The sword in the stone

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The setting: The Sword in the Stone takes place in Medieval England, at the Forest Sauvage, and in the environment around it. A small part takes place in London. The setting is very important to the story because it provides a place of learning for Arthur.

The plot:

Chapter one: After firing the crazy governess, Sir Ector and Sir Grummore Grummursum decide to go on a quest for Wart and Kay. While their conversation, Wart and Kay went off to go hawking.Kay was holding the hawk(cully) while they were hawking.He prematurely let go of his hands, and there, the hawk escaped, leaving their sight, and goes up on a high perch where they cannot reach.

Chapter two: They became worried how Cully’s caretaker, Hob, would react. Wart went off looking for Cully, while Kay stormed off, claiming that Hob is just a servant.While looking for Cully,Wart almost got assassinated, and meets a kind, bespectacled knight named Pellinore, who was on a quest to “chase” the questing beast.(The questing beast was a wild animal that has the head of a serpent, and the body of a libbard, the haunches of a lion, and he is footed like a hart).The Wart invites King Pellinore to Sir Ector’s castle, The knight gladly accepts the favor. But the knight runs away after hearing the questing beast.
Chapter three: Wart gets tired, and eventually falls asleep. In the morning, he finds a cottage, an old man with a pet owl, drawing water from a well. The old man introduces himself as Merlyn, and his owl Archimedes. They go back to their way to Sir Ector’s castle after finding Cully with his magic.

Chapter four: Merlyn meets Sir Ector and shows his abilities. Merlyn is hired as Wart’s tutor. Kay started to look down upon Wart’s little adventure, which caused Merlyn to infuriate.

Chapter five: In a hot summer day, Wart gets his first lesson from his tutor, Merlyn. They stood on a bridge above the castle’s moat. Wart wished that he could be a fish. Merlyn transformed Wart into a perch, he himself changed him into a trench and accompanied to Wart to swim. Them later on meets a family of roaches and Merlyn cured her. Then, the Wart visits the king of the moat. In here, Wart learns that power and might are two things worth living for. he also learns that power and dangers of absolute monarchy. After the lesson, pike tries to eat the Wart, but Wart escaped.

Chapter six: A gorecrow stole Wart’s and Kay’s arrow. Wart and Kay decided to go get it back. Kay noticed it was the work of a witch, but Wart continued to follow the crow. The crow lead them to a cottage; the witch’s house. The witch invites them inside. They are captured by Madame Mim, who locks them in cages. A caged goat tells Wart the magic words to open the lock. Wart frees the goat and sends him to get Merlyn, while he stays behind with Kay. Merlyn challenges Madame Mim to a magicians' duel. They change shapes and try to destroy each other. Finally, Merlyn becomes a germ and makes Madame Mim sick.

Chapter seven: Kay and Wart were practicing tilting, or jousting by using a target. In the actual contest, two knights on horseback each try to strike the other off his horse. Wart is sad and envies Kay because he won’t become a knight, but Kay willl. Merlyn thinks that jousting is not an “education,”but he agrees to let Wart see a real joust. Sir Grummore and King Pellinore had a clumsy joust, they both fell down, and then become friends.
Chapter eight: Wart gets bored, and wants an adventure. Merlyn changes him into a hawk. He spends the night in the Mews, where the older hawks test him if he really is their kind. First he must explain the Law of the Foot: hold on, and never let go. Then he had to sit beside Cully, which was threatening.Wart passes the test of bravery by showing no fear, and is accepted by the hawks.
Chapter Nine :In the morning, Kay picks a fight, asking why Wart came late after his curfew. They used violence, Kay got a bloody nose and Wart got a black eye. Kay explained that he is jealous and thinks it's unfair that Wart gets more attention from Merlyn. So Wart asks Merlyn to explain why Kay can't have any adventures or lessons. He asks Merlyn to include Kay on the next adventure. Because of this, they argue, but Merlyn in the end gives up and allows Kay on an adventure.
Chapter Ten:Kay and Wart follow a path into the forest. Soon they meet a hunter named Little John. He takes them to meet Robin Wood and his band. The boys pass a test in archery. Then Robin and Lady Marian ask the boys to help on a quest. They must rescue three captives who were being held by Anthrophagi for their feast. The three captives were: the Dog Boy, Cavall, and Wat.
Chapter Eleven: With Marian and Robin Wood’s company, Wart and kay goes to save the three captives. They go through the forest of sauvage and finds Wat, Dog Boy and Cavall. There, they make plans how to attack them and how to win the fight.
Chapter Twelve:Wart and Kay gets really excited and Robin wood’s team wins from the battle.Kay brings one of the monster’s head to Sir Ector’s castle. Wart also breaks his collarbone. Sir Ector and some maids scolds them from going out to the woods without getting a permission.
Chapter Thirteen: In the fall, Merlyn changes Wart into a snake. Wart meets a quiet snake named T. natrix, who likes to dream while he hibernates.

