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1. Attack Declaration and Evasion

  • Attacker plays J-3 chit and declares target unit(s) to engage (Concentrated or Revealed mode = one unit; Dispersed mode = multiple units)

  • Targeted Irregular Defending units may attempt to Evade; play J-2 chit (8.12)

  • Place Battle Marker if enemy still present.

2. Commitment

  • Commit J-3 and J-4 chits simultaneously (limit of one J-4 chit, IDF requires undisrupted CSU, no IDF J-3 Close Air Support when defending against Ambush (11.21)).

3. Placement

  • Place all engaged units and chits on the Battle Mat.

  • Insurgent may use J-4 chit against IDF J-3 chit played as Close Air Support; discard IDF J-3 chit on a “5” or “6”. J-4 chit is removed on a “1”, otherwise discarded to Available Pile (10.13, 10.41).

4. Determine Tactical Advantage

  • Defender always has Tactical Advantage unless Attacker is springing an Ambush (11.2).

5. First Fire (by player with Tactical Advantage)

  • Roll dice (total dice = (total J-3 rating of Tactical Units) + (one die per Tactical Unit if player played a J-4 chit) + (3 dice, per IDF J-3 chit played as Close Air Support)

  • “5” = 1 hit, “6” = 2 hits (“1” = Insurgent ammunition depletion; remove J-4 chit (10.41))

  • Enemy distributes Hits as desired among units. Each hit = -1 from both ratings.

  • Reduce defender hits by TWO if in an Urban Zone, ONE if in a Populated Zone (does not apply if the defender was Ambushed).

  • Units with hits = printed J-3 Rating are Disrupted: remove Hit markers and replace with Disrupted marker. (Insurgent Militia/ Syrian units are removed instead (10.63))

  • TF HQs take one hit (and are disrupted) if all Tactical Units have been disrupted. C2 level lowered by one until the TF HQ is undisrupted.

  • Excess hits cause Collateral Damage (13.0).

6. Return Fire (by other player)

  • As above, only with undisrupted units (at lower J-3 ratings if hit), J-3 chits and J-4 chits.

7. Housekeeping

  • Return units to map or OOB mat, discard chits to the Available Pile.

  • Remove Battle Marker.

8. Cascading Effects

  • If there was Collateral Damage, pick one Cascading Effects card and implement it.

9. Consolidation

  • Winner of the battle (i.e. all enemy units Disrupted and at least one friendly undisrupted Tactical Unit present) may select one J-2 or J-3 chit and place it in his hand.





C2 Determination

  • Player with higher current C2 level is First Player for the turn. If tied, IDF player is First Player.

First Player turn

  • Preparation: All First Player revealed units either flip to Underground Mode or are replaced in the OOB Mat.

  • Joint Operations: Play Joint Operations Chits, as detailed in Joint Operations Chit Function Table..

  • Planning: Discard remaining Joint Ops chits and select a hand of new chits, up to the hand size limit allowed by current C2 Level.

Second Player turn

  • Second Player conducts Preparation, Joint Operations, Planning phases with his units.

Cascading Effects

  • Draw one Cascading Effects card and implement.

End of Turn






  • Enter reinforcement units and Dummies (see scenario instructions) (7.1, 15.5)

  • Recover Tactical Units (undisrupt one Tactical Unit or TF HQ; or undisrupt all Tactical Units or TF HQs in a Sanctuary; or remove 1-6 Hits from a unit) (7.2)

  • Reorganize, regroup, change Mode of units within one Zone (7.3)



  • Tactical Intelligence (8.1):

    • discover enemy units (roll d6 =(total combined J-2 ratings of searching units: IDF -2 dice if in an Urban Zone, -1 die if in Populated Zone): “5” = reveal one unit; “6” = two units; revealed Dummies are removed.

