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Just One Shabbos

(T.T.T.O. of Yankee Doodle)

Just one Shabbos

Just one Torah

Just one Hashem, Who can’t be seen

Commandments, He commanded us

Six hundred and thirteen.

How many Fathers, one, two, three.

How many Mothers, four.

How many children, you and me

And many millions more.

Those Were the Days

Once upon a time in ancient Egypt

Moses asked that all the Jews go free,

But Pharaoh and his army were so stubborn

They ended up beneath the churning sea.


Those were the days, my son,

When we were number one

We had no fear, for Torah led the way.

My friends do not despair

Moshiach’s almost here

And we’ll be number one again some day.

Hashem Melech Hashem Moloch

Hashem Yimloch Leolam Voed.
Hashem Melech Hashem Moloch

Hashem Yimloch Leolam Voed.
The Philistines were arrogant and mighty

And they would not leave the Jews alone,

Sampson would not tolerate such chutzpa

He crushed them in a hail of falling stone.

Haman was a big shot down in Persia

He had the perfect plan but he forgot

That Mordechai and Esther had connections,

They hung him, and he hung there with his plot.

Now my friends the torch of hope is burning

Hold it high and never let it drop,

And when we’re number one again remember

It’s Torah that has brought us to the top.


We’ve Existed So Long

We’ve existed so long

For the Torah kept us strong

And the Torah will never disappear—oh, no!
Through the ages, it was brought

By the children, who were taught

To follow it, and constantly declare:
“I’m a Jew, and I’m proud

And I’ll sing it out loud

‘Cause forever, that’s what I’ll be.
“I’m a Jew, and I’m proud

And it’s without a doubt

That Hashem is always watching over me.”

Who Knows One?

Who knows one?

I know one!

One is Hashem, one is Hashem, one is Hashem

In the heavens and the earth.

Who knows two?…

Two are the luchos that Moshe brought,

And one is Hashem…
Three are the fathers…

Four are the mothers…

Five are the books of the Torah…

Six are the books of the Mishna…

Seven are the days of the week…

Eight are the days before a bris…

Nine are the months before a baby’s born…

Ten are the Aseres Hadibros…

Eleven are the stars in Yosef’s dream…

Twelve are the tribes of Yisroel…

Thirteen are the Midos of Hashem…

Fourteen are the books of the Rambam…

In a Dark Cell of Stone

In a dark cell of stone

Two souls are yearning,

The young Russian boy sits alone

The soldiers surrounding

Yeshiva is burning.
Father we cry out to thee

Their Rebbe’s teachings in mind,

A closeness that binds

The two little children as one

Wrapped in kedusha they learn through the night,

The flickering candles burn bright.

Ma’hevel Pihem Shel Tinokos Shel Bais Rabban

On this alone our world exists,

Through the ages as sufferings unfold

Our children have stood strong and bold.

Sitting by the Table

(T.T.T.O. The Search—J.E.P. II)

Sitting by the table, under the trees

Bothered by spiders, mosquitoes and bees

The learning teacher standing there, trying to teach

Searching for a way, his children to reach.
I know how you want to learn to do what is right,

But you find it so difficult to put up the fight,

So many distractions are constantly there

So hard to overcome, it’s really not fair.

But the things that come difficult, are so much more dear

And to help you out in this fight, is why we are here

Working together, hand in hand

True soldiers, awaiting the Rebbe’s command.

If only I knew, how to come across to you

How much we would accomplish, how much we could do

I spend so much time with you on my mind

Your path to hatzlochoh, I’m trying to find.

If you’d only realize, we’re not working on opposite ends

Your counselors and your learning teachers are your best friends

Our summers we’re devoting, to help you excel

I only beg of you, to help us as well.

Together, we both can reach the greatest heights

Together, we can’t be stopped by the most difficult fights

And we can be sure, that in a very short while

Together, we will succeed to make the Rebbe smile.

The Search

I search and I wander lost and alone
My friends but a shadow, and no place my home
The sun shines so strongly, but I cannot see
The road is too steep, with no passage for me.

I’m mearly a child, but inside I’ve grown old

The world cannot touch me, for each touch is cold
The warmth that I search for is nowhere is sight
I see only sorrow I see only night.

A voice came to meet me, extending it’s heart

A voice pleading softly, do not stand apart
A voice giving warmth I’d not known before
A voice casting light as it opened the door.

I followed that voice and soon I could see

A room filled with children all welcoming me
The beauty of Torah was drawing me near
A light in the darkness so pure and so clear.

I followed that voice and soon I could see

A room filled with children so different than me
The study of Torah, we hope and we pray
Will shatter the darkness turn night into day.

A Pattern With Meaning and Goal

A pattern with meaning and goal

Torah elevates our soul

Torah is our way of life

And delivers from trouble and strife.

Remember the cries and tears

The martyrs of our Golus years

But Torah gave us our might

Helping us fight and unite.

And now, the world does plea

Yisroel, please conquer me

Bring the Geulah Shleimah

By increasing your Limud HaTorah.

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