The snake tells him a story from reptile history, which is much older than human history. The plant-eating Atlantosaurus competed for centuries with the meat-eating Ceratosaurus, until only one was left. Then the last Atlantosaurus was killed by a human, Saint George. The man considered himself a hero, but to the reptiles he was a murderer.

T.natrix also tells a legend of how the python stopped being poisonous. Once, when the python was not able to poison humans, he became so angry that he spit all his venom on a tree. The venom dripped on several animals, especially the cobra. The python was sorry to spread so much poison, so he advised the animals to be careful with it.
Chapter Fourteen: King Uther Pendragon sends a message that his huntsman will visit Sir Ector’s castle to go hunting. Sir Ector feels resentful, but he gets the castle ready for the guests anyways.
Chapter Fifteen: Everyone at Sir Ector’s castle enjoys Christmas. They eat a traditional dinner, sing songs, and give gifts.
Chapter Sixteen:Master Twyti, the king’s huntsman, takes everyone out hunting. They catch a wild boar, but the boar kills one of the hunting dogs. Then Pellinore finds the Questing Beast, who is lonely and sick. Pellinore is sorry for the Beast and brings him home to Ector’s castle. He promises to continue chasing the Questing Beast.
Chapter seventeen:Wart wants to be a bird so he can fly. Archimedes agrees to give him flying lessons. Archimedes, Merlyn and Wart debate about which birds they thinks the best.
Chapter Eighteen:Wart becomes an owl. From the air, he sees familiar places from a new perspective. Archimedes takes him to visit Athena, the goddess of wisdom. By speeding up time, Athena lets Wart see that trees can move and talk. Trees grow slowly. They are patient and useful. Then Wart sees the stones move and talk. Mountains grow very slowly, and then are broken down. Their motto is: Hold together.
Chapter Nineteen: For their next adventure, Merlyn becomes invisible. Wart is invisible, too, as long as he holds on to Merlyn. They enter the castle of the giant Galapas. They find Pellinore among the prisoners there. Suddenly the Questing Beast arrives, and he rescues Pellinore and all the other prisoners.
Chapter Twenty: Six years pass. Kay prepares to become a knight, but not Wart. Wart feels left out, like Cinderella.
Chapter Twenty one: Wart feels sad and grouchy about the end of his magical adventures. Merlyn says that the best cure for sadness is learning. For his last lesson, Wart becomes a badger. He was about to eat a hedgehog until he recognizes it as Merlyn’s.

Then Wart visits the Badger’s den. Badger is writing a history book, and tells him the story of the embryos. When God created all animals, he gave them tools and weapons, such as horns or claws. Only the human chose none. Instead, he chad the opportunity to make any tools or weapon he needs. They became superior to animals.

Chapter twenty two: King Uther Pendragon dies. The next king of England will be announced as king when they pull the sword out of the stone. Everyone around from England goes to London to see the “sword tournament.”
Chapter twenty three:At the tournament, Kay forgets his sword, so he sends Wart to get it. Wart pulls the magic sword out of the stone, with advice from his animal friends. Oak Tree says, “Stretch out.” Fish says, “Use your back.” Hawk says, “Never let go.” Stone says, “Hold together.” Snake says, “Make your muscles work together.”

At first, Kay lies that he pulled the sword out by himself. Then he admits that it was Wart. Sir Ector and Kay realize that Wart will be the king.

Chapter twenty four:Wart is crowned King Arthur of England eventhough he thinks it’s too early to become a king.
Important notes: What is a dynamic,static, flat and round character?

Dynamic: A character who changes through the story

Static character: a character who doesn’t change through the story

Flat character: a minor character who does not go in change or growth in the story

Round character:Character with a fully developed personality, who may change or act in a surprising way in a story

The wart: Arthur, the king of all England. He is the protagonist, a round and dynamic character.

Kay: Wart’s foster brother. He is a dynamic, round character.

Sir Ector: Wart’s foster brother. He is a minor,static,and flat character.

Merlyn: Wart’s tutor sent from the future, he lives backwards in time, and is also a magician. He is a static, round, character.

