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Entranced By The Flame

Entranced by the flame

Engulfed by its light

She sits immersed in thoughts

Before the fire late that night

Embers slowly dying

A voice beside her calls

Tell me my dear camper

Why do you tear drops fall


Sad eyes look up as she cries

Is it time to say good-bye

Is it the friends that she’ll be leaving

Or the beauty that stays behind

Will memories be washed away

With the passing of times

Will she be leaving all of this behind

She gently wipes her tears

As they sit beneath the stars

Help expel the fears

As she hold her in her arms

Here we met and here we part

You’ll stay within my heart

But tell me my dear counselor now

Why I look up to see you cry


Recalling My Thoughts

Recalling my thoughts when I first arrived

How different you seemed to me

In years bygone you’d smile at me with pride

Your flag now covered with tears

The Rebbe’s chossid you’d teach me to be

Moshiach you’ve made part of me

In despair now I cry, broken inside

Your glory again will I see

Your song and spirit like never before

Your flag continues to fly

The shouts of yechi, your lesson is clear

The Rebbe is always with me

Oh Gan Yisroel, you’ve taught me to strive

L’matoh the Rebbe to bring

Soon your tears will dry, your flag flying high

Smiling forever at me

Sitting Alone In His Bunk

(T.T.T.O. Me’ein Olam Haba—Pirchei IV)

Sitting alone in his bunk

A letter from home in his hand

Thoughts flashing by him so swiftly

Oh, what do my parents demand
And when he started reading

The words making him feel so sad

Oh son, when will you come home

And be with your Mom and Dad

A pencil and paper he takes

Writing back, as his heart breaks

Oh father, oh mother, how can I return

Later, for camp I shall yearn

Playing and learning together

Helping a friend in need

Seeing the clowns at the circus

For this, dear parents, I plead

Growing spirit from day to day

I’m asking you, please let me stay

Oh father, oh mother, how can I return

Later, for camp I shall yearn

On The Last Day Of The School Year

(T.T.T.O. Al Zeh Hoyoh—S’dei Chemed I)

On the last day of the school year

The parting words to my friend so dear

I ask him now, oh tell me friend

The summer months, how will you spend

He nods his head, I see at once

Long stretched-out days, void empty months
How can I watch, silent remain

Seeing the Neshama bearing so much pain

His precious years, so tender and young

In Gan Yisroel they do belong

In Gan Yisroel you will find

Body and soul in perfect bind

In activities, sports and games

Using only our Hebrew names

And in Color War, the main thing then

Was studying for Tzivos Hashem

Now this year, what we can achieve

With the great gift we did receive

The Rebbe’s dollar, given with love

To bring us blessings from Above

Forlornly Gazing From The bus Window

(T.T.T.O. Al Eileh—Rabbi’s Sons)

Forlornly gazing from the bus window

I feel a tear rolling down my cheek

As the bus starts moving, my heart starts pondering

Recalling memories of the past few weeks
Forming friendships with all my bunkmates

In an environment of Ahavas Yisroel

My pride awakening at my ancient heritage

Keeping me grateful and walking tall

All the activities and the varied trips

Were gently bathed in the Torah light

Chazering Mishnayos, and the warmth of Shabbos

All kept my days so complete and bright

Oh Gan Yisroel, oh Gan Yisroel

I can’t stop hoping to return to you

Oh Gan Yisroel, oh Gan Yisroel

You have formed me into a better Jew

Standing Side By Side

Standing side by side

Tears well up in their eyes

Each unaware that the other is there

Whispering a silent prayer

Dear Rebbe I’d like you to see

The children you entrusted to me

Each one a jewel so precious and rare

You have placed into my care

To live with you every moment

Is the message I’ve tried to impart

To bring you limato together with us

Each of us doing our part

Now Rebbe the summer is over

Now that my shlichus is through

I ask that the spirit of Gan Yisroel

Continue in all that they do

Dear Rebbe I want you to see

How much Gan Yisroel changed me

I’m closer to you than ever before

Connected forever more

My counselor your shliach inspired me

With true dedication and love

His friendship I’ll treasure forever

How can I thank him enough

Oh Rebbe your Gan Yisroel

Will always find place in my heart

It’s chayos and warmth will remain with me

It’s lessons I’ll treasure and guard

As the crowd in the ohel does grow

Mendele turns to go

As he leaves he sees a familiar face

Camper and counselor embrace

Good-bye Gan Yisroel

Farewell to those wonderful times

Your memories will always be part of me

Oh Gan Yisroel good-bye

Stars Above Flicker So Bright

(T.T.T.O. A Nation Apart)

Stars above flicker so bright

A cold and frosty winter night

A young boy dreams of a summer gone by

A vision forms in his eye
The flag does wave majestically

Proudly, all do shout out Yechi

Sounds of laughter, smiles on each face

Oh, what an enjoyable place

Oh Gan Yisroel, you’ve touched my heart

It aches me so, I don’t want to part

You’ve lighted my path, you’ve shown me the way

You’ve made me a proud Jew today

As dawn does break, he sits up awake

That place of joy, now far away

Summer without you is too much to bear

Gan Yisroel, I’ll be back next year

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