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From 770

(T.T.T.O. Australian Nigun)

From 770 we’re marching out

On to victory, without a doubt

To corners four we’re marching happily

Nation after nation we are conquering
Shluchie Adoneinu

To bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu

Parading on triumphantly

In the War of Seventy

Shluchie Adoneinu

To bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu

Tomorrow there’ll be Golus no more

And we’ll win this golus war

Through The Gates

(T.T.T.O. Jubilation—J.E.P.)

Through the gates, we are marching

On our difficult course

Our tanks are rolling right behind

With jets new and shiny

They wing through the sky

Victory, our battle cry
We’ll go smashing, crashing left and right

To convince the world and spread the light

With our weapons, the mivtzoim five

To reach every soul we do strive

We’ll go smashing, crashing left and right

To protect the world from its present plight

Piercing sha’arei shamayim

On to Shaarei Yerusholayim

Listen Every Jew

Listen listen every Jew

This is what you gotta do

An urgent call from the Rebbe of Lubavitch
That girls and mothers light

The candles Friday night

And every single day

Men should Tefillin lay

To love every Jew

And teach them what is true

Mezuzos on you doors

And keep the Kosher laws

Torah you must study

Buy books that are holy

Don’t forget charity

Family purity

That is when Moshiach’s gonna come

That is when Moshiach’s gonna come.

Striding Along

(T.T.T.O. Ve’ahavta Lerei’acha—J.E.P.)

Striding along, proudly we do tread

Sparing no time as we march ahead

No force on earth will contain our wrath

Defying all obstacles that do bar our path
Zrizus, our motto and our might

Swiftly winning us the fight

Uforatzta, to spread the Rebbe’s light

Achishena, he’ll end the Golus night

Led by courageous men, tanks rumble on

Jets soaring overhead, gleaming in the sun

Shattered and broken, the enemy does flee

Speedily, we forge on to final victory

A Chossid Must Strive

A Chossid must strive

To keep Chossidus alive

Lichsheyafutzu Ma’ayonysecha

To spread them outside

A shliach is sent

From his hometown to part

To encourage people a new life to start

Though he is so far from his Rebbe so dear

The link of the chain holds him so dear
The message relayed to him is quite clear

Rebbe oh Rebbe I pray with all my soul

That I should achieve this difficult goal

Come what may I will not give in

With the Brocho you’ll give I’ll win
Chossidim brave and bold we stand

Our Kochos we must hold at hand

To do the Rotzon of the Rebbe

In every place of the land -

Ribono Shel Olam give us strength

To fulfill our dreams

With Mesiras Nefesh and Simcha
In all our means

That we should be Neiros L’Hoer

An example to everyone

We’re in the Army of Hashem

We’re in the army of Hashem

On secret missions we are sent

To knock the Yetzer Hora hard

And to throw him off his guard

We meet triumph at every war

And when we do you’ll hear us roar

We want Moshiach now!

Mezuzos our shields protect us from all harms

Tefillin our tanks proudly carry our arms

Yarmulkes our helmets emunah we do show

Neshek our weapons destroying our foes
We’ll continue to attack

Until we’ve brought the whole world back

To realize that Hashem is one

And to serve Him we must run

We will march with certainty

And bring the world to be worthy

We want Moshiach now!

A Generation of Youth

A generation of youth
Confused and bewildered
Not knowing what they lived for
The Rebbe sends us out on our missions
To bring to them Torah lore

Some of his strength

To us he imparts
When on his task we do go
We have assurance and we have a promise
That shliach oseh shlichaso
A shliach is one with his master
Parting from him lovingly
A shliach is one with his master
Far from him though he may be

So each man fulfills

Hashem’s holy will
To spread ma’anosecha chutzah
In shnas hashmonim we can be certain
That through this we will bring the Geulah

Flames of Terror

Flames of terror broke the silent night

As survivors jumped through windows out of fright

This living house built on devotion fright and care

Burned down as the Shliach stood in tears

Turning around toward the voice from behind

Please Rabbi would you be so kind

I’ve heard you can help me I’ve come a long way

For a place to learn and to stay

The tears of the Shliach had not yet dried

Anguished he turned to the man and cried

All my life’s work has been taken from me

I have nothing to give can’t you see

Hurt and dejected the man makes no reply

Down the dark path he trudged with a sigh

Alone thinks the Shliach I’ve let him run

Oh Hashem what have I done

With open arms the Shliach ran

Embraced, caressed and cried to the man

Oh my friend a Chabad house can’t cease to live

There will always be something to give

In the City of Lubavitch

In the city of Lubavitch

Dwelt a Rebbe of great fame

Whose Chabad Chossidic teachings

Set the world all aflame

With body weakened and weary

In Russian dungeons of despair

His spirit rallied forth

With strength beyond compare

His sacred work in the states

Devotion for young and old

Have revived the Yiddish spirit

Returning millions to the fold

And Lubavitch marches on

With the Rebbe of our time

Always treading greater paths

Molded in the sand of time

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