The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers

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Emergency Inerting

Emergency inerting method is used when the main intering method fails. The ballast tanks are provided with a hatch type of arrangement, which has a removable cover plate, to connect flexible hoses is case of an emergency. Similar size flanges are provided on the inert gas mainline to connect flexible hoses to the inert gas line. Another arrangement consists of a spool piece between inert gas main and ballast line, which can be turned to connect both the lines.
Inerting via Flexible Hose
• Check the condition and the electrical continuity of the hose before using it
189. l Marine Insight
Emergency Inerting
• Remove the cover plate of the hatch cover and connect flexible hose on the end
• Close all the inert gas branch valves and open the flange end cover provided in the inert gas main
• Connect another end of the flexible hose to the inert gas mainline The hose should be grounded prior use
• Start the inert gas plant and select the delivery to the deck and open the deck main isolating valve
• Purge the line for hydrocarbon via the vent riser
• As the hydrocarbons inline are removed the gas can now be put into ballast tanks Cargo Operations for Tanker I 190.

• Commence purging of ballast tanks via the ballast tank vents
• Monitor the tank atmosphere until oxygen (O) comes below 8%
Inerting through Ballast line to IG main
• Close all the IG branch valves to tanks to isolate tanks from the IG mainline Open the deck main IG isolation valve
• Turn the spool piece between the ballast lines and join it with inert gas mainline Setup the ballast line to deliver inert gas to the required tanks by opening valves on the line, along with the tank valves
• Start the inert gas plant and commence inerting the required ballast tank
• Monitor the oxygen content
• Monitor the tank atmosphere until the oxygen content reaches 8% and the tank pressure is within safe structural limits
191. l Marine Insight Cargo Operations for Tanker I 192. Inert Gas Alarm Panel

Yard Delivery Procedure l 205. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers explains all the important operations that are required for safe cargo operation of tanker ships, considering necessary safety features and regulations. This guide is a useful resource for maritime professionals who are pursuing a career on tanker ships and also for those who are looking forward to have one. The insights, tricks of the trade, real life incidences, and other practical tips featured in the eBook have been provided by seagoing deck officers having several years of experience working on oil and product tankers. If you have any doubt regarding the eBook or any specific topic, please feel free to contact us at

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