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School Has Ended

(T.T.T.O. Vikorev Pizureinu)

School has ended camp has begun

Gan Izzy to you we run

Learning, laughing, playing too

Gan Izzy we love you
Gan Izzy let’s hear it

All that spirit

We’re the greatest camp

And we’re proud to declare it

You’ve helped us achieve

The way as a Jew

We’ll always remember you

A Smiling Face

A smiling face a friendly glow

A super place for us to go

That’s why we come when school is done

For a fun filled summer as one

Together we will strive till we reach our goal

To live a Torah life as a bas Yisroel

Gan Izzy here we wait don’t delay

‘cuz we’re coming back to stay

Gan Izzy you’re o.k.

It’s a Camp Of Laughter

It’s a camp of laughter

A camp of fun

For me, Gan Yisroel

Is the only one

It’s a camp for me

It’s a camp for you

It’s a camp for every Jew
It’s a great camp, after all

We will miss you in the fall

It’s a great camp, after all

Machaneinu Gan Yisroel

We’re The Best Camp To Be Found

We’re the best camp to be found

There ain’t no better camp around

You’re the one for me G.I.


Ain’t gonna go to another camp


Because I love G.I.

Shake It Up, Zaidy!

Shake it up, Zaidy!

Shake it up, Zaidy!

You look so cool, when you daven in shul…
You look so hip, when in the mikva you dip…
You look so weird, when you shave your beard…
You look so divine, when you make Kiddush on wine…
Tell us that you’re willin’, to put on Tefillin…

Tie Me Yetzer Hora Down, Chief

(T.T.T.O Tie Me Kangaroo Down)

Tie me Yetzer Hora down, chief

Tie me Yetzer Hora down
We don’t want to come to grief, chief
So, tie me Yetzer Hora down.
Love your fellow Jew, Lou
Love your fellow Jew
It’s the basis of our belief, Keith
It’s the greatest thing you can do.
Put Tefillin on your head, Fred
Put Tefillin on you head
So he grabbed those straps of hide, Clyde
An’ that’s him, moving ahead.
Put a Mezuzah on your gate, mate
Put a Mezuzah on your gate
This Mitzvah ain’t no joke, Bloke
It’ll save ya from a dangerous fate.
Light candles like a good Jewish girl, Shirl
Light candles like a good Jewish girl
So she grabbed those sticks of wax, Max
This Mitzvah’s really a pearl.
Gotta pray to Hashem, Clem
Gotta pray to Hashem
Mornin’, arvo, and eve, Steve
Daven again and again.
Kosher meat’s what I like, Mike
Kosher meat’s what I like
So get rid of your pork, Hawke
Let ya piggies go for a hike.
Educate your kid, Sid
Educate you kid
Lit ‘im learn from night till dawn, Norm
Or Itche Groner’s gonna flip his lid.
Hang those fringes on your shirt, Squirt
Hang those fringes on your shirt
Don’t hide ‘em in you pants, Lance
And don’t let ‘em drag in the dirt.
Rest on the seventh day, Ray
Rest on the seventh day
Devote this time to ya soul, Joel
Put those tools away.
Learn Chitas each day, Jay
Learn Chitas each day
Chumash, Tehillim, and Tanya
It will keep the Yetzer Hora away.
Don’t forget to learn, Ern
Don’t forget to learn
Truckin’ away through Shas, Gus
Do yourself a good turn.
Out with the dollar bill, Phil
Out with the dollar bill
Fill that box with Tzedokahh, Ocker
Get home an’ empty ya till.
There’s Elokus in a platypus, Gus
There’s Elokus in a platypus
There’s Hashem in every little thing, Bing
Even in kangaroos.
Look forward to the time to come, chum
Look forward to the time to come
We want Moshiach now, Mal
We’ll all together be one.

Hey Rebbe, Rebbe


Hey Rebbe, Rebbe, where’s the place

I’ve really got to know

Hey Rebbe, Rebbe, it’s getting late

And I’ve got to go
It was 9 o’clock, when we started to learn

Gemara, and Rashi too

I was fooling around, when my Rebbe looked at me

And I didn’t know what to do

He gave me a look that touched my soul

I really started to shake

I made up my mind, right then and there

That I would stay awake

He came at me as quick as a wink

I started to run on the floor

But my Rebbe got hold of me, and threw me out

To the other side of the door

When I awoke from the slump I was in

I started to roam the halls

When, all of a sudden, the principal came

A man big, wide, and tall

He asked me what I was doing there

Fooling around in the hall

I told him, my Rebbe chucked me out

‘Cause I was having a ball

He told me to come to the office with him

‘Cause he’s gonna call my dad

I started to cry, for then I realized

That I never, ever should have been bad

The moral of the story is plain to see

And one we can surely face

That, when a sefer is in front of you

Oh Dovid

Oh Dovid, I send you this letter
Expressing my pain and despair
To thank you, for teaching me how to survive
All the troubles I meet everywhere.

My parents don’t want me to Daven

They tell me do something, instead
That’s when I tell them, the things that I’ve learned
Those wonderful things that you’ve said:
Chazak Ve’ematz, always remember
Be strong in your trust, not a pretender
You cannot just take, you also must give
Only then have you learned how to live.
But my parents don’t see that I’m filled with emotion
And serving Hashem with a total devotion
You’ve cleared all my doubts, you’ve answered my dreams
Now I know what a Jew really means.
I’m laughed at, because of my Kippa
My friends make me feel like a fool
They don’t understand why I wear it all day
Why I don’t take it off after school.
At home, I make sure we keep Kosher
But few of my friends do the same
They hide their religion where no one can see
How I wish they could hear you explain:


But so many are lost in a world of confusion
Their faith isn’t real, it’s just an illusion
I cry for them all, I pity them so
For the beautiful things they don’t know.
I’m writing to you, dear Yossi
In reply to your letter to me
These are the troubles in the life of a Jew
As by now you’ve found out, I can see.
I’m proud you’ve continued the practice
Of keeping Mitzvos, as you should
Now try to explain, as I once did to you
To your Jewish friends, as I would:


It is true, that we’re lost in a world of confusion
Their faith isn’t real, It’s just an illusion
Don’t cry for them all, but teach them to do
The beautiful laws of the Jew.

You should always know the place

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