Archimedes: A wise, talking bird. He is a static,flat character.

Robin wood: Static, round character.

Questing beast: rounded,static character

Marian: flat, static,minor character

Madam Mim: flat, static character

Cully: flat,static,minor character

Wat: round dynamic character

Gallapas: flat, static character

King P: Rounded Dynamic character

Athene: Round, Static character


Inferior: In a lower position,rank,etc..

Beknighted: to make a knight of, to adress of a knight

Melancholy: a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause:

Hooligans :a violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang:

Tyrannical:exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way:

Malevolent:having or showing a wish to do evil to others

Logical:of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument

Ponderous :slow and clumsy because of great weight.

Quest :a long search for something

Inclination:a person's natural instinct or urge to act or feel in certain way

Presumptuous:Going beyond what is right or proper

Affably:friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to

Eluding: To evade or escape from

Undulated:move with a smooth wavelike motion

Vigilant:keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties

Denounced:publicly declare to be wrong or evil

Insubordinate: defiant of authority; disobedient to orders

Sodden :soaked through

Despot: a ruler or other person who holds absolute power and uses it for evil

Rudiments :the first principles of a subject


Internal(man vs himself)

- The pressure of becoming king

- Being adopted and improper son

- “knowing” that his “fate” will be a squire

- the pressure of having no proper parents

External(man vs man,nature, society,etc..)

-When Kay and Wart were in a fist fight

- Almost getting eaten by the witch

- Almost getting eaten by the pike

- standing beside the threatening, violent Cully

- When he was pulling out the sword, and other nobles didn’t believe him

- When he didn’t sucess pulling out the sword in his first time.
Ideals of camlot

v Wisdom – to be a king, you have to have a lot of wisdom.

v Equality- to treat everyone equally, no one treated better than anyone else

v Sacrifice- have to give up some rights or life in order to get what you desire for

v Super natural- Merlyn can use magic

v Honesty- Kay said wart was the actual one who pulled the sword out of the stone

v Loyalty- Wart was loyal to Merlyn and obeyed and listened to his lessons

v Humility- to treat the low bloods equally and fairly

v Power- Wart had the power of ruling England at the end of the book/ King needs a power

v Intelligence- Wart should be intelligent in order to rule all around England

v Courage- King has to be brave in order to protect his people and country

v Forgiveness-sometimes you have to forgive others who made mistakes

v Right- everyone should have equal rights

v Promise/bows- Chivalry

v Risk- sometimes, the tasks could be risky and dangerous, but you need to take risks in order to complete the quest.
Why was King P. created in this novel? What are his characteristics/mood /relationships?


· Silly

· excitable

· Proud of the beast

· Ignorant

· Remorse

· Angry

I think he was created for the purpose of humor, interesting relationship with the beast and a little bit of touch of medieval in the story. Since King P. is an interesting character, who gives laugh to the readers, make the readers curious of the relationship with the questing beast and gives a little bit of touch of medieval since the story is kind of modern.


· Unhappy

· Silly

· Weird

· Annoyed

· Happy

· Dramatic and glad

· Exciting

· Intense

· serious


· cares about questing beast

· Questing beast cares about King P.

· Gets really happy to see the beast

· Friend and enemy at the same time

Wart’s Lessons

Lessons from the Moat:

- Being a king is not that happy and sometimes, you might be lonely and solitary.

- Show the Wart what to do and what not to do when he gets to become a king

- Being a King is not easy and you must be strong in hearts and have to be fair to every single people.

- Even the meekest creature deserves help. (Merlyn helping the fish when it was sick)

Lessons from T.Natrix:

- Strength is not whole point. Wisdom is part of it too.

- Know who is your friend and who is your enemy

- War, violence could be the decision for problem that could not be solved

- Humility

- Don’t harm others just by curiosity

- Think and feel before you act

Mews Lessons:

- Trying to unite with different resist

- To not to make assumptions on others

- When he becomes a ruler, he must know how to make his knights use force for good not for bad.

Lessons from Athene:

- Hold together, don’t lose patience

- Everything is alive so don’t think of them as dead and don’t make bad decisions of how to treat them

- Treat everyone and everything equally

- Time doesn’t wait anyone make a good decision when you are alive.

Lessons from the badger:

- Be thankful of what you have right now

- Make good decisions

- To be humble and stay humble

- Trust in others, be confident about yourself

- When you become a king, don’t try to change, stay the same since you are special in your own way.

- humility

- be faithful

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