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From Camp We Go

(T.T.T.O. Australian Nigun (From 770))

From camp we go, we’ll miss you so

Friends and counselors we’ve got to know

We’ve learnt so much while we were here

But Torah is for every season of the year
Send me to a Torah school

So I can learn, and know what to do

So much fun, and learning too

Because I am a Jew

Alma Matters

Farewell We Say As We Depart

(T.T.T.O. Rachamana De’onei)

Farewell we say as we depart

From our Gan, close to our heart

So strongly tied together here

Farewell to games and fields and lake

But something with us we will take

The spirit will guide us through the year
Gan Yisroel, always at our side

On road of life our guide

Your ideals are our pride

By them may we abide

Gan Yisroel, all year in our sight

A beacon shining bright

Through the stormy night

Our faithful guiding light

The Rebbe Will Come To Camp

Hello Shmuly, How are you today

How is camp, is everything ok

Let me tell you of when here I played

And the Rebbe came to camp

Oh dear father how I wish I could

Be so close to our nossi, then I would

Try my hardest to learn and be good

If the Rebbe came to camp

My dear son remember on Chof Av

How the Rebbe looked at you with love

And you all went by the Rebbe,

Oh the Rebbe’s still with camp

Gan Yisroel is a fertile place

Where you’ll learn to go the Rebbe’s ways

Soon we’ll all be in our homeland

And the Rebbe will come to camp

Silence Reigns, The Air Is So Still

(T.T.T.O. Nachamu—Tzlil V’zemer)
Silence reigns, the air is so still

The buses wait to depart

I run through my bunk for my very last look

At a camp so close to my heart

Two months in camp fly by in my mind

What I’ve learned, what I’ve done, the tears and the smiles

My counselor so dear, the friends that I made

Friday night arm in arm, the games that we played

Sitting down on the bus

A tear leaves my eye

Gan Yisroel, I must say goodbye

Yes, I know I’ll return

In a year, but for now

Gan Yisroel, I must say farewell

Dear Camp Gan Yisroel

(T.T.T.O. Shema Koleinu—J.E.P.)
Dear Camp Gan Yisroel

I write to you this letter

To thank you for a wonderful time

Other camps have known me

But none of them can own me

Of them, I have no memory

You’ve burnt into my heart

An everlasting spark

Sweet thoughts of you fill my mind

When boasting to my friends

Of the days in camp I spent

My body is bursting with pride

Oh camp, you’re my soul

And you give me life

To carry all through the years

As I put down my pen

And this letter does end

I have to wipe my tears

Over The Summer, Dovid Became

(T.T.T.O. Mah Novu—Holyland’s Greatest Hits)

Over the summer, Dovid became

So close to his counselor, Mendel his name

Many hours together they spent

Then came time, home to be sent
Oh Gan Yisroel, can I leave you so dear

How will I make it through the coming year

Don’t worry, my Dovid, take what you’ve learned here

I’m sure that you’ll make it, next summer is near

It’s the middle of winter, Mendel does wonder

How is my Dovid, he does ponder

Then it flashes, a thought comes to mind

Of what he told Dovid when he left him behind

Does he still keep Kosher, is a kippah on his head

Does he still say Shma before going to bed

I know that he’s taken that which he’s learned there

I’m sure he’ll make it, next summer is near

Sitting At Home, All Alone

(T.T.T.O. L’maan Achai—S’dei Chemed II)

Sitting at home, all alone

Permitting my thoughts to roam

To Gan Yisroel, my mind does turn

Strongly, for you I yearn
Wishing to go back today

Though snowflakes do cover the way

The least I could do, if something at all

A friendly telephone call

Hello Gan Yisroel, oh how did I leave you

Since then I’m just not the same

The friends that I made, the games that I played

In my heart they remain

Remember that Shabbos we spent with the Rebbe

The trips that we took now and then

The snow will soon melt, the warmth will be felt

Gan Yisroel, my home once again

Now The Hour Draws Near

(T.T.T.O. L’mikdosheich Tuv—MBD)

Now the hour draws near

When we must say farewell

To our camp so dear

Oh, Gan Yisroel
Vivid memories

Of days at camp gone by

Will set our heart at ease

Though we leave with a sigh

As I sit at home

In the months to come

I’ll often reminisce

On the ruach and the fun

Oh, Gan Yisroel

How can we depart

From the camp we love

So cherished in our heart

Oh, Gan Yisroel

We promise to be true

To the fine hashpa’ah

Which we got from you

Oh, Gan Yisroel

The parting hour draws near

I’ll guard your holy ruach

Until we meet next year

Snuggled By The Fireplace

Snuggled by the fireplace

One lonely winter night

Skimming through fond memories

Of good times as a child

The fire melts away the years

As I find myself once more

Sitting by a fire, but

This time I’m not alone

My counselor is sitting beside me

My bunkmates are singing nearby

With heartfelt concern he speaks to me

The words that changed my life

How it pains my heart to realize that

Those times are forever gone

Oh, where would I be, if it weren’t for you

Gan Yisroel ‘82

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