon hara a terrible deed

The sickness of tzoroas, was then decreed

If a white spot was found on the body or neck

A man had to go to the kohain to check

If it was tzoraas beyond any doubt

From the camp of Yisroel, he had to go out

Seven days completely alone were spent

For the things he did wrong, he had to repent

If his t’shuuah was honest and real

At the end of the week he was totally healed

In eight more days if his skin was still clear

After bringing korbonos and serious prayer

He then returned to his family and friends

And was careful not to speak lashon hara, again

Acharei Mos

After the two sons of Aharon

Nodau and Auihu died

Hashem spoke to Moshe Telling him to go inside
To where the aron kodesh was kept

Called the kodesh kodoshim

Only on yom kippur

Aharon did go in


Vchai bohem ani Hashem

These are my Mitzvos, follow them
Yom Kippur, our holiest day

We ask Hashem to forgive

To grant us a good year

For all of us to live

The lives of our avos teach us

An example the provide

How to live with the Mitzvos

As an eternal guide


With these words Vayikroh does end

These are the laws that Hashem does command

Laws of Kedusha and all the Dinim

Of the Mishkan, Korbonos and Kohanim


"If all my Mitzvosyou will do

All the world’s good I’ll give to you,

The fields will bloom, the sun will shine

"Me rain will fall, in the proper time."
But though we may ask, "Why should we learn how

To do the things we cannot do now?

We’re still in Golus we’ve shed many tears

We’ve had no Bais Hamikdosh for two thousand years."


But the answer is really a very simple one

We want to be ready when Moshiach will come

Ready to bring Korbonos again

Remembering the promise, Hashem made to us... then

V’ahavto Lreiacho

If you do someone a favor

Or cheer them when they are sad

When you dance and sing at a wedding

And make a choson and kallah glad

If someone you know is suffering

Help him all that you can

You would not speak lashon hara

If you loved your fellow man


V’ahavto lreiacho

L’reiacha kamocha

Loving your friend as yourself

Is a very great mitzvah
When you welcome people into your home

And give them all food and drink

When you are kind to all of your friends

And of their feelings, you think

When you give tzedokah to someone in need

Or visit a friend who is ill

By doing all of these wonderful things

This Mitzvah, you fulfill



Am Yisroel was told the reason

For each Yom Tov in it’s season

Yomim Tovim, our holidays

Are times for us to sing Hashem’s praise

On the fifteenth of the month of Nissan

For Bnei Yisroel freedom had begun

On pesach we review the history

Of our bitter years of slavery

After pesach we are told to count

Seven weeks is the full amount

Until shavuos, the Torah we received

In 613 Mitzvoswe believe

Rosh Hashona, the first of Tishrei

We Daven and blow Shofar on this day

On the tenth of Tishrei, fasting and prayer

Yom Kippur, holiest day of the year

On the fifteenth, Sukos falls

Our wanderings in the desert we recall

And so a Sukah we are told to build

With Yom Tov joy our hearts are filled


Hashem’s world, Hashem’s land

Shobbos does proclaim

Hashem’s world, Hashem’s land

Shmitah does the same
What do we eat in the seventh year?

For six years the Jews prepared

With food they were supplied

In Hashern they relied

The fiftieth year was Yoveil

Bringing hope for Yisroel

That a better day will come

With freedom for everyone

Around the Year

Rosh Hashana

The sound of the shofar is loud and clear

‘Cause rosh hashonoh is coming near

Hashem counts our good deeds

He counts everyone

And rewards us for the Mitzvosthat we have done

The averos we did, Hashem counts them too

Let’s hope they are tiny and very few

So from now on, let’s live the real Torah way

And do many Mitzvosevery day

Buzzy The Bee

One day I saw a little bee

It flew from flower to flower

And then little Eli turned on the hose

And the bee had quite a shower, Bzzzzzz

But Buzzy the bee did not seem to mind

She flew as fast as she was able

To make the honey that we need

For our Rosh Hashanah table

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