    • Irregular units may Evade (roll d6 = (total combined J-2 ratings of revealed units: +2 dice if in an Urban Zone, +1 die if in Populated Zone): “5” = one unit flips back to Underground Mode; “6” = two units)

    • IDF Air Recon: Tactical Intelligence with 3d6 in any Zone on the map

  • Operational Intelligence (8.2): inspect enemy chit hand and return it



  • Conduct Tactical Movement (9.1) with one regular unit (must be in Concentrated mode), or all irregular units in one Zone (up to the player’s C2 limit, Militia units may not move). Units must stop if they enter a Zone with undisrupted enemy regular units. Undisrupted enemy irregular units may Ambush units entering their Zone (11.2).

  • Conduct an Attack (9.2)

  • IDF may use as Close Air Support or Deep Strike (12.1, 12.2)

  • Insurgent may use to launch Rocket/Missile attack or raids on Israeli infrastructure (12.3, 12.4)



  • conduct Strategic Movement (one regular unit, or any number of irregular units up to the C2 level in one Zone, any distance into Sanctuary Zone) or Airmobile movement (IDF TF HQ/Light Infantry/SOF only, any Zone to any Zone.)

  • Play in Commitment step of Battle sequence to give Combat Support (+1 die per participating Tactical Unit (IDF requires undisrupted CSU); Insurgent may play against IDF Close Air Support or against IDF ground units)




  • Advance Planning: Play J-5 chit, then select three J-ops chits and place under it. Next turn you may play these three chits, and must play them consecutively.

  • Real-time Planning: Play J-5 chit and select one J-ops chit to place in your hand.




  • Networked Operations: Play a J-6 chit when you play a J-2 or J-3 chit in a zone. . All units, or any number of irregular units up to the Insurgent player’s C2 level, in that zone may conduct the same specific mission in that zone, consecutively.

  • Information Warfare: Roll 1d6 for each J-6 chit played. For each “5” or “6”, one random J-ops chit is removed from the enemy’s Available Pile.




Close Air Support

  • Play any number in support of units in a battle (except when defending against an Ambush). Insurgent may counter with J-4 chit as SAM fire

  • +3 dice to total of dice rolled.

Deep Strike –

Area Attack

  • Target: EITHER all regular enemy units (in either mode) OR all irregular enemy units in Revealed mode in one Zone.

  • Procedure: roll 3 dice per regular Tactical Unit in Concentrated Mode, 2 dice per regular unit in Dispersed mode or irregular unit in Revealed mode. “5” = one hit; “6” = two hits. Terrain does reduce the number of Hits: -2 hits Urban, -1 hit Populated. Insurgent player distributes hits.

Deep Strike –

PGM strike

  • Target: a single tactical unit, as above.

  • Procedure: roll 3 or 2 dice as above. “5” = one hit; “6” = two hits. Terrain does not reduce # of hits.

Deep Strike –

Decapitation Strike

  • Target: Insurgent (Syrian) TF HQ.

  • Procedure: roll 3 or 2 dice as in a PGM strike. Terrain does not reduce the # of hits. Any hit Disrupts (removes) the TF HQ; lower C2 level by one, place all units in OOB mat on the map as single detached Tactical Units.

Airmobile movement

  • Requires a J-4 chit.

  • Move one TF HQ, Light Infantry or SOF unit from any Zone to any other Zone on the map. SOF units may enter Insurgent Sanctuary or Syria (draw one Cascading Effects card each time).




Rocket/Missile Attacks on Infrastructure

  • Play one J-3 chit to “fire” up to all rocket/missile units in ONE Zone at off-map targets in Israel. Declare if target is civilian or military infrastructure. Fired rocket/missile units are flipped to Revealed mode.

    • SR units may fire from south of the Litani River (including Marjayoun)

    • MR units may fire from any Zone except either Sanctuary

    • Msl units may fire from anywhere

  • Roll one die for each rocket unit; two dice for each missile unit. Score one hit for each “6” rolled.

    • Civilian infrastructure: +1 VP per hit, automatic Collateral Damage.

    • Military infrastructure: disrupt one IDF CSU unit on the map.

Minor Raid on Israel

  • Play one J-3 chit and declare if target is civilian or military infrastructure. Must control (not contest) at least one Zone in Lebanon adjacent to the border with Israel.

  • Roll two dice. Score one hit for each “6” rolled. Effects as above.

Download 36.08 Kb